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Latrivia S. Nelson is the author of Ivy’s Twisted Vine (the largest modern interracial romance novel in its genre), multicultural romance bestseller Dmitry’s Closet (2010), Dmitry’s Royal Flush: Rise of the Queen (2010), President and CEO of RiverHouse Publishing LLC, and Senior Public Relations Specialist for the award-winning, highly-acclaimed firm, The Carter Malone Group (the largest female Public Relations firm in Memphis).

Nelson graduated from LeMoyne-Owen College (Memphis, TN) with honors obtaining a Bachelors Degree in business administration with a concentration in management (2003), Strayer University (Washington, DC) obtaining her MBA with a concentration in marketing (2007) and is currently pursing her Ph.D. in Criminal Justice at Capella University.

As an observer of life, Nelson has enjoyed the numerous opportunities afforded her and writes about the wonderful and interesting people and places that she has encountered in her novels. She has been highlighted in Ebony Magazine, Elite Magazine (Memphis, TN), RSVP Magazine (Memphis, TN), the Commercial Appeal Newspaper (Memphis, TN) and numerous online publications.

Ivy’s Twisted Vine first debuted in February of 2008 and has since been featured by over 500 bookstores, book clubs, individual reviewers, online publications and blogs. It has sold thousands of copies in the states and has become very popular in Europe and Japan.

Dmitry’s Closet was released in January of 2010 and has since been listed as a multicultural romance bestseller, followed by Dmitry’s Royal Flush: Rise of the Queen.

Nelson is the proud mother of two beautiful children (Jordan and Tierra) and the wife of decorated US Marine (Retired) Adam Nelson.

Nelson is also a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., Mothers of the NILE, NAACP, the Urban League and a board member for College Bound.

11 thoughts on “About Latrivia S. Nelson

  1. Hi Mrs. Nelson,

    I cannot wait for Anatoly’s story. However, I have one question. I read Dmitry’s closet and I loved Renee from the beginning. However, I not sure if she will be the same way as she was described in DC. Will she look more like the girl in the blog or the one in Dmitry’s closet?

    • Hi Tyesha,

      She will stay true to her form in Dmitry’s Closet with a few modifications that we’ll see as the book goes on. Renee goes on a diet. You know how that drives men mad!

      Thanks for your support!


  2. I loved ,Dimitry’s royal flush, ROTQ, but I must admit I was disappointed in Dimitry when he kissed Victoria and felt her up, was truly turned on by her, wanted her with a passion and after that, with her lipstick on his mouth and her scent on him, still turned on by her, he made love to his wife and she let him, I wish he could have handled it differently than kissing and fondling that ******** who drugged the so called love of his life, no matter what their problems were, I was sad when I lost respect for that character (Dimitry), it took all the happiness, I wanted to feel about their reconciliation. you’re still a very good writer and I will read the next book.

    I do want to thank you for writing the kind of stories that we who, though we love reading about love, we don’t want to read about descriptive actions, that does not show love to us. thanks for writing true romance.

    I am and always will be a big fan

  3. I love renee and anatoly i wish you would release another book about there story i loved them the most. There story was more real to me

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