Pre-Order The World in Reverse E-Book Tonight

Italian heartthrob Nicola Agosto was Memphis’ most eligible bad boy seven years ago, but after falling in love with local college beauty queen, Ivy Winters, he settled down and started a beautiful family.


Now as a father of four and a loving husband, he has ascended up the ranks of the Memphis Police Department and positioned himself as a dependable and trustworthy top cop. However, he is known for protecting his officers and not taking anything off criminals, a trait that will not bode well for him in the near future.



When four children are found raped and murdered, Nicola is the first person assigned to the high profile case, tapped personally by the brass. Partnered with a new age bad boy, Luke Johnson, and determined to solve the case, he stumbles on a conspiracy so big until the men responsible have no choice but to set him up and get him out of the picture.


Caught on camera beating a black suspect who threatens his family with the same fate as the four dead children, Nicola goes from Memphis’ most beloved police officer to public enemy number one. He’s accused of being a racist and charged with abusing his power.   Put on suspension pending an investigation, he is faced with losing the only job that he’s ever known as well as his freedom.


Realizing that even without a badge, Nicola could be a problem, The Three Wise Men, the conspirers behind the elaborate plot, now want more than Nicola’s badge; they also want his life.  With nowhere to turn and bound by promises he refuses to break, Nicola turns to his sworn enemy, Russian crime boss Dmitry Medlov.  And its just time to save him and his family from being brutally murdered.  A favor for a favor grants Nicola the man and firepower he needs finally solve the case, but it also forces him to go against everything that he’s ever stood for.

Read bestselling interracial romance author Latrivia Nelson’s latest crime novel about one man’s journey through grit, grime, pain and sacrifice to protect the only people he will ever love in Ivy’s Twisted Vine’s sequel, The World in Reverse.


Order now at for only $5.  E-book will be dropped August 2nd, but early orders will receive the book before the drop date.

5 thoughts on “Pre-Order The World in Reverse E-Book Tonight

  1. I have waited so long got this book. Can’t get the pre-order to down load😿 When will we be able to get it on B&N or Kindle? Please help in need my sexy mob family.

  2. OMG can not wait!! I’m going to re-read IVY’s twisted vine. I’ve been missing the Medlov family so this new book with both families I love will be great!!

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