For Cassandra at Fort Campbell

Diapositiva2323Behind the Scenes with Dmitry Medlov and the Crew

So, Cassandra (please forgive me if I’m spelling your name wrong) had a great suggestion during the radio segment tonight.  She wanted to go behind the scenes with the characters of the Medlov Crime Family Series to get a more indepth view of their thinking and their reaction to events that have happened around them or to them.  It got me to thinking about how we could do that.  After two minutes of brainstorming (lol.  I’m so thorough) I came up with a clever idea.  I’ll give readers of the blog one week to ask their questions and then we’ll go back and answer each of them (Okay, it’s me but I’ll be in character) about the scenes.

I don’t know if this has ever been done, but we’re doing it.

This is weird.  Role-playing in public is not my thing.  But it will be fun.  We’ll let you ask the questions that you’ve been dying to know like how the characters dealt with children, marriage, death, etc.

Why not?  Cassandra (a military spouse) deserves a little fun and we’re going to oblige her.  Like I said, if it’s in my power…

So post your questions to this blog post and then we’ll come back and give insight next Thursday night.  Have fun!

XoXo and all that jazz,

Latrivia S. Nelson

8 thoughts on “For Cassandra at Fort Campbell

  1. First, I just want to say thank you for doing this even if it does not work out or if you cannot do it every chance, I just want to say thank you. Second, yes you did spell my name correctly and I was very excited about the call-in live because it was my first time doing that. Third, I want to say to Latrivia herself that I think you are amazing and I have all your books and keep up the great job. Okay so since I’m new to the series about 4 months, I was just curious about a few things so here goes.
    1. In Dmitry’s Closet, why did Royal not question Dmitry about protection or if he had been tested, since losing her virginity was important to her?
    2. What was Royal and Dmitry’s reaction to having twins? The whole birth experience and if something went wrong and that was why she had to have a cesarean.
    3. Was a service or anything done in reference to Davyd’s death?
    4. In Royal Flush it was mentioned that Dmitry and Royal’s marriage was a fake. Did they make it official and how?
    5. Do they still go on dates and what was the last date they went on?
    6. How do they celebrate each other’s birthdays?
    Okay well here are a few to start off with. So everyone come on and join in on the fun. This is a great opportunity and greatly appreciated. Don’t let Latrivia have done this for nothing. If it works out awesome. If not, awesome again I can just email you my curious behind the scene questions. Have a good day.

  2. In Dimitry’s Closet, if he thought enough to have a plane waiting to take Royal away in the event of his lost, why didn’t he just send her away in the first place and meet up with her later. He obviously thought there might be a problem.

  3. Okay I’m back again with more curious behind the scene questions. Just wanted to say thank you again for doing this and I hope you get through the writer’s block. I know it can be hard, but you are doing a great job.
    How did Royal handle Dmitry being “boss” again at the end of Saving Anya?
    Was Dmitry only “boss” in Prague or was he “boss” in both Prague and the states?
    How did they handle the birds and the bees talk with their children?
    Will we learn more about Max, Konstantin and Demi in the Chronicles? Like personalities, what their into, do they get into trouble at home or school ect.
    Who decided on the kids name and are any of them named after family?
    Is Anya the only child who knows about her farther or do all of the children know? How did Dmitry and Royal explain or talk to them about it?

  4. What did Davyd think of Royal when he first met her? Was Dmitry upset with Royal for getting involved in the thing with Dorian and was Davyd upset with Royal for drugging him in Royal Flush? Did Dmitry ever ask Davyd for his advise on leaving his old life to start a new life with Royal or marriage advise? I know he looked at Davyd as a father figure. Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year to everyone!

  5. HI ! My question has to do with my favorite Medlov man by
    far, Anatoly, Of course! I’d like to know what happened between the
    time Dmitry and Royal left the country and Anatoly’s book regarding
    Anatoly and Renee. When did he stop being just “Royal’s Guard dog”
    to Renee? How did they become so close? Was Vasily always among his
    entourage? What was his life like in Moscow? How is he handling
    fatherhood? Who does little Alex favor looks-wise (please don’t say
    Ivan!)? Is Renee’s family still in the dark about what he really
    does for a living? How’d he handle Destiny’s tell-all ? (I see him
    boastful in private but sheepish around Renee). I think that’s all
    for now. Thanx a million for doing this. I haven’t been this
    excited since I saw Volume 5 on Amazon.

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