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East Coast Love

East Coast Love

Before I begin, how about that 12/12/12 show to benefit Sandy Relief Victims last night?  I was so blown away.  Great job.  I made a contribution, and I hope that others did too.  One of my layout people live on the East coast and is still trying to pull her life back together after the devastation of that storm.  So, my prayers go out to everyone impacted either directly or indirectly. 

On to tonight’s show:  I haven’t done a radio show in nearly a year.  I’m really excited about this one and I’ve been getting emails from people all week who have been posing their questions about The Medlov family.  It is so humbling to see the sheer number of fans of the series and the characters.  I’ve been told by some readers that they are ready for me to move on from the series, because they want something new.  Well, I’m working on something for you guys who want a new cast of characters and plot line. Believe me, I’m always happy to oblige a reader, if it is within my means to do so. 

v1Now for my Medlovians out there.  Oooohweee.  I have some great things in store for you with your favorite characters.  We have to wrap up Dmitry’s young life in The Chronicles of Young Dmitry Medlov: Volume 1-12.  We’re working on Volume 6 as we speak.  You know, I’ll really be sad to conclude that part of his life, BUT we lead into the Medlov Men Short Stories, which follows Gabriel, Anatoly, Vasily and a few new characters along with Dmitry and all of their women.  We also have a story coming out in a year or so about Anya, Semy and the Prince.  That’s going to be near future, because she will be an adult.  Good times.

We are currently working on a video for Volume 6 of the Chronicles. I saw the initial concept and loved it.  It is just a visual recap of what you’ve already read or plan to read.

The ladies of the Medlov family are also key to our men’s decision making. So, we’ll be discussing Elsa, Arie, Royal, etc.  If you have questions or suggestions about them, please feel free to do so.  And yes, we will talk about Vladimir.  Hate him, right?  You’re supposed to.  The guy is a creep. 

v5coverIt’s only a 30-minute show, so we’ll have to pack it tight but please participate. Grab your glass of wine, a cheese plate, turn on some mood music and get prepared to gab!

Guest Call-in Number: (347) 215-7469

Don’t forget that it is on Central Time!

And if you can’t tune in to the actual taping of the show, you can always download the broadcast later to listen to on your computer, I-Tunes, etc.

Till then….

Latrivia S. Nelson



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