Which Cover Should We Use?

Okay, I love the fun stuff.  We have serveral mock ups of the The Contingency Plan e-book, but none of us can decide which is better.  So, we had a thought.  No worries.  Just let the readers decide. You all know what you like and many of you have already read the book.  So, what do you think.  The couple or the Ivy League Guy?


23 thoughts on “Which Cover Should We Use?

  1. i honestly prefer the ivy league guy. it would be great if he had a woman with him on the cover but…its much more clear while the one with the couple looks a bit grainy. plus i’m pretty sure i’ve seen the cover of the couple used on another book before.

  2. Yeah. From a purely marketing pov, the ivy league cover will draw more attention and buyers. It’s just more polished, sharper, and looks more professional. It’s difficult to make out the face of the guy on the couples cover.

  3. I like the female in the cover, but not the guy. He’s not attractive, might be the shadows on his face, but he reminds me of Gasper Smart, Jlo’s boyfriend.
    The other guy is good looking, but I don’t get a feeling of what the story’s about with just him there alone.
    Put him with the woman, but if you can’t, I vote for the couple cover.

  4. The 2nd cover. I am do care for the first cover at all. Plus, the second cover follows suit well with other covers in the Lonely Heart Series.

    Actually, I was disappointed with the cover because it just looks really odd. As someone stated, the shadow of the mans face is off.

  5. I would have to agree with Jla about the ivy league guy, and that it would be great if he had a woman on the cover with him. Plus i love the gold letters over the fire ones. The cover just look crisp and clearer. To bad there’s no woman on the cover it would had been perfect!!!!!!

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