My World in Reverse

Wow.  It has been a long time since I was on WordPress talking to my girls.  I miss you so much.  As I’m sure that you’ve heard through the grape vine or just through my Twitter page where someone was awesome enough to put all my business, I am going through a very hairy divorce.  For those who don’t know, you may read this with a hand over your mouth and the words, “no!” or “what?” on your lips.  But it’s the truth and there is no point in hiding it anymore.  I’ll still be Ms. Nelson after the divorce, as I am keeping my name, but the rest as they say is the rest.

With all the new changes that have occurred in my life – new house, new car, new employment and new attitude – I had to take a serious pause in my writing.  It’s not because I wanted to, but because I had serious writer’s block.  Talk about a mine screw, trying to write under serious duress is like writing on hot coals.

God has been good, as he always is, however, and my recovery back to a state of actual bliss was a short trip.  I am now feeling much better.  In fact, I am hopeful that the stories that I write for you will have even more depth and maybe more real experiences that we can all lean on and learn from.

It’s going to be hard to get back to RiverHouse as it was.  I had to let my staff go and start a new. So, if you call there will be new voices.  I have some orders that have not gone out and about 5,000 emails that I have not returned.  I plan to get to all of that ASAP.

So, you see my world was in a bit of reverse itself.  I had to learn some hard lessons about the people (person) that I loved and was forced to face that love in one person’s eyes isn’t always the same as in another’s.  The great news is that I didn’t end up in the looney bin or bankruptcy court. I just ended up realizing that I’m so much stronger that I ever knew that I was.  Plus, I had a few awesome angels on my side day and night.

I know that you’re waiting on Dmitry to emerge with a new volume of The Chronicles and The World in Reverse.  I’m getting over my block and taking some time to explore some things that I had long pushed back in the closet.  The real Dmitry even visited to remind me that there is still a lot of joy in lifeJ  Thanks for everything, Mark.

You ladies are wonderful.  You  have been patient, prayerful for me and uplifting. I love you all, and I promise not to disappoint.  We are going to have fun, going to go to the depths with our favorite men and we will conquer.

Talk to you soon,


Latrivia S. Nelson


51 thoughts on “My World in Reverse

  1. I’m very sorry to hear about your divorce. No matter how much we may love someone, we must first love ourselves. Once you have put forth your portion of “Effort,” there isn’t anything left for you to do. God allows things to happen for a reason. It’s not always comfortable, but he will reveal why it is necessary. It’s never all one person, so except your portion of the failed marriage, grow from your mistakes, and most importantly, MOVE ON! Being single is not so bad! Live each day like its your last! Piss on the nay sayers cause the don’t know your walk! Keep your head up, cause God always sees the best in us, even when others don’t…

    • Moni,

      You are right and I’m actually looking forward to a healthy single life where I get to know the knew me:-) Thanks for your generous words. All of them have been very uplifting.

  2. Wow Latrivia, I am so sorry to hear about your divorce…..Always remember, when door closes another one opens. I will keep you and your family in my prayers

  3. The world we dwell in , is right now facing storms of all variety , emotional storms , relationship storms , financial storms, the winds are blowing away families , relationships and so many units which make up the very fiber of our existence , but there is an old song , which states , ” when you walk through the storm , hold your head up high , and don’t be afraid of the dark , at the end of the storm there is a golden calm , walk on to the wind , walk on to the rain , may your dreams be far and wide , walk on walk , with love in your heart , and you’ll never walk alone , “my dear we are all facing our storms , in some some small corner of our lives , so you are not alone , but remember that the people who stay in your life are helping you fulfill your earthly mission , the ones who leave had to , they would bring chaos , into the circle , so bade them farewell , and thanks , and let them know you are all about love .

    • Hey y’all. First to Latrivia, I did not know what had been happening to you, although I follow you on twitter and facebook. I honestly had been thinking about you and wondering about new books, and decided to send you a message. When I got to your page, I sort pieced together that something big was going on, but I never really thought that. I am sorry for what has happened. I will pray for and your family, that is all that any of us can do. I am so happy that you know your worth, and that you are moving onward and upward; I hope that it is what’s best for you and all involved. I’m also excited to see that there will be new books coming. I don’t really have many words of advise, I just know that God is the ultimate teacher; and that the teacher is always quiet during the test. I can just say, wait on God for your instructions (easier said than done, I KNOW).

      Secondly to Rosalie, I read your post over an hour ago, and it made me cry, beause it is unfortunately the truth. I’ve felt that I have been tossed and torn during my storm. I suffered through two miscarriages over the last year and a half; the last one occuring just in April; I was due in July. At times I didn’t know if I wanted to make it. I hate to admit this, but I had lost my faith in God, in my relationship, even in myself as a woman. It takes time, but I sometimes wonder if there is any light at the end of the tunnel. During a routine exam after loosing my baby my doctor discovered a lump in my breast. Thank you Jesus, it was only a cyst that was removed during an outpatient procedure, but going through the process of elimination and the scare that it causes. Even sitting here writing this comment my mind and emotions go back to how I felt a short time ago, and those are feelings and emotions that I would never wish on even my worst sworn enemies. I’ve found a bit of solace in your comment, and thank you. I must admit, this is what I’ve missed about the posting on Latrivia’s blogs. Just having everyday conversations with people I don’t know, and listening to their views on things. You never know where someone is in thier lives and how your words can offer encouragement- thank you.

      • Thank you Andrea , when the storm is over and the calm have come , that is the moment your gain all your strength , that is the moment you begin to see beyond the horizon , take it from me , in this calm , you will receive your blessings , may God grant onto you the child you yearn , may your body be prepared with elixir of health, so you can be strong physically to hold your egg of life . take it from me nothing happens by guest , we live in a world of sequence , and it all happens in its time . thanks again .

      • Andrea,
        I am so sorry to hear about your loss. You are a wonderful woman and it has truly been my pleasure to get to know you. I pray for your own healing through this rough time in your life and pray that you find true happiness and deliverance from this. You are amazing and I know that you’ll rise from this an even stronger woman. Please keep in touch.


  4. Well said, Carol and Rosalie!

    Wishing you much joy, Latrivia. Sorry about the divorce. Keep you head up. I am confident that you will emerge from this little mountain better and stronger than ever. Keeping you and your family in my prayers.



    • Serenity,

      Thanks for you prayers. I appreciate it. Got to get back to writing. I know I’ll heal if I can just do what I love and be with the people I love.

      Hugs back,


  5. I know this is a difficult and painful times for you and your family and I wish that they weren’t happening, but all things happen for a reason which may or not be clear to us at the time. After sitting and talking with you at the conference I know that you will have the strength to make it through this and beyond.
    Know that we all love you and will send prayers and position energy to you and embrace you in a hug of sisterhood and healing

  6. I’m so sorry to hear about your divorce. But God never puts more on us than we can bear. And give you the strength and courage to endure. We conquer by continuing!

  7. Nelson is a fucking idiot. His loss, not yours. We heard about hooker and trust me, you deserve better than that. Take him for everything in divorce court and don’t look back. If you want to be, you’ll be married by the end of the year.

    • Thanks, Sunny. The hooker is definitely a sore point the marriage. But I will heal and I hope that he only realizes that his family loved him most. There is life after divorce. I am finding that out and I’m so glad to feel the sun on my face again. Still love the Corps for sure. And I’ll always have a sweet spot in my heart for you guys.


      • If your soon to be ex is stupid enough to be with a hooker, then, let him continue to purchase pussy and possible STDs by himself!! It’s a damn shame how he wrote that “glowing, love filled” review on Amazon – he should be shot dead in his dick!

        His loss is your gain. Spend this time getting you right and your children healthy mentally and emotionally.

        You are a strong, smart and beautiful woman, you will be successful!

      • Yeah, it’s sort of out there now what happened with the prostitute, “Bella,” a 23-year old, black female rehab patient whose real name is Porsche. I can’t even bring myself to say anymore, but I will put it in a fiction book. That’s about all you can do with that, Rhonda. And laught.

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      • “Bella”1!! “Porsche” !!, Bitch, Please! That FOOL CHEATED on you with a CRACK HO with two MADE UP PSEUDO-PRETENTIOUS names! Somebody needs to put SOME FOOT UP HIS ASS!

        He will rue the day he ever imagined that was a WISE DECISION! Did he even imagine what this would do to not only you, but his kids as well? STUPID! STUPID! STUPID! Did they MEET in rehab? Those two deserve each other!

        He will try to come crawling back, you realize that. What you do is up to you. I got your back!

      • Just reading this. Thanks, Rhonda. Yes, they met at rehab and the whole horrible story is that she eventually threatened our children and sent pictures of my keys of my house. Needless to say that sealed the divorce. I still pray for him everyday. Sad story but true. I’m hoping that someone else will read how honest I am being about this and know that it is not their fault. I refuse to be bound by something that I did not do. Life goes on and life is good…great even. I just had to find the rainbow again:-) I love you, Rhonda.

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  8. Sorry to hear about the divorce, but hope you find solace in your decision. Believe me, there is nothing worse than questioning yourself, decisions and life. It will be tough at times, but look at the beautiful children and know there is a reason for waking up everyday. It is ok, to cry, laugh and remember the good things about your marriage. It will allow you to heal and eventually grow into a light that draws “the one” into your life. There is no absolute (you right/him wrong or vice versa) only lessons to learn, life to live and a world to conquer.
    I believe every tear only serves to wash away the pain. Do you!!!!

  9. Listen to this , if you really want to enjoy life on the moment , just come to Trinidad for the Carnival next year , and you will be blown away after that , just go on line and look up our carnival , and book yourself in a band , play mas , get drunk , have fun with no care , and you will realize life is not about

    • i have already hook up a band for you if you are interested , my friend sister is running a band , and the costume is pretty , if you feel to break way , as we say , reply .

      • The name of the Carnival band is Paparazzi and the Section is called Seduction , look it up on line .

  10. Baby you are too fine to be dealing with a zero. His ass was lucky to get you. Now he’s ready to kill himself because he can’t get his foot back in the door. Too damn bad. Keep doing you.


  11. Sorry to hear about your divorce. Remember god has a plan for you. Now take a deep breath and Exhale. Take care of you. Your real fans will be here.

  12. Hey Latrivia,

    I’m sorry that you’re going through such a difficult period, and I’m positive that you can get through this and be better for it. Never forget that you’ve been truly blessed with physical and spiritual beauty, an education, sanity and strong body, healthy children, rock star writing skills, and a loyal (yet fanatical……myself included) fan base. You have incredible things to accomplish still and remain in my prayers.

    My father passed away 5 years ago and during this period I saw a lot of people for who they truly are and not what I had hoped and prayed for them to be- this included Siblings, Parents, Friends, and a Lover. I moved out of state, switched careers, held fast to those who supported me, and prayed.

    In the time since I’ve experienced elation (from being done with the situation) to sadness (for the way things turned out) to Anger (over how much “I” gave to these people) to peace. I accept people as they come, I don’t make excuses for those who hurt my feelings or doubt my greatness. I don’t speak with those who have nothing positive or uplifting to offer- and I don’t nurture the selfish, spiteful, and manipulative in others.

    Two years ago I had to return to NY for an alumni function at Parsons and I saw my ex; he was awkward and I was just me 🙂 and I realized (later) that it was the first honest interaction we had in many years (even before I had ended it).

    Things do get better.
    Live, Love, Learn, and Let go.


    P.S. sorry about the grammatical errors.

    • Ebony,
      Thanks for sharing your amazing story. It is so awesome to have women from all over the world come to this blog and SHARE. Inspiration and motivation comes from all around. I thank God not only for what I have right here with me but for all of you. No worries about grammatical errors, your message made my day.

      God bless,


  13. I just want to say that I’m praying for you during this difficult time. Hang in there and lean on God. Your fans are here, breathlessly waiting for your next books coz you are just very gifted. Thank you for writing the rich stories that you do that gives us more than “just add water” romance. I love the mix of business with a little romance. The alpha make with a tender core ie Dmitry. I love the research and details in your stories that makes me wonder if you know a real life Dmitry. Its a sign that you have enough respect for the readers to give us substance. Thank you.

  14. Hey girl sorry to hear that but no that god got your back & like a butterfly out of a cocoon it looked nasty but the end product is your going to be brand new reinvented. Keep your head up the best is yet to come. Keep writing & do what U do. Prayerfully yours. Kiera

  15. Latrivia, I am so sorry to hear about what you are going through and you are in my prayers. I hope that you have people around who are loving and supportive during this difficult time. Take care of yourself and your babies.


    • Thanks, Michelle,

      It’s been quite a ride but these things happen. I am blessed to have my family, friends and my health. God is still good every day, and I’m learning to remember that even in the darkest of hours. I appreciate your kind words. They mean a lot to me.


  16. The first holiday w/o being married is difficult however you look at it! Gods grace mercy and love will help you through. Your emotions are real you will not be depressed because Gods love and depression cannot of occupy the same space!

    • Elle,

      My lady, you are so wonderful. I miss you guys and can’t wait to see you soon! The holiday was amazing because of family and friends. Thanks for keeping me up in prayer. It is realy working.


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