Did You Know Free Downloads of Pirated Books Also Give You Viruses and Spyware?

Everyone knows that I’m totally against placing copies of authors’ books online for free.  I have written about it often and usually called those who do it all sorts of bad words.  But I was recently informed of something else that readers might not know.  When you upload my book or other authors’ books to these websites, you also end up with spyware and viruses on your computer and everyone who downloads the books.  So, while you’re trying to stick it to the man, two weeks later, someone is buying a new diamond necklace on your dime, reading all of your emails and all sorts of other nasty things on your computer.  The only problem is that you had it coming to you when you did it.  You knew that the free book that you just stole wasn’t yours, because you didn’t pay for it.  But the long term effects hurt more than just me.

God said that what a thief takes, He will replace 100 fold.   So, God is going to bless me each and every single time that some steals from me whether I know it or not.  But you, the thief will face a lot worse.  Things come back around, and let me tell you that it’s never pretty.

Did you ever stop to think that the person who you are stealing from is sacrificing, working hard, emptying themselves into their work honestly?  All that they ask in return is a small fee for their work.  Yet, you would steal from them and think that it’s no big deal.  However, you wonder why your boss cut your pay by a 4 percent, why your utility bill went up, why the IRS says you owe more, why your interest rate goes up on your credit card bill, why your identity is stolen.  You’re sitting at home with your hands over your head trying to figure out how to get out of a mess and you’re asking yourself why me?  Well, maybe you should also ask yourself why you continue to cheat other people out of what you owe them.  Eye for an eye and all that is not even the point.  God said 100 fold.  So if my book is worth $3 and you still it and God blesses me with $300 and you end up owing a $300 bill to someone, remember it’s because I claimed in for you the moment that you stole from me. 

But not just for me, for every reader and author who is being stolen from on the job, at home, in their business, in their life.  We are all going to come out smelling like roses.  We are good women, hard working and focused.  We won’t let anything get in our way!  We’re going to be successful.  We’re going to be blessed.  And the Big Guy says so. 

Sleep well little pirate thieves.  I know I will. 

P.S.  It’s also illegal and if you’re caught, you deal with the feds.

6 thoughts on “Did You Know Free Downloads of Pirated Books Also Give You Viruses and Spyware?

  1. Amen Latrivia! Like mother always said, nothing in life is “free”. The federal fines for pirating are hefty. The FBI now has a sight up to make it easier for folks to report piracy. I’d love to see the creative industries most effected by this (music, film, publishing) band together to optimize their resources and to make more noise in political circles.

    • Hey Elle,
      Hope all is well. I loved the blog post on your daughter. So proud of her. On to the theives, the site, IC3 is definitely there for us. I just wish we had more. We just have to do it ourselves.


  2. Funny you wrote this, I spent the morning sending out cease and desist letters to a pirating site. I’ve lost almost $4,000 in royalties from these thieves in less than two weeks. Thanks for addressing this. It won’t stop unless the pirates/thieves/sharers realize that not only does it hurt the author’s pocket, but its also illegal. The thing that gets me is that many of these pirates think they are doing the author a service by exposing their books to hundreds if not thousands of people. If I wanted free exposure, I would be writing fan fiction. They have no clue that I know plenty of authors who’ve quit the industry because they aren’t making money anymore due to free downloading/sharing.

    • KoKo,
      I’m working to see if we can develop a coalition of authors who can work with national FBI officials on prosecuting pirates and those who post online. In 2012, I hope to make headway.

      Much support, girl. We have to be there for each other.


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