From Complaint to Cyberharassment!

For all you soon-to-be authors out there who really want to know what being in the public eye (really just a glimpse of the public eye because I am not Hollywood) can be like, I’m sharing this with you.  I want you to understand that you have to take the glory and the “stank” with the job.


I might as well put it out there.  Only because I’m not sure how crazy this person is. 


Everyone likes gossip.  We all curl up to our computers when a juicy story hits the wire.  We laugh and say “oh my goodness” knowing the entire time we love it when there is “crap” in the game.

So here it goes…

RiverHouse has asked the person who I recently discussed as part of my “This Is Where I Draw the Line” blog entry to permanently stop emailing me.  I had to call my lawyer this late at night and have him type up an email to her, because I have received my fourth lengthy email from her in less than 48 hours.  She went from attacking the book to a long apology to now just pissed off! 

Evidently, as soon as she said she didn’t mean to offend me, I was supposed to forget that it ever happened.  But what I wonder is if she would have apologized at all if I had not stood up for myself.  And the entry was not just about her, but people like her in general.  She was just the straw that broke the camel’s back for me. 

I’m sure now, she’ll move on to blasting me whenever and wherever she gets a chance.  I’ll have reviews that start out, “I hate her” or “This author is unprofessional and petty” or “I want to put a hit on this woman” But like my mom says, “I have the blood of Jesus.” So, even if it gets to that, I’ve got someone who has my back.

In the email, she threatens to go to book retailers and ask them to take down my work, accuses me of milking my fans for sympathy and basically getting pissed, because I did not accept her apology.  Childish.  I know.  But in the vein of PR, it’s better that I say something now, before she starts a full-on assault campaign to smear my name like Philadelphia Cheese to a warm bagel. 

But you know how these things go.  Scorned people have a tendency to get really “crazy”.  Lord knows I have had my share of crazy people communicate with me.  Probably ten percent of the emails I get per day.  At over 100 emails a day, you do the math.  However, they tend to send one email, not four.

A smart person would take down their email address, but there are so many great readers and reviewers, until you have to take these things as part of the job.  As a courtesy to her, however, I did take down her email address so that the 10,000 readers and hits on this blog wouldn’t have personal access to her they way that she has to me.  Imagine how full her email box would be!  Plus, a dose of her own medicine would be fun but not cool on my part.

I think she’s pissed that I told her and people like her how I really felt about personal attacks.  I know that she’s pissed that I actually stood up for myself.  I think she thinks that just because she purchased a book, I must then be deaf and mute, unable to defend myself against her.  Some of the best authors I know are some of the feistiest.  I dare you to send some of these authors a crazy email and expect not to get a reply. Or better yet, many authors don’t reply at all one way or the other.    So it’s a catch 22.

Some of the authors I know go as far as getting on Amazon and going head up with people about their work.  This woman came to my blog, posted and then got upset when she got a response.  Go figure. 

Anyway, tonight, we’re holding a burial ceremony for this subject and this reader. 

Keep in mind, this is not for all reviewers who just don’t like my work.  I’ve learned a lot from the reviewers who have taken time to share their thoughts and make suggestions.  Even the ones who have been really crude have had great points, and I used them to make myself a better author.  I still encourage them to write to me, to share their thoughts and not worry about being attacked.  It’s just that if you have something “horrid” to say, expect a horrid response. 

This burial ceremony is for this particular reader.  I don’t want to deal with her anymore, and I’m growing bored and tired with the entire thing.   I say her, but I don’t even know this person’s name.  She could very well be a 600 pound man who lives on the computer, cross dresses and likes to be called Mary.

I don’t have a priest here at the house, so I’ll just say about this reviewer who is now dead to us all that God Bless Her and Give Her a Life of Abundance and Grace, and please Lord don’t let our paths cross again.
XoXo and all that jazz,


11 thoughts on “From Complaint to Cyberharassment!

  1. Just because you apologize does not mean the offended party has to accept, if they do cool if they don’t that is cool also. If they don’t you just have to swallow it and keep it moving. Is she apologizing because you put her on blast.

    • I think so. If you look at the fact that the first post was an intentional blast then she had to have thought about it (especially since it was three pages long) before she typed it. And if I had not said anything, I wonder if she would have even felt bad about it or if she would have been happy that she did it? It makes you wonder.

  2. Hi Latrivia! I humbly submit myself to be your personal secretary to read your emails and other items so that only those that are productive would be read by you thereby enabling you to finish Vol 4. I’m dying here waiting for my Dimitry fix & I don’t want your mojo getting

  3. Latrivia there is no need to worry. This woman must realize that you must have friends in either very low or high places to write stories like Medlov Series. And she would be right wouldn’t she. The next time that she wants to know something very clever about a Vor tell her to ask a fucking Vor. He will explain things to her very clearly.

  4. This is only a symptom of the real problems with keyboard thugs (thumb thugs if they texting). Safe behind a computer they can spout all kinds of B.S. about people, literature, music, etc. but when they come up against people who fight back they become flabbergasted and you start to see the crazy in them.
    From hater, to apologetic, to pissed, to nothing- Ding Dong, the troll is dead!

    P.S. I bet you it’s this hater chick that always gives me the stank eye at Target, LOL.

  5. As a writer myself, all I can say is I feel your pain for having to deal with this. It’s sad that the price of doing something you love carries such a weighty tag. Just because you’re a writer shouldn’t mean you have to put up with rude, and crazy scary cyber stalkers. Unfortunately, the cover of code tends to give people freedom to be complete jerks. I hope this gets better for you.

    • Capri,

      Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. It has helped to vent on this matter, because many authors like yourself have shared their own experiences and their own problems with these “types.” I have taken the advice of the brilliant ladies on my blog, facebook and of course the women of family to heart. And it has gotten so much better for me. Please share with us your books so that we can check them out . It’s not just about not attacking each other but also about “uplifting” one another as one of my other readers pointed out. I hope you stop by and share with us often.


  6. There will always be someone attacking you for what you do. How many times have we had this conversation? What you don’t do is acknowledge them. If someone has something constructive to say, you listen. If someone has something constructive to share then, you allow them the opportunity to speak. But just because someone doesn’t understand the lifestyle that you are writing about doesn’t mean that they can attack it. This is when they don’t have a leg to stand on. The next time this bitch wants to question the lifestyles or choices of a Vor, you give her my number. I’ll peal the skin off her bones and throw her to my dogs. You have been gifted with a skill and blessed by others to write about something most wouldn’t dare to discuss forget write about. Why don’t you send me her I.P. address and I’ll have someone track her down and talk to her about why it’s not nice to bother out little princess. It will be my pleasure.

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