Finding Opa! by Latrivia S. Nelson is now On Sale!

Dear Readers,

On yesterday, RiverHouse Publishing experienced a hacker that tried to steal the new release from Latrivia S. Nelson, Finding Opa!  Since then, we have made the necessary security changes and released the final book on the official website (

I’m really excited about this book, because all though it is a novelette, just a little smaller than my normal stories, it is a jammed-pack romance about two people who need each other and help each other in very distinct ways.

A lot of my books have action, adventure and some romance.  However, the Lonely Heart Series is all about love. 

As with all of my stories, Finding Opa! does have an interracial storyline. However, as I always say about my stories, it is about two people who happen to be from different races finding love because of their compatibility.  And that is always most important.

Now, this book is a great deal longer than the first book from The Lonely Heart Series, The Ugly Girlfriend.  It’s 200 pages in a 12 font.  But I hope that the pages turn quickly and at the end of the book, you find yourself a little more of a hopeless romantic than when you started.

Go to my site today and purchase your copy.  Or if you have an Amazon Nook or a Barnes and Noble Kindle, the book will be available in about two days. 

Once you read the book, please feel free to share your feelings on the blog, on the website or leave a review for others to read on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

If you don’t already know what Finding Opa! is about, read below:

What does the Greek word Opa mean?  According to some it is a word or pronouncement of celebration; the celebration of life itself.    It is another way of expressing joy and gratitude to God, life, and others, for bringing one into the state of ultimate wisdom. 

Stacey Lane Bryant has three rules.  She doesn’t drive; she doesn’t travel; and she most definitely will not date.  From the outside, this odd-ball, thirties-something, single black woman is simply a creature of habit who has been beaten down by the tragedies of life.  However those on the inside know that she’s the widow of esteemed astrophysicist Drew Bryant, a highly sought after best-selling romance author and a devoted cat lover.  The rules are simply designed to keep her safe and keep her sane. 

However, someone didn’t tell the Greek bombshell, Dr. Hunter Fourakis, that rules weren’t meant to be broken.  While at his favorite pub, he eyes Stacey and instantly falls under her spell.  Only, his rusty moves don’t get him far with the brilliant introvert, who quickly leaves just to get out of his grasp.

What is meant to be will be, and the two run into each other in another chance encounter.  This time Hunter is able to convince Stacey not only to go out on a spur-of-the-moment date with him but also to consider an unorthodox proposal that would benefit them both.    

Hunter’s late wife was killed while serving in Iraq, and he mourns every year for two months and three days.  The mourning period is usually miserable for Hunter, but this time, he wants to celebrate life.  Stacey’s second romance novel is due to her agent in two months but is totally lacking motivation or passion, because she hasn’t gotten over her late husband.  Considering that they both need someone for a short period of time to fulfill very specific needs, they agree to be each other’s help mate temporarily.  Only as deprived widows, pressured professionals and lonely hearts, they find that while deadlines pass and mourning time ends, love lasts forever.

Read this romantic tale about two people who fight through tragic personal loss, family prejudices and age-old traditions to find good old fashion love in the second book of the Lonely Hearts Series, Finding Opa!

God Bless and Thanks so much for your support,

Latrivia S. Nelson

6 thoughts on “Finding Opa! by Latrivia S. Nelson is now On Sale!

  1. I love a bargain like the next person but I feel betrayed that after paying full price ($3) for your ebooks that less than 2 months later I am able to buy all of your books for $10. This makes me think that instead of getting your books as they are released I just need to be patient and get them not long after cheap.

  2. This book was abosoulutely amazing your stories just keep getting better and better
    This made me laugh cry and shout for joy thanks again Latriva for a wonderful read… 🙂
    your fan alway Kamiko Burrell

  3. I’m so, so late with the response, but I had to say that I enjoyed the book. So good, my favorite “scene” is Stacy so politely telling his brother off at the family gathering.

    You are such a great writer, Latrivia. I look forward to reading your stories.

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