The Synopsis of Saving Anya

We’ll start sharing insight on this book this month!!!

What will a man do for his family?  If you’re a Medlov, the answer is anything. 

Dmitry Medlov, former boss of the Medlov Crime Family, is finally happy with his life.  His legacy has been passed on to his heir, Anatoly, and his family is flourishing with birth of his new twin sons.  However, everything is shattered when his little girl is abducted from her school only days after his sons’ births.

The question with Dmitry having so many enemies is who has her? A supporter of Dorian, a follower of Ivan or family of the council members he slaughtered?  No one knows.

A ransom is put on the young girl in the amount of $100 million – a price Dmitry is more than ready to pay – but the fear in everyone’s heart is even if he pays, will she live?

Everyone comes together and puts aside their differences to save her.  Dmitry returns to the council, Anatoly steps aside and Gabriel takes his rightful place as a Vor. 

Anya is the key to the very foundation of the family and her father’s fleeting sanity.  With her missing, Dmitry’s rage is unleashed unlike anyone has ever seen before. 

Gabriel used to serve the very government that he is about to defy as he learns what it means to be a true Medlov.

And Anatoly is forced to grow up when he not only finds out that the little girl he’s loved her entire life has been stolen but also that  he’s about to be a father himself. 

Read the last book of the Medlov Crime Family Series, guaranteed to top all others, as the men discover that the only thing more important than money and power is family.

Due out in bookstores nationwide Christmas 2011.

46 thoughts on “The Synopsis of Saving Anya

  1. I cannot wait to read this book. I wonder if Renee became pregnant with Anatoly’s baby or is it the former FBI agent, Destiny, that he literally screwed over in the end.

  2. I can’t wait this so not fair, girl hurry up and get this book out, I am strait about to stalk this site to pick up all I can on this upcoming book, this is soooooooooooooooo good.

  3. Mrs.L you are killing me. That is 7 months away how am I suppose to consentrait on school when I have Medlov on the brain. Oh well I know what the #1 thing I will be doing on my Christmas break from school. I know the Medlov clan will set the world up in flames to get their Anya back safe and sound.

    • Jennifer,

      I hope to keep your attention with the short stories, however, you will have more than your share to read over the Christmas break. I can’t wait either. I’m excited:-)


  4. I believe this will be one of the best books, yet. I am glad everyone will pull together for the sake of the family.. I find it interesting you did not mention Royal in this synopsis…

    Can’t wait until it is out!!

    • Royal will play a supporting role in this book. As you can imagine, she is extremely destroyed by the idea that her first born has been stolen out of her arms and she’s worried about her new little additions. She will be the thing that brings Dmitry back to reality. We’re going to see our badoy completely loose his mind in this one.


      • Ok why do I find that last line sexy.?? Yes sweet Dmitry lose your Eva lovin mind! Find your baby and tear the house down around you!! Then go home and snuggle with yol.

      • Tiffany,
        I love the Dmitry and Royal combination. It shows the happy and soft side of Dmitry that he tries so desperately to hide. This last book is going to be loads of fun. Of course, we’re going to have to start blogging son. I’m working on the chapters to be able to set up some interesting conversations. I can’t wait.

  5. Latrivia,

    I’m still a bit confused by the aloofness of Royal’s mother. What is going to be her role in this book?

  6. Hey Latrivia,
    So in other words, my Dmitry is taking no prisoners. I like that. It’s going to be on in this book. Poor Royal, it’s just one crisis after another for her. Will we see Royal’s mother again in this book?


    • When have the Medlovs’ ever taken prisoners. Kill,mangle,burn,hang,and destroy also if any of their organs are salvigeable harvest them and sell them on the black market in Ansterdam.

      • Hi Latrivia,
        I’m so looking forward to reading this. You definitely have a fan for life.

  7. Latrivia,

    I almost don’t want December to come because this series has been an awesome read and I can’t picture not looking forward to another installment 😦

    I am excited though, if I had to put my money on anybody it would be somebody tied to Krill because as we get a full picture of Dmitry’s rise to power it had to hurt when he realized the power that his former employee started to amass. That or Royals mother, for some reason I just don’t trust her, I guess we’ll see.

  8. LATRIVIA!!!One question for the moment I am wondering about is/was Dmitry the #1 top boss of the vory before he “retired”.

  9. So happy it’s time for this book! Haven’t had a chance to talk about the Chronicle of Dmitry yet! GREAT JOB!

  10. Hello Girlfriend, I am so looking forward to this last book and I’m sorry that it is the last one. I can just see all of the Medlov’s in action. Will Nick be a part of her recovery? Poor Royal her daughter missing a not so honest mother appears in her life. Gabe and Anatoly will become friends I think maybe like brothers. Anatoly perhaps marries Renee with their new baby on the way and Gabriel finds a new love to be his other half. I can see Dmitry, Gabriel, Anatoly being co-bosses. Seeing how Dmitry IS the Boss he can do what ever he want’s to and that will be proven when they are in search of Anya. The thrill and excitement that this chase will bring! I can hardly wait!!

  11. First I want to say LOVEEEEE your books. I am sad that renee and anatoly won’t stay together but I’m sure this last book will make up for it. I am your fan for life!

      • Don’t worry. We’re going to show why they don’t end up together. It’s basically because he is so young. Dmitry had some time in life to go through all of the crazy stuff. When Anya gets abducted, reality sets in for Renee too. She has to ask herself if this what she wants for her baby. It’s a call they they are forced to make together. I promise not to let you down.

  12. Please reconsider Ana and Renee being together. OMG!! I need them together and happily married. You are such a talented author that I trust you. HOWEVER, I really really really want Anatoly and Renee together. I need happy endings LOL!

  13. Hi ms.Latrivia I looove your books and have got my whole family reading them now. Can’t wait for your last book even though I don’t want it to end. I just wanted to know when will you let us start ordering them because I’m READY GIRL!!!! You have an amazing gift God bless you and yours. 🙂

    • Christina,

      Thanks so much. We will start the ordering process as soon as the books are completed. I want to make sure that when you order, the books are in the warehouse ready to ship.

      I appreciate you!


  14. I am loving the Medlov Crime Family Series. All I have to say is WOW! Thank you for writing these books. I am really enjoying them. I’m currently reading the Chronicles of Young Dmitry Medlov. Just ordered volume . Patiently waiting on Saving Anya.

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