Chronicles 4: The Character Elsa is Royal’s Predecessor

Have you ever noticed how you may look like your husband’s ex-girlfriend or fit the type of woman that he’s been attracted to his entire life?  Or maybe you have a certain type.  I know mine well, and while it is not physically obvious, you only need to talk to a couple of them to see what I like. 

Dmitry is no different in this regard.  Chronicles 4 is all about the introduction of a very powerful character in Dmitry’s life.  Her name is Elsa.  She’s the daughter of a powerful MPLA leader in Angola, Africa and a student at Oxford

Of course, Elsa is African, not African-American.  She’s incredibly smart, beautiful and six feet tall.  With stilettos, this stealthy beauty is six-six – Dmitry’s dream.

Elsa isn’t your typical young woman in any regard.  She’s had it hard, seen some horrid things and hangs with a sordid crowd of powerful men with hopes of ruling the world.  Does she sound like someone else we know?

That’s right.  Royal Stone.  Through the introduction of this story, we begin to understand why Dmitry was so attracted to her when she walked into the restaurant many years after his first pseudo-girlfriend Elsa and pseudo-wife Catherine.

Of course, there is tons more to tell about Elsa.  We want to know more about her father, her ability to run Dmitry’s company, if they fall in love, how far the love goes and why there was no mention of her by Dmitry’s Closet. 

Well, V4 will answer some of those questions, but with twelve volumes in all, I promise you that we will answer most if not all of your questions about your favorite crime boss.

What were your thoughts of Elsa?  And more importantly, did the sparks fly for you when the two hooked up?

28 thoughts on “Chronicles 4: The Character Elsa is Royal’s Predecessor

  1. I liked Elsa a lot. With your description of her I could tell that she was hot. She was more experienced in the world than Royal, so I guessing that her experience with Dmitry may be a little more exciting.

    I think that it’s going to be quite interesting to see how her past relationship with Vladimir affects her current relationship with Dmitry. It was funny to me when you wrote, that it was plan to see that Vladimir did not like Dmitry Medlov. I’m wondering if Vlad will see Elsa has moved on and realize that he really wants her. Men always do stuff like that.

    Just a thought.

    • Andrea,   We will see the relationships all sort of explode.  There will be discussions between Vladimir and Elsa because of her rise with Dmitry to the top as well as discussions between Dmitry and Elsa because of his feelings for her.    Though I think that you will be surprised how Dmitry handles everything.  We know how he is:-)

  2. I thought Elsa was great, but I am not sure of her motives just yet. I know she wants to be successful, but I also wonder did she ever have feelings for Vladimir. But even if she did I’m sure they flew out the window once she hooked up with Dmitry. Some men can make you forget about your old boyfriends/lovers.

    So far to me I think Dmitry is attracted to the innocents of women. He seems not to put to much energy into women who has motives(the russian girl for DC). Kind of like men today. They search for the good in you even though they like to mess with the bad girls, but they can show concern for honest, independent, strong females, unless he is selfish.

  3. I love this series can’t get enough of Dmitry, I would love some of that, I eat up any and every thing about this man and his son, family, I just want to know are there any Dmitrys’ out there and where can I find one.

  4. It seems that what Dmitry likes in women is not only femininity, but he is also attracted to women who have a need to be delivered…not rescued. I say delivered instead of rescued because the common element in the women we have seen him attracted to (Alexandria, Catherine, Elsa, Royal) is that they are strong women, who are clearly handling whatever situation they are in…but they need to be delivered or removed from their situation in order to flourish. His involvement in their lives seems to give them the push to elevate them past where they were. Look at how Elsa is kind of just doing fine while she is with Vladimir, but with Dmitry she is at the top. Same with Royal, graduating looking for work, but with Dmitry is the Queen. Perhaps this is a characteristic of Alpha Males like Dmitry…to protect, provide, and foster the positive in their mates? Or maybe it is just what he recognized in himself…he is very much like each of these women in that way.
    On the other hand you have Ivan, with his rampant insecurities and anger, which can only foster these same damaging characteristics in his mates, thus bringing about their own destruction in a way (Emma, Arie).
    Ok…so have I thought about this too much! 🙂

    • Dani,

      You have not thought too much on this. In fact, you’re exactly right. We should do a post on just this issue. The Medlov men and their women! I love it.

      What do you ladies think?


      • Latrivia

        I am all for a post on the Medlov men and their women, because the dynamics between them, and the things that attract and repel them is very interesting, and I can tell that you have thought about this as you are crafting these stories. What is it about Rene that attracts Anatoly and holds his attention? Honesty, compassion…but in the same vein he was attracted to, though not long term, to the sneaky and ambitious Victoria. Polar opposites. Perhaps the thing that these men find appealing is a certain amount of vulnerability that all of these women seem to have…to varying degrees of course. I was a psych major and could wax poetic about this stuff all night!


      • Bravo Dani,

        Well, I’m going to do a post on it, and I’d love to have your insight. You are so right about their connection to women and as Adria said, they do get rid of some of them. However, what attracts and repels them is what makes the story so much fun.

        Can’t wait. I’ll get right on it.


  5. yes I agree with Dani, I think a person will bring out what is in you, not just a women but with men also, just like with Dmitry could not bring out any good in Ivan, so they are attracted to what is inside of them also.

    • Margaret,

      Ivan was such a sociopath until he really thought that Dmitry was soft. We’ll see more of his rampages really soon. It will be enough to make you hate him and love him.


  6. I’m savoring this story. Thank you, Latriva. Yes, yes, yes I agree with Dani too. Elsa will lay the foundation to how we see Dmitry behave with Royal. I remember in Dmitry’s Closet he chose to wait until she completed the task of opening the shop before “really” making his feelings known. I’m wondering if Dmitry’s & Elsa’s relationship start to effect Elsa’s work? I’m guessing.

    What I noted was the similarities between young Dmitry and Anatoly. Both were forced to grow up quickly. The way they handle pressure/stress; how they both enjoying taking a motor bike through town. And how they both want to “change” the old way of doing business and having everyone assume a young, street kid can’t know a thing about running a multi-national business. This is why Dmitry’s is so hard on Anatoly, like any parent you want to prevent your child from making the same mistakes you’ve made.

    I can really feel the love/hate relationship between Dmitry & Ivan. I see why Arie and Ivan are kindered spirits, as she has the same relationship with her brother.

    Now I’m on the edge of my seat. Just how does Dorian end up on Dmitry’s hit list? And when do Ivan and Dorian become “brothers.” We know Khalid ends up ont he council, but what happends to Vladamir. Can’t handle someone hogging up his spotlight? :0)

    • 1. I’m wondering if Dmitry’s & Elsa’s relationship start to effect Elsa’s work? I’m guessing.
      Yes, Elsa will get a bit confused but there will be more there than you think.

      2. Just how does Dorian end up on Dmitry’s hit list? And when do Ivan and Dorian become “brothers.”
      If you recall, there was a brief explanation of their relationship in Dmitry’s Closet.

      However, we will see the full story of how Ivan became closer to Dorian than Dmitry.
      I am also happy that you picked up on the big brother, sibling-rivalry. It will continue to be the thing that pulls Ivan and Dmitry apart and pushes Arie and Ivan closer together.

      You bring up all valid points. He does seem to bring out the best in people who are already doing well, but need a push. It is a reflection of his own life and how people have helped him. Even in V4, he will reflect on his small trend in his life.

      Great post,


  7. Vladimir is the son of a high ranking Vor pretty much a silver spoon and Dmitry comes from the gutter self-made street cred just like Khalid. Someone is salty that he has his fathers ear he is becoming obsolete.also Elsa being with Dmitry in 1-2 weeks she went from being a gift to president of a corporation.

    • Jennifer,

      “Vladimir is the son of a high ranking Vor pretty much a silver spoon and Dmitry comes from the gutter self-made street cred just like Khalid. Someone is salty that he has his fathers ear he is becoming obsolete.also Elsa being with Dmitry in 1-2 weeks she went from being a gift to president of a corporation.”   You’re exactly right. You will see where the problem begins.  Khalid can identify with Dmitry and in some ways wishes that his son was more like the young ambitious man who has the same goals as he does.    Vladimir is a rich boy, who has always lived in the lap of luxury.  There wil be friction and it will make for a promising tale.


  8. Hey, Latrivia and Friends

    I like Elsa a lot, and I think what I like most is her humility. She could have come in with an attitude or and educational superiority complex when told she would assist Dmitry with this billion dollar Royal (no pun intended) estate. Instead, she uses her intellect to assist and her honesty and humility to disarm.

    In past books we’ve learned how woman are treated and disposed- in this installment of the chronicles we see Dmitry make a deal with Elsa that helps set her free from being passed around. We know he helped because he wants her father’s business but I sensed a real sincerity when Dmitry makes the deal with Elsa.

  9. Latrivia,
    I’m really curious about Elsa. I would love to read a bit more about her. I think that her and Dmitry’s relationship will grow deeper than what they thought it would be from the beginning. I’m also curious to see if Dmitry will get a blast from the past in terms of old lovers.
    Ivan I always thought he was just jealous of Dmitry and never wanted to see Dmitry being happy. He always had some snarky comment.
    Will C4 be out in early June or mid-June?

    • The first part of June.

      We will see so much more from Elsa. Remember she is the reason that he falls so hard for Royal. So, we’ll need to see her in action to appreciate his full story.

      Now Ivan is unusual. While he’ll do anything for his brother, he also doesn’t like to share him. So, every relationship that he is in is a problem for his needy little brother.

      You hit the nail on the head.


      • This is just going to be awesome. Come on June and get here. The Chronicles, for me, bring the book series full circle in that you understand why certain characters are the way that they are and it just gives a fuller story. Kudos to you, Latrivia, for being such a talented writer and giving us, the readers, a magnificent story. It saddens me to think that it’s going to end soon, but I won’t dwell on it. I plan on enjoying this story to the fullest.

  10. Ivan being jealous of Dmitry fuels him and being a psyco/sociopath.It was like what Emma told him in vol.2 “you will always be second to your brother” The reason I believe Ivan wants to emulate Vladimir they are some what in the same vein the “little prince” everything they got or recieved was given to them by their father(khalid) or older brother(Dmitry). Ivan always thinks he can do and run things better than Dmitry. He tells Dmitry how his feelings and emotions are useless that he don’t need them but Ivan fails to realize is that Dmitry’s love for him is what is keeping Dmitry from killing him. Because if it was me I would have put a bullet in his brain a long time ago because he can’t follow simple directions.

    • Jennifer,

      You are so right. The love that Dmitry feels for his brother is the only thing keeping him alive. And yes, it is because of Ivan’s protection given by his brother that he is so spoiled.

      But don’t worry. He gets his.

  11. I will be buying this book and Vol. 3. The Medlov men are bigger than life and will hold your attention until the very end!

  12. Good Evening Mrs. L. Haven’t wrote in a minute but I’ve got every new book that has came out.Don’t no what to say that hasn’t been said. Its great to see how it begins!

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