The Chronicles of Young Dmitry Medlov: Volume 3 Now On Sale!

Well, it’s been a long time coming.  I’ve received your emails and your calls.  The question that everyone has wanted an answer to is when is The Chronicles of Young Dmitry Medlov: Volume 3 coming out?  The answer: It’s out today (April 29, 2011). 

It started out as a regular 65-page short story, but it ended up 250 pages.  It’s nearly the size of a regular book and full of excitement.  The good news is that readers get the short story price for the size of a large novella.  $3.  Cheap huh?  Well, we still have to put gas in our cars after we read this. LOLJ

Why did V3 end up being so long?  I wanted to give you the real story behind Dmitry’s billions. 

When you read Dmitry’s Closet and you find out at the end how much Dmitry is worth, you ask yourself how?  Well, when you come across that much money in one lifetime, it takes a lot longer to explain than a few pages.

We also see a few other exciting things: a glimpse into why Dmitry is drawn to Royal through her predecessor, Elsa; how Ivan met Arie and why she was so special; the truth behind Dmitry’s first marriage, the news about Anatoly’s birth, a glimpse into the existence of Gabe and his questionable DNA link to the Medlov men; Dmitry’s fight to keep his wealth; the introduction to Dorian (remember him from Dmitry’s Closet and Dmitry’s Royal Flush?); Davyd’s rise to underboss, the introduction to the elite men of the Vory and so much more.

When you walk away from Volume 3, I want you not only to be intrigued but also informed.  Dmitry’s character is very complex.  He didn’t just become what he was overnight, and it was a constant struggle for him to climb and remain on the top of the underworld.  There was always someone after him, so he could never put his trust in a person.  However, when we look at him, he was able to still hold on to some humanity.  It’s quite moving to watch him go through the motions of being a surrogate father to Ivan and the pain his love for his brother caused him.

We will also see in Volume 4 (due out in June) why Dmitry was so cold.  We even see his anger truly come out a few times in this book.  Overall, it’s supposed to put you in his state of mind. 

One of the fun parts of the book is looking at both Dmitry and Ivan and how they “love” their romantic partners.  It’s really like night and day. 

I’m really considering starting a blog specifically for the short stories, but you’ll have to tell me if you’re interested in that before I do it. 

I do hope all of Medlovians out there not only read the book but also share their thoughts.  Half of writing these stories is about the joy of interacting with you afterwards.  Remember, over here there is a two-way street.  Your thoughts on the projects are just as important as the projects.  They are all designed to provide you with a little entertainment.

Here’s the synopsis.  Check it out and then rush over to to purchase.

You can also check out the booktrailer on my Youtube channel ( 

The Chronicles of Young Dmitry Medlov: Volume 3

No crime boss has ever been as brilliant, beautiful and deadly as young Dmitry Medlov, and this Red Fella proves his affirmation in Volume 3 of The Chronicles, the longest of the short-story series.  

Two years after meeting Lady Catherine Hutton and after fleeing Moscow to London, Dmitry has found the secret weapon to securing riches beyond his wildest dreams through a false marriage with British royalty

Their quid pro quo arrangement was supposed to be a short-lived farce designed to give Lady Hutton one last thrilling sexual escapade before she met her untimely demise.  However, in the process of teaching Dmitry how to be a real gentleman and making Catherine feel like a young woman again, the curious couple accidentally develops deep feelings for each other. 

When Catherine realizes that Dmitry is in it for more than just the money, she leaves him a gift that rocks the foundations of the Medlov Crime Family – her entire estate worth over one billion pounds.

Dmitry’s new fortune, however, comes with a high price. The board of directors of the company he now owns wants him dead; one of the Vory elite “gifts” him the daughter of an Angolan war lord, and his brother, Ivan, falls for a woman who is as much of a sociopath as he is.  There is also the matter of the media who declares him London’s most eligible bachelor. 

While trying to steer away from the attention he’s getting country-wide with his new fortune, he finds himself drawn to the beautiful African scholar, Elsa, a student at Oxford who might just be able to help him stay in control of his multi-national corporation and remember what it’s like to actually “like a girl.”  Passion strikes when the two are forced to live together while she reorganizes his business, but Dmitry wants more than sex from Elsa.  He wants her home-country contacts.   

Read the eleven-chapter, page-turning novelette that tops its two predecessors (Volume 1 & 2) with more action, romance, sex, murder and mafia.

37 thoughts on “The Chronicles of Young Dmitry Medlov: Volume 3 Now On Sale!

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  2. Yeeeeaaaaaa!! It’s been so long, oh how I’ve missed my Medlov men and you Ms. Nelson. Will buy it tonight. Happy Birthday to me!!!!

  3. Yes, yes, and more yes!!
    Latrivia, not only is this book right on time but it’s longer and that just awesome. I will be trying to read slowly to savor every delicious Dmitry morsel.
    Have A Great weekend

    • Hi Ebony,   I guess you can see why it took me a little longer than normal. I didn’t want to stop right in the middle of it because of the length.    This one was really fun to write.  While it takes place at the Medlov manor, there are so many little pieces to the story that make The Medlov Series make more sense.   I can’t wait to start our discussion on this!!!   Latrivia

      • I just bought the book from your website and wanted to know how I will get the password to view the book, thanks

      • Hi Shana,

        You should receieve a password to download the document. Just to make sure that you receive it, I’ll make sure that we resend.
        Thanks for your support and I hope that you enjoy!


  4. Hey Latrivia,
    I wanted to know how many of these chronicles you write about Dmitry? I’m about to delve into my copy of C3. Also, when will book four be out and will it too be longer than its precedessors? I’m praying and hoping that it will. This is my favorite book series ever and I just can’t get enough of the story, so please let it be longer and being that this is the last book in the series maybe you can make it in the 450 to 500-page range. As always, Latrivia, I wish you the very best of success. You truly are a gifted and talented author. You have my undying support. Much success to you.

    Best Wishes,

    • Good Morning Adria,

      Thank you for your support! I say that a lot, but I promise you that I mean it each and every time. You all give me the strength to continue with your kind words and awesome suggestions.

      So, let’s answer your questions:
      1. There will be 12 total Chronicles.
      2. Saving Anya will be the longest of the books. Page count unknown (:-)
      3. C4 will be out in June but will not be as long. It’s the transition story.

      You’re great. I hope you come join in the discussion as we begin to talk about your favorite man!!!


  5. OMG!!!!! Just finished reading vol.3 You did it again Mrs.N,also Dmitry is the man, the scene on pg. 120 LOVE IT.

    • Hi Jennifer,

      I laugh as I read this. I love 120 too. I’m so glad that you liked it. Now, it’s start to put up a post and start to discuss it. I just love Dmitry.

      Thanks as always for your support, Jennifer.


  6. Latrivia, the chronicles is literally becoming an addiction, LOL!
    You can’t read just one, and if you’ve read that much you’re feigning for more. I will say the longer wait was painful but SOOOO worth it.

    This story has so many twist and turns that I almost took notes; from the illness, to the introduction of the infamous Ari, to exploring the inner workings of a young Dmitry, to the board meeting this was great. I’ll start slow to savor the story:

    So in previous books we hear some of the council members (in Memphis) complain while plotting about Dmitry’s abilities to capitalize on his looks and now we know why. I believe Dmitry definitely had an appreciation for Catherine and the education and lifestyle she afforded him but I don’t believe he loved her in a romantic sense- the age and economic differences between them lends more of a mentor/mother vibe to their relationship from Dmitry’s perspective. On the other hand Catherine seemed to be starved for affection from a true capable man as opposed to the sycophants that sit on the board of Hutton Industries. I’m wondering if this is what you wanted to convey in their relationship or did I miss the boat?

    Wonderful Read

    • Good Morning Ebony!

      As always, I love your particiaption. And yes, you are right. If you notice in the synopsis, the relationship between Catherine and Dmitry is referred to as a false marriage. The reason that it is false is because they did not marry for love. I think that Dmitry truly appreciates her, he recognizes her worth and he sees her as a great mentor, but he does not feel about her the way that he did about his Royal.

      Catherine was starved as many with money are.

      “So in previous books we hear some of the council members (in Memphis) complain while plotting about Dmitry’s abilities to capitalize on his looks and now we know why.”

      I told you that these stories will give you insight about the characters that you never would have had without them. Now, we see why the men think Dmitry is a bit of a playboy. Now, we see how he got his start in life and isn’t it fun. I asked some of my “women folk” who have loads of money if they would ever give it all up to a playboy. And they did not disappoint me with their statement. They said if he looked like Dmitry, yes.


  7. Just finished reading Volume 3 and I simply loved it! Your writing is so different from many of the other IR books or stories I have read in that there is a real story here. The characters and their color are not the focal point. You have created a different world, and every one of your books and short stories transports me right there with Dmitry and the whole Medlov gang. I am always anxiously waiting for anything you put out. Wonderful job Mrs. Nelson…in my mind your work belongs on the NY Times best sellers list!

    • Dani,
      ‘First of all, thanks so much for your support. Second, I am striving one day to be on the NYTBSL. However, every time that I read a message from one of you, I already feel like a bestseller!!!

      The entire goal of the series is to provide you a world that is so dramatically different, where you are completely entertained.

      If you feel like that during and after you’ve read the stories, then I’ve accomplished my goal and I am happy !!!

      Let’s see. This month, we release Filling His Seat and Gracie’s Dirty Little Secret, two books from the Lonley Heart Series, as well as Chronicles 4 during the first of June.!!
      So, we’re going to have a ball!

      Thanks so much again. I appreciate you.


  8. In my book you are a bestseller Mrs.Nelson. Two thoughts popped in my head

    #1. Dmitry learned about Anatoly & Gabriel on the same day, so he was expecting them to show up on his doorstep someday and to say he always kept an eye on them from a distance so he would have known Gabriel was a fed agent. Also To say Dmitry watched every little detail around him and micromanaged everything is an understatement of a lifetime.
    #2. When Dmitry saw Royal for the first time. Did he think she was Elsa because I remember in DC he said “she was what he was playing and praying for”??????

    • Jennifer: #1. Dmitry learned about Anatoly & Gabriel on the same day, so he was expecting them to show up on his doorstep someday and to say he always kept an eye on them from a distance so he would have known Gabriel was a fed agent. Also To say Dmitry watched every little detail around him and micromanaged everything is an understatement of a lifetime. There is so much between this Chronicles 3 and AMCR. You will discover through the Chronicles why he had no idea what Gabriel was doing. However, it will be intriguing. Trust me. Also, in C4, we’ll see why Anatoly was lost in the shuffle as well. Dmitry is definitely a micro-manager.We will see why he becomes and less and less trusting of people to do in their jobs in C4 also:-) I can’t wait.

      #2. When Dmitry saw Royal for the first time. Did he think she was Elsa because I remember in DC he said “she was what he was playing and praying for”?????? Exactly. As I said before in an earlier post, Dmitry did not just arrive at loving Royal out of no where. Elsa and Royal have a lot in common. There is so much to tell about her story. You will like it. I love that you all see the connection between to the characters and why they do what they do.

      This makes everything so much fun.

      Thanks for your support!

  9. Hi Latrivia,
    Thank you so much for your response. Wow, there’s a lot to look forward to and I’m loving it. I turned my aunt onto this book series and now she’s a fan. She absolutely loves your books and she keeps saying that they ought to make a movie out of this book series and I’m with her one hundred percent. HBO, are you listening?? To one of the previous posters, I’d have to say my scene is on Page 182. OMG is all I have to say about that. Astrologically speaking I think Dmitry is a Leo. He has all the attributes of one. God, I love me some Dmitry Medlov and I thank you, Latrivia, for creating this man. Please continue to keep the hot sex coming.
    My question now is will the later Chronicles give us some more of the backstory of him and Royal meeting, him obviously going to Memphis?
    Also, will we learn a little more about Dmitry’s mother?
    I just want to say a big thank you for always responding to us. It is most appreciated by all of us, your fans. I’m so sorry for the long post. 🙂

    Best Wishes,

    • Adria,

      Here there is no such thing as a long post! Thanks for introducing me to your aunt. Tell her that I said hello! You ladies are seeing the progression of Dmitry’s story. In fact, in volume 4, we will get a chance to meet Dmitry’s father. And yes, there will be flashbacks of his mother and her impact on their lives. This is the part that is fun, because all of the holes that are in the main stories are filled through this series. I would say that Dmitry is a leo as well. He’s so strong and such an alpha male. Plus, I love leos. The series will not hit on Royal and Dmitry but will go up until the moment that he sees her and exactly what he’s thinking when she walks into his restaurant. It will be a beautiful ending. I’m so glad that you’re having fun!!!

      • Hey, Latrivia
        This is just awesome. I mean, you don’t come across many books where you get the early years of the hero or heroine’s life and that’s why I absolutely love these Chronicles. I don’t know what I’m going to do when they end. I simply cannot get enough of this man. He’s tall, handsome, plays the violin beautifully and he’s packing something fierce in his briefs and on the double plus side he knows how to work it in the bedroom. Hey, what’s not to love. My aunt got a kick out of an author responding back to me. She says to tell you that you’re an amazing storyteller. She says she gets transported when she reads your novels. I’m just curious, will you be starting a blog to discuss these short stories and getting back to the upcoming novel, will we see Royal’s mother and will there be a woman from Dmitry’s past, such as Elsa? I’m just throwing that out there. I’m praying and hoping that this last book will be a mega book in terms of pages, similar to a Harry Potter book. :))

      • Adria,

        First, tell you aunt thank you:-)

        Okay, this book will be the last, but it will not be mega huge. It will just be jammed-packed with action from front to back. However, it will be the largest of the books to date.

        Also, I am going to post an entry to see if you ladies would like to participate in a blog for the short stories. If so, you know I’ll start one:-)


  10. Is Dmitry’s mother named Anya? In the beginning of Vol.3 Dmitry names the medlov women in the chateau for Valentines. Gabriel’s Emma, Anatoly’s Alexandria, etc. etc

  11. Hey Jennifer,
    Anya is Dmitry’s and Royal’s daughter. Dmitry’s mom was killed, but her name could have been Anya.

  12. I loved the interaction between Dmitry and Elsa. Elsa reminds me of a more worldly and experienced Royal. I cannot wait to see the development of their story, I’m wondering if Elsa is the one Dmitry let get away?

    I also liked to reading about Khalid and Dayvd. They were secondary characters in the other books that I really liked and wanted to know more about. I love Dayvd, and I just want to know everything there is to know about him. I also like reading about Dorian. I liked the brother. In all honesty, I think that he should’ve survived in the second book, but he was in that room with Royal for too damn long.

    I cannot express my feelings enough. Latrivia Nelson is by far my favorite author. And as another reader said, her interaction with her fans makes it even sweeter. Anytime I can get something from this woman, I am excited and jumping around I’ve just found a million books. Thank you so much for always providing a wonderful escape.


  13. I was just sitting here thinking about Dmitry. Will we ever get to find out who his father is. In AMCR, Dmitry tells Royal that he met his father, but it wasn’t a good experience. I’m thinking that anyone that Dmitry meets at this point in his life, would be proud that of him and the fact that he has accomplished so much. Unless he has more than that kid, or the kid is some kind of a threat to him. Could The Boss, Smirnov, be Dmitry’s biological father? Or maybe a link to his father?

    • Andrea D., you raise a very good question. I would love to get some of the backstory on Dmitry’s parents too.

  14. I just luv that you begin with an update on the Medlovs futurewise and then have Dmitry reminisce about his past. OMG Latrivia these young dmitry stories are great but now my appetite has just been whet more for the present and future dmitry. How does dad keep up with 2 rambunctious male twins. Does his young wife stay loyal as he ages Was he hurt by these economic times?

    • Catelyn, We’ll hear him discuss the issues of economic downturns and the twins. As you can imagine, the boys are beautiful and full of energy. To answer, you question about Royal, yes, she stays faithful. Trivi

  15. Hi Latrivia,
    I hope you will start a blog concerning the short stories because I’m definitely interested and I’m sure you will have no problem getting people to be a part of it. I’m about to re-read Dmitry’s Closet. I read C3, I don’t know if I mentioned it, and it was fabulous. It went by too quickly. When I read your books, I like to take my time and savor them. I don’t want to read too fast because I’m afraid of missing out on something. I like for it to really sink in so I can get the full enjoyment of the books.
    I’m in my withdrawal phase right now, hence my re-reading Dmitry’s Closet. I need something to tie me over until I can get my hands on something new from you. I wish you a beautiful and happy Mother’s Day. Have an awesome weekend.

    Best Wishes,

  16. The Medlovs seem to all ways leave me gasping, surprized, anxious, quizzical, swooning, feining, smiling and shaking my head and wanting more. I am curious as to how it’s possible for Dmitry and Khalid to have stayed in the Vor since it’s supposed to be their only family and yet both of these men have blood families involved in their business. Is that perhaps part of the reason Kahlid was left in the dark about the Hutton project and why the go ahead was given for Dmitry to be killed? Will the butcher now seek retribution against Mr. S with Kahlid’s help?

    • Ahh Catelyn,

      Are you trying to get a review copy of Volume 4 on the slick side? LOL. To answer some of your questions, the Vor has changed dramatically in order to go undetected by government officials. Some have false marriages and some are simply married. Khalid is not married to Vladimir’s mother. So, it is not such a big deal. And everyone saw through Dmitry’s marriage to Catherine.

      No, Khalid was left in the dark for other reasons – we’ll find out more about it in Volume 4. However, the you can bet everything that Dmitry is not scared of Mr. S. and between he and his brother, they plan to topple the old man’s empire.

      You’re great!


  17. Latrivia,

    Thank you for you answers !

    I hope you’ll answer to my questions as well 🙂 I have many.

    You say that Elsa is Royal predecessor and that she’s the reason why Dmitry fell so hard for Royal because they have many similarities.
    In the first book he talks about Royal innocence and we know that she’s less experimented than Elsa don’t you think that’s also the reason why he fall in love with her? Because she was a woman in the making a promising person ?

    Don’t you think it’s their similarities but also their difference that made Royal the one for Dmitry?
    By the way, do you speak russian? Where did you learn what you know about russian culture? I’m asking because I love Russia myself and that’s one of the reason I love these books so much. Have you read the Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons ? It’s another great read !
    Thank you in advance 🙂

    P.S : I hope my english is not too bad I’m from France.

    • Alyssa,
      Thanks for reaching across the ocean and continents to find out more about our favorite character, Dmitry. So let’s get to answering your questions.
      Your Question: In the first book he talks about Royal innocence and we know that she’s less experimented than Elsa don’t you think that’s also the reason why he fall in love with her? Because she was a woman in the making a promising person?

      My Answer: Dmitry has been used for sex since he was a young boy. In fact, that is how he paid to take care of he and his brother besides being the muscle for a local thug. After that, he was used by Lady Hutton. Elsa is his first relationship in a while, since Alexandria, where he is attracted to the person and finds them interesting without needing financial means from the woman. He’s absolutely attracted to her body and her mind.

      We see the same relationship with Royal and Dmitry. He is attracted to both her body and mind. Only he appreciates Royal more because she is untouched. He is so used to dealing with women who have experience, until he sees Royal as a rare gem. The fact that she had held on to her virginity despite the many opportunities that she could have used to it to get ahead makes her more of a woman in his eyes.

      Your Question: Don’t you think it’s their similarities but also their difference that made Royal the one for Dmitry?

      My Answer: Absolutely. We have so much left to tell in the story of how Dmitry became boss. Five volumes to be exact. And I don’t want to give too much away, but let’s just say this. There are many differences between Elsa and Royal. And it’s not in physical appearance. It’s about ambition and what one woman isn’t willing to do to get ahead, versus what the other woman will do. I’m not talking about the “Superheads” of the world. It’s just that morals and structure are two things that are very important to Dmitry. We’ll see that more. Trust me.

      Your Question: By the way, do you speak russian? Where did you learn what you know about russian culture?

      I speak some Russian. I’m learning more as the days go by. I learned a great deal about Russian culture by an old boyfriend whose father came from the USSR. The man that I thank, Mark Lenowski, has taught me a great deal and he’s always had a special place in my heart. Did I mention that his 6’6, 270, all muscle, Jewish, blue eyes, brown hair and extremely intelligent. He’s in Sochi, Russia right now building condos for the 2014 Olympics.

      Okay. That’ my shout out to the old school of Trivi’s life. My hubby is a Recon Marine with mossy green eyes, muscle on top of muscle, pure Norwegian and a hell of a good husband. So, I’ve been blessed all the way around.

      Last Question: Have you read the Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons ? It’s another great read !

      My Answer: No, I have not. But I’m writing it down and I’ll check it out on Amazon.
      Your English was great.

      Now in French:
      Merci beaucoup pour être gentil ainsi. J’espère que vous allez contiue d’écrire pour moi et honoraires libres pour demander que quesions que vous le souhaitez. J’aime questions et je tiens à être engagée avec les lecteurs. C’est là que le plaisir commence par écrit. J’espère que ma traduction est assez bonne. J’ai étudié le français au collège pendant trois ans, mais je ne le parlent pas bien. Je l’aime bien. Elle est si belle.


  18. Merci beaucoup Latrivia ! Vous avez connu de grands hommes dans votre vie. Je comprends d’où vient votre inspiration :).
    I’m going to start The Grunt now, I just have to read all your work !

    I think you know a good writer from the first line and I just finished Dmitry’s Royal Flush and it was so real and so deep I thought “This is the last book I read from her it’s too much for me!”

    I love it when I feel that way about characters like I have to know more about them, like I care about them so much I can’t stand when something bad happen to them. And only great writers can make you feel that way.


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