Chapter Two: The Situation with Renee (Second Part of the Chapter)

Not to be confused with this situation

We’ve talked about it before, but it’s worth another mention.  Friends are often great lovers.  It’s not because they are the hottest person that you know.  If they were, you’d never go for the friend role first – you’d dive right into making it happen.  It’s because they know your inner-workings and they “get” you, which is half the battle. 

A friend has seen you on your best and worst day and many in between.  They know that you’re not perfect, and they don’t expect for you to be. 

This is the exact situation spawned the hot sexy romance between America’s favorite bad boy and the girl next door. 

When you think about the guy who became your friend and then your man, isn’t it an amazing journey? 

I went from wondering what Adam looked like when he was asleep to presently hearing him snoring (and I’m upstairs in my private study with the door half-closed and he’s downstairs).  Ahh.  That’s love.  Amore.  The Real Thing.  Half your stuff.  Joint-Custody.  You know…all the names.

What did you think of the way that Anatoly treated Renee? 

Did the name “Ana” give you an indication that they were headed to “bumping uglies”? 

Also, I’m just curious to also know if anyone here has ever fallen for “just your friend” who ended up being your everything?

Excerpt from Anatoly Medlov: Complete Reign © Latrivia S. Nelson

Pulling up to the gated compound only minutes away from downtown, Anatoly was escorted back home in his Mercedes.  The bodyguards stood guard in the hut, watching their boss as he was escorted up to the front of the large, plantation-style mansion, lit up at dusk with lights.  In the driveway was a black Hummer

Evidently, Renee was visiting. 

Anatoly looked at the truck and gave a sigh of relief.  He needed to see her face tonight. 

Grabbing his backpack and his IPod, he walked up the stairs slowly.  As Vasily opened the door for him, he smelled food drifting through the corridors.  Anatoly tried to conceal a grin. 

Dropping his backpack in the corner, he checked the mail on the table in the foyer and yawned.

“Do you need anything else, boss?” Vasily asked, standing with his hands clasped in front of him.

Net.” Anatoly grabbed an envelope off the table and slipped it in his pocket.  “Take the rest of the night off.”

Spesiba,” Vasily said, bowing his head.  He turned and headed down the back corridor to his room.

When his man was out of view, Anatoly headed toward the kitchen.  He walked softly down the marble floors in the darkness of the house into the large kitchen. 

Renee had the television going while she cooked up a small feast.  With her back turned and her IPod attached to her hip, she sang as she put the final touches on the fried chicken that she placed on a silver platter.

Anatoly stood in the darkness of the corner watching her with his arms folded in front of him.  He could watch her all night if she left him. 

Outside of his mother and his step-mother, she was the only woman that he knew who loved to cook.  She took immense pride in it, but because she was alone in Memphis, away from her large family in Atlanta, she only got to cook for more than herself when she came to see him. 

In her favorite apron, she whirled around the kitchen moving plates and flatware to the island bar for the two of them. In between cooking, she drank straight out the wine bottle and sang Al Green

“Are you just going to stand in the corner like a pervert, or are you going to help me fix the table?” she finally asked, without looking away from the mixed greens stewing on the stove.

Anatoly stepped out of the darkness with a clever grin.  Quietly, he went over to the cupboard and pulled out two wine glasses.  As he sat them down, he looked at the table and noticed the card by one of the plates. 

“It’s for you,” she said, taking the ear buds out of her ear. 

“What is it?” he asked with his back toward her.

Open it and see.” She turned off the eye on the stove and grabbed a bowl.  “Fried chicken, greens, yams, beets for you, and cabbage…for you.” 

“What’s the occasion?”  He opened the envelope to find a sympathy card from Hallmark, praying for his family during their loss

“I just felt like you needed something to cheer you up.  You had a pretty shitty day,” she said, putting the food on the table. 

The bowls clinked on the granite table top.  Placing the mittens down, she looked up at him.

As she walked off, he caught a whiff of her perfume.  He had bought it for her in Jerusalem.  He bought it because when he smelled it, he thought of her.  She was his little pudgy friend –someone that he could talk to, confide in to a point

Only tonight, he didn’t want to talk to her.  At that very moment, he wanted to kiss her as a way of thanking her and feeding his own need.  He clenched his jaw and looked away.  This was Renee for goodness sake.  The bump on the head today had obviously been harder than he had first suspected.

As she took off her apron, he noticed that she wore a black silk sundress that showed a lot more cleavage than normal.  He took his seat and put the napkin on his lap, then looked up at her and shook his head.  Since she had lost the weight recently, she was starting to look less and less like an employee and more and more like a prospect.

“What’s the dress for,” he asked, pointing at her breasts.  “Are you planning to feed a tribe of starving children tonight?”

Renee looked down and smiled. “I’ve got a date,” she answered with a bright glimmer in her eyes.  “They do look big in this dress, huh?”

Anatoly choked.  “A date?  With?”  A territorial jealousy boiled in the pit of his empty stomach.

“A guy who came into the shop today.  A basketball player.  I almost said no when I first saw him.  He looked like a freaking Medlov – only he wasn’t Russian.  He’s from the east coast.  He’s here to check out the team.” 

“Why was he at the store?” Anatoly asked.

“He thought we sold men’s clothing,” Renee answered with a shrug.

She turned and went back to get the bottle of wine, instantly recognizing his jealousy but choosing to ignore it.  Anatoly never liked anyone to have anything that he didn’t already have or hadn’t had.  She didn’t expect this to be any different. 

“So, am I eating alone?” he continued, trying to put a guilt trip on her. 

“No. He and I are just going to Beale Street to watch a band play later.  I figured that you and I could eat dinner first and then…”

“Oh.” Anatoly fixed his plate.  “You wanted to get me out of the way first, eh?” His plate clinked. 

“Basically,” she said, sitting down.  “So eat fast.  I might get laid tonight, and a sister has been on a serious dry spell, you know.”

Anatoly coughed into his napkin.

Renee laughed. “I’m just kidding, Ana.”

“What did I tell you about calling me that? It makes me sound like…sissy,” he laughed.

“We all know that you’re no sissy.”

“You know this how?”

“I’m the one who has to explain to these women that you’re not available when they come lurking around my shop,” she said, sneering at him. She stabbed the chicken.  “They all think that I’m the devil.”  Her southern drawl thickened. 

Anatoly grinned.  “You are.”  He tasted the food and forgot his worries.  Man, did he love her cooking.  He sank his teeth in the crispy, golden, juicy chicken and planted his rigid elbows on the table.  He winced again as he remembered his bruises. 

Renee watched him in complete satisfaction.  She smiled and placed the napkin on her lap.

“Is it good?” she asked, tasting her food.

“Better than pu…”

“Watch your mouth,” she interrupted.

Anatoly grinned and quieted down.  They sat in silence, enjoying their food as the Food Network played in the background. 

 *** End of Excerpt from Anatoly Medlov: Complete Reign by Latrivia S. Nelson (All Rights Reserved).

9 thoughts on “Chapter Two: The Situation with Renee (Second Part of the Chapter)

  1. Ms. Nelson, I am a big fan of your work. I’ve read every book that you’ve written and i can’t wait until your next Chronciles. When can we expect it?

  2. I loved this book…I love all of your books, and I’m eagerly awaiting any new work. Dmitry, Anatoly, Nicola…whew!

    With that said, my experience with making a friend a lover was disappointing…but the excitement around it was HOT! We should have stayed friends. But the friend level that I enjoy with my husband is unlike anything I can describe…he is truly my best friend, and that is priceless.

    • Dani,

      There is something so awesome about having a red hot relationship with your husband. I find myself in shock about how Adam still creates all these weird feelings in me after so long. I think it’s because we continue to reinvent each other. Every time that we are put into the fire and test, we are created again into something new. And when we emerge, we marvel at one another. We’re like, “look what parenthood has done to you,” or “look what the Marine Corps has done to you.” We continue to change and evolve because of life and so we never grow tired of each other because we continue to change.

      It’s great to be married to your best friend.

      I’m glad we both have that.


  3. Good Evening, Mrs L.

    The best thing about finding love in an friend is they see the ugliness in you and love you any way. Also they can see you at your worst(sleeping cap)and still find you sexy. AND thats real love no matter what, they got your back.Congrats on all the love your getting on the series, glad the world has found out about the baddest romance/interracial author out there!!!

  4. Renee’s pet name for Anatoly was a definite indication that their relationship had evolved. It gives a peek into what their relationship most have been like during “Rise of the queen”. Pet names, private jokes, comfortable silences, serious dialogue, etc. are some of the benefits to being with a friend. My husband was my friend, then my man, then my friend, and finally my husband,(don’t ask). 🙂
    It’s humbling and exciting because you don’t have to guess at the persons motives, you know that they “get you”; but it can be tough-when you are united it feels like the Super Friends, when your divided it can feel like Armageddon.
    I was happy to see Renee play it cool in the beginning instead of giving chase for Anatoly- it’s easy to make a move when you know the person, it’s harder to hold-back giving the person enough space to make the decision for themselves.

  5. First of all I LOVE your books! I can’t get enough of your writing! Now on to your questions. When I heard Renee use the nickname Ana I knew they had a special bond. It went beyond friendship because that was her special name for him and no one else was allowed to even think of calling him that, except for his baby sister.
    Now as far as having a best friend become your love, I have had that experience. It was one of the most intense, passionate relationships I have ever had in my life. I believe it was too intense and passionate for where we were in life. We were young. I was still in college and he was just beginning his career. Going from best friends to loves was amazing. It seemed to come out of no where but yet at the same time from a place so deep that it was like a rolling storm that could be seen coming from miles away. It’s hard to explain but the relationship you captured in your writings of Ana and Renee seems to sum it up pretty well.
    Thank you for sharing your work! I look forward to your next one!

    • Yolanda,

      Your words are very powerful. Yes, this is what their love is like. It’s too powerful for where they are in their lives right now. Anatoly is a cold air and Renee is hot and the combination creates a tornado and tears up everything around them. And like a tornado, it is beautiful to watch but deadly to be around. I’m so glad that you like my work, and I hope that as this story continues, we are able to dig deeper into relationships that are unusual. There is something intriguing about two people who don’t look like they are meant to be together, but seem to be so comfortable together. They have something incredible. We can’t take away their bond. It’s is truly exciting. The tug of war that they put each other through is something that will continue for a long, long time.

      I look forward to writing another one soon. I’m working hard on the chronciles 3 and saving anya along with a laundry list of others.

      Pray for strength for me.

      Thanks so much for your support,


  6. Hey Girlfriend,

    Yes the pet name Ana said a lot, I am still just like my daddy. This is how Dmitry and Royal started out except Renee was no dumb girl. She was in deed Ana’s friend first, she knew who he was, what he done for a living still loved him but not judge him, yes hope to put him on the right path for his own sake.

    Renee was the type who thought a man should do the chasing, so she was waiting on him to catch up and know what he felt for her was not just friendship but both friends and the person you are in love with

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