Released on February 14, 2011

(February 14, 2011 – MEMPHIS, TENN)  The third book in the highly anticipated Medlov Crime Family Series by interracial romance author Latrivia S. Nelson, Anatoly Medlov: Complete Reign, dropped on January 31, 2011 and has received great reviews from readers across the nation.  The Russian mafia crime and romance novel is part of the new interracial romantic suspense genre that has emerged in the last year under the sub-genre of interracial romance, which was developed in part because of books by authors like Nelson and because of the growing demand for more action-packed books with African-American heroines. 

Nelson is already on Amazon’s coveted Multicultural Bestseller’s Top 100 list and has been for six consecutive weeks with her novelette, The Ugly Girlfriend (2010), which has sold thousands of e-books on both Amazon’s Kindle and Barnes and Noble’s Nook.  Currently, Nelson sits on Amazon’s Top Twenty Multicultural list for The Ugly Girlfriend and is in the top 40 for Anatoly Medlov: Complete Reign

In the last year, Nelson has also been on Amazon’s Multicultural Bestsellers’ List for Dmitry’s Closet (2010), the first book in the Medlov Crime Family Series, Dmitry’s Royal Flush: Rise of the Queen (2010), the second book in the Medlov Crime Family Series, and The Chronicles of Young Dmitry Medlov: Volume 1 and Volume 2 (The Medlov Crime Family Short Stories Series). 

Nelson is most noted for writing the largest book in the interracial romance genre to date, Ivy’s Twisted Vine (2008) and for writing books that make race a secondary issue in her novels.  Many of Nelson’s books are based out of her hometown of Memphis, Tennessee.  However, several are based out of Eastern Europe (Prague, Czech Republic; Sochi & Moscow, Russia; Kerch, Ukraine). 

 “It’s amazing to watch the fan-base grow and to receive the remarkable feedback from readers from all walks of life.  I have fans around the world, specifically in Russia, England, Australia, Brazil, Spain and thousands right here in the United States to whom I’m very grateful.  It makes me proud to see men and women from so many races embracing my work and embracing the idea of diversity in the romance genre,” said Nelson.

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  1. First things first, I want to say congrats to you on making as a writer. I love writing interracial love stories and I love stories that involve the mob(really the Russian mob). You success in this inspires me to one day get my stories published.

    Second, I just want to say that I want more of Renee and Anatoly. I loved the third book, book but I was hoping that there would be more of their story. Are you going to write another book about them?

    Anyhoo, just want to say that I googled interracial love story and then mob and found your books. Best find ever.

    • Marcia.

      Thanks for your support. I really appreciate and need it!

      Second, you will get more of Renee and Anatoly in the mix with all the other family in the last book. However, it will be love and drama.

      Thanks so much again. I love GOOGLE. I hope to continue to put out stories that you enjoy.


    • Kelly,

      I’ve been told that so many times, but it still sounds amazing. I think you should pat yourselves on the back. You ladies give me so much insight.

      Thanks so much for sticking by me.


  2. Well it’s about time others get with the program!! Congratulations Latrivia – I still tell anyone that will listen that Dmitry’s Closet is probably the best Modern Interracial/Suspense novel I’ve ever read. I’m so very proud to count myself as an admirer of your work.

    Celebrate Good Times 🙂

  3. Latrivia I want to thank you for a wonderful -wonderful read. I’ve enjoyed and read all of your books up to Anatolys reign in the past month im addicted :-)..I’ve been waiting on my friends and family to read the wonderful medlov series so that we can discuss them. I will highlighted certain parts of the book that floored me, so they could get a glimpse at and why I fell in love with Dmitry :~) oops I ment you series and Ooh how I wish I was Royal minus Ivan of course . I know no one can compare to the magnitude of Dmity and Royals love story however I wish there were a little more written about Renee and Anatolys. While I waited for my friends and family I’ve read Ivy twisted vine, the ugly girlfriend and finding opah; which teared me up alot .. I can’t wait to read saving Anya next. I’ve read that its the final book in the series however I hope not cause I got a huge huge crush on Dmitry with his Loveable take no prisoner bad self… By the way im going to need glasses after reading all of ur books in such a short time on my lil android phone….lol take care and God Bless You and Your Dmitry ;~)

    • Angela,
      What a wonderful note. Thanks so much. Make sure to get cute glasses, they always add character (LOL). I have prayed about whether or not to stop the series and I’m happy to announce that I’ll be announcing a new series in January 2012 regarding the second generation of Medlovs. The Medlov children including Anya, Gabriel’s children, Anatoly’s children and a few more. Fun for all.

      I feel blessed to have you all and I can’t thank you enough for your support!


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