All Things Agosto: Breaking Down 1st part of Chapter Three

Nicola Agosto is the hometown hero.  Who doesn’t love him?  He was the favorite of Ivy’s Twisted Vine (2008) and the ultimate good bad boy in Dmitry’s Closet (2010).  If there were ever a hot Italian cop, Nicola Agosto is the man, but I’ve often questioned why so many readers love him. 

I went through my fan mail, and I have over 800 letters alone about Nicola Agosto.  They love his chocolate brown locks, his big hazelnut brown eyes, his deep dimples, his chiseled body and all the machismo he inherently has that drives women mad.  But he’s also the opposite of everything around him.  He lights up a room; he controls it; then he devours everyone in it.

Everyone is wondering if Agosto will get another book. And the answer is yes.  I can only type so fast (with quality) and giving him his own story in The World In Reverse is so difficult.   However, I try everyday to achieve a little bit with him including chapters that make me laugh and cry.

To get back to his story in the Medlov Series, we know that Nicola or Nic is after the Medlov family.  He was not afraid of Dmitry in Dmitry’s Closet and wants nothing more than to take down Anatoly. Where he had suspicions of Anatoly running the family, he received confirmation in this book.  It’s all that he needs to start a full-on investigation of our young, bad boy. 

Agosto’s entire purpose was to show that law enforcement never sleeps and while they depend on tips and UC’s (under cover agents) for info, they don’t just let the case files sit on their desk.  They are always working. 

So, he sees that Cory (the undercover from Dmitry’s Closet) couldn’t get in nearly four years ago and puts the over-eager Destiny Palmer in his place to find out Intel.

It would have been a smart move if it weren’t for the overall sex appeal of the Medlov men.  Could you imagine being close to Anatoly in a confined space?  What would you not do under the control of a little (in Destiny’s case a lot) of absinthe?  She was captivated by him, aroused by his power and dumb-founded by just him.  It’s hard to resist a man like that.  You try, but there is this kill switch inside of you that once turned on, causes an immediate break-down of common sense, then a count-down to self-destruction.  I know.  I fallen in love and each time, I heard the little voice in my head.  Countdown to destruction beginning in 10, 9, 8… you get the point.   

Agosto is still the Boy Scout and often, he is referred to as such.  But he sees the potential in Destiny.  She’s beautiful, smart and ambitious.  I’m sure he saw a little of Ivy in her.

Only Destiny didn’t know what she was going up against.  Mind games of mega proportions.  The academy couldn’t train her for this even though they had tried.  This is one of those situations were you need strong fortitude (in the words of my daddy). 

Agost tried to warn her in the classroom.  I liked the setting because he was schooling her. 

Only, she thought that she knew more than him.  Sometimes, we think that our charms work better than they actually do.  We are legends in our own mind.  Sometimes, the men we are trying to control see right through us. 

What were your initial thoughts when you found out that the little mishap with the Audi was intentional?  Did any of you hope that she’d be found out?  Did you know that she was headed to trouble?

We’ll move into the relationship with Renee in a later discussion, but as always, I’m always anxious to here your thoughts.

XoXo and all that jazz,

Latrivia S. Nelson

25 thoughts on “All Things Agosto: Breaking Down 1st part of Chapter Three

  1. When I found out she intentional hit Anatoly, Nico had a HUGE problem on his hands and it was named Destiny with that one stunt the whole case could be thrown out of court if it ever got that far. She was over eager & not to smart. Nico maybe had a feeling what was going to happen because he kept saying “don’t sleep with him”over and over again.She didn’t have the “fortitude” to keep her wits about her,after Anatoly was given the heads up about her he played her like Dmitry plays the violin.He turned the Medlov charm up full blast by the time they got to the resturant in miami she didn’t know which way was up anymore she was questioning he life and what it would be like if she was Anatoly’s woman. Instead of listening to our favorite Boy scout her sex video got over 200,000 hits.

    • Jennifer,

      As normal, you are very right. She didn’t know which way was up. And considering that Nico is a reformed player, I’m sure he could smell the eagerness on her.

      It’s a good thing that Dmitry didn’t turn the charms on her. She might have jumped out of a window!

  2. When I read the mishap was intentional, I just knew she was going to get killed, and I thought she was brave to take the case. She was overly eager, and she obviously never dated a man with charm, because if she did she would have treaded lightly. I did hope she would be discovered early so she can live to see another day, and yep she was headed for trouble. Dmitry may not like to kill women but Anatoly doesn’t mind. Also she was tripping confronting him after she was fired from the sextape. I was like “what are you thinking”. The only thing that saved her was her being a cop and having a sextape out.

    I can’t wait for the next Chronicle of Dmitry to be unveiled. I scream when each story is over. The story gets so good, then I look up and I am on page 60. I scream LOUD!!!! lol Great Job Mrs. Nelson…..

    • Lataisha,

      Thanks so much for your support. I’m so glad that you like the Chronicles. I’m trying to make sure it’s good enough to make you scream or at least yelp. I’ll take that.



  3. I thought the “accident” was cute actually, haha.. a sista on a mission..gotta luv it 🙂 When I found out it was intentional, two things crossed my mind. #1) Destiny is going to get killed, or #2) She and Anatoly is going to fall in love anyway. She was confident and wanted to prove a point, but like you said, she didn’t know what she was up against. I felt sorry for her.. the chic was just doing her job, at first lol. Yes, I wanted her secret revealed but with a positive outcome. I felt chemistry between her and Anatoly(sorry Anatoly and Renee lovers, haha). Nico warned her but she didn’t listen. The Medlov charm can get you into trouble and make you leave your common sense at home :). And in reality there are men out there that can have that affect on you..I know!!! 🙂 I think Destiny would have slept with Anatoly without the absinthe..she was already wondering what it would be like to be his girl before hand. Hopefully in the “book world”, Destiny will pick herself up, brush off her shoulders, rise above, and get her life back in order. I like Destiny and thought the video act was completely cruel. Don’t know which ones worse, sex video with 200,000 hits or death, hmmm..let me 😉

    Agosto, I like me some Agosto. Fell in love with him instantly in Ivy’s Twisted Vine. Why? He reminds me of my dear “friend”;however, my “Agosto” in the Navy and so into his cause. Anyway, Agosto comes off as being dedicated to his job. A no non-sense type of man with a sensitive side. I love the way you describe his, but not sure of his height?! He’s like a good boy with rough edges..I can actually picture him being a “good boy” and a “bad boy”..the mixture is hot and just how i like it :):) I’m soo looking forward to reading his story!!!

    Happy Weekend!!!

    • K. Mitchell,

      I have a military-type at home. Old recon man with a high and tight and history that’s been perpetually blacked out. It’s so very hot to me.

      I’m going to share more about Agosto’s height very soon. Let’s just say that he’s wide for now.

      I’m so looking forward to his story as well.

      I think we all have a sweet spot for Nicola Agosto.

      Destiny, on the other hand, didn’t go for the good boy type because there was never one mention of her attraction towards him.

      I was hinting that she did find bad men attractive.

      Aren’t you proud of me? I didn’t kill her off or have her brutalized. And everyone knows that I’m good at that!!!


    • Jennifer,

      So true. Look at Kim K. She came back from the sex tape and did very well for herself.

      We’ll see more of Destiny in Saving Anya, but only a glimpse.

      Not everyone can get their revenge, and I don’t think that having Anatoly was too bad.



  4. Hey,

    I agree with Kelley M. I thought the accident was cute and just what Anatoly needed anyway. I know everybody thinks that I don’t like Anatoly; I want to make it clear that I do like him. He just really irked my nerve when he was talking sideways to Royal in DRF. I kept thinking to myself, step children have a lot of damned nerve these days. LOL! But I still liked him overall. He just reminds me so much of Ivan. I think that Dmitry should have those DNA results analyzed a little more.

    But I knew Destiny was going to be found out when they were on the street. I knew who she was when you first told us about her at the beginning of this blog. She should have listed to the “Beige Shaft” and cooled her damned Louboutin’s a little. He told her and she didn’t listen. I think that we’ve all been guilty of being overzealous, and wanting to make it to the top. She just got lost in trying to get the job done. Po Thang. I have to confess that the scenes revolving around Miami and the fallout afterward, had me ROTFLMAO, especially when Dmitry fronted Anatoly about it, and then Nicola fronted Destiny. I thought to myself, he should’ve just killed that the girl. I think it would’ve been better than the fallout she faced. But what Anatoly said was true. She knew the game she was playing when she decided she hit him. He just played her game better. Better luck next time for her.

    I have to honest, just between me and ya’ll… I would’ve let Anatoly hit too. And I wouldn’t have PRETENDED to be drunk because she knew what she was doing. As a matter of fact I would’ve said, my job and relationship is over, let me show you a few things. I would’ve had his ass spinning from that one. He would’ve thought, did she get more enjoyment from this? That’s all Imma say bout that one. And I would’ve taken him up on his offer to let me set up shop in Miami too.

    Latrivia, maybe you can hook Rene up with Harrison, since her relationship with Anatoly won’t work and his relationship with Destiny is all but dead. LOL. I’m just kidding.
    Well I gotta go study. This blog provides me with much deserved breaks from reality. I know I can be long winded for this to be just a book. But it’s so darn good and I love this author and these characters. I cannot wait to my next fix- I mean installment.

    Love ya


    • Hi Andrea,

      Ha…It’s O.K. if you’re not the biggest fan of Anatoly. We all have our favorite characters..Dmitry being mines and there’s nothing Anatoly can do about it haha 🙂 Dmitry is the reason why I fell in love with and continue to still be in love with the series:) I’ll admit i’m not the biggest fan of Renee..can’t connect with her character for whatever reason. So, I wouldn’t mind if she was to disappear. But I have feeling that that is not going to I just have to deal with her..Sorry Latrivia, haha 🙂

      Just sharing a thought.. 🙂

      Have a good day!

      • Omg Kelley doesn’t like Rene…. awwww. I like her she seems so sweet and sincere. In case you haven’t noticed I am in love Dmitry too. Great minds in that area. I looooove a man with good looks, power, and the ability to give me everything that I need, if you know what I mean… If I were in Royal shoes girl I’d b a damn fool over that man. Like I said I dont dislike d stepson u can see how Anatoly and Renee have their own special bond. I’m haapy that Renee is back in contact with. Royal. Maybe they Royal can take d edge off now…. I loved everybody but like you I’m feeling Dmitry.

      • K. Mitchell,

        You know I’d never take offense. I know that you still love Dmitry. We’re going to see even more romance in Saving Anya, but there will be a tie that binds them (Ana and Renee).

        Don’t worry. I’ll give you something to enjoy then.

        Until then, I have to finish Volume 3 of the Chronicles for you:-)

    • Hi Andrea,

      Good luck on your studies. I’ll pray for your girl. That’s never fun.

      I know you love Anatoly, you just hate his bad ways!!

      I think many women would have taken the option. It showed that she at least was not a coward, and how could she really be in her profession.

      Destiny was a strange character to write, but I enjoyed the possiblity of what could happen.

      Anatoly got her good. And yes, Dmitry was still the star. It’s so hard to calm his character down. When I begin to write, I get so excited!!!


  5. Hi Latrivia,

    I was like whoa, she’s brave to intentionally hit the BOSS with a motorcycle. We know Dmitry don’t like to kill women but Anatoly dosen’t mind. I was hoping her cover will be blown soon so she can live another day. She was to big headed on this case. Also she was really tripping when she ran up to him and confronted him about the tape. I was like this girl is crazy.

    Can’t wait for more Chronicles of Dmitry….

    • You have a great point, Lataisha. Anatoly does not mind blasting anyone. So she was headed towards trouble. I imagine he was very insulted when he had time to think about how she had tried to set him up.

      Working on the Chronicles now. Pray for me!!!


  6. I had a feeling she was falling for Anatoly because she was always doing things in front of Renee. 1)taking the resturant review she wrote to the boutique. 2)making sure Renee heard about her date with Anatoly. Oh! I could just picture that scean Dmitry cursing Anatoly out in Russian with english subtitles. Also, even Nico said Harrison was nothing to bragg about.

  7. I honestly thought Destiny was really out of line with the car accident, she put Anatoly, herself, and other motorist at risk to hasten her introduction to Anatoly- she could’ve gone to the restaurant as a food critic to make the intro.

    This was my first clue that she’s not the brightest bulb in the pack. Although I can understand the pressure to perform well in a male dominate field, Destiny seemed to match the guys in bravado, but not brains. Anatoly could have killed her at anytime, but she was so confident in her sexual prowess that she refuses to acknowledge the possibility of getting caught-When it eventually happens her reaction seemed more like a spurn lover then a disgraced officer.

    Real talk: I thought Destiny’s number was punch after the fat dude got it in the restaurant, the twist to that ending was better than a Whiskey Sour.

      • Jennifer,

        You’re correct. But she’d have to testify that she only saw the man have a heart attack after eating hot food. Anatoly never touched him and there was nothing leathal in his food.

        Wasn’t he smart!!!?


    • You’re right, Ebony. She was not the brightest bulb!!! And you’re right. She had just slept with the guy before. And from a woman’s point of view, that can often trump the career.

      I’m so glad that you liked the ending of that. You’re right. She should have gotten the message in Miami at the restaurant but she was still holding on to some hope.

      So so so sad.


  8. I finish reading Anatoly story..WOW FANTASTIC that is good. I enjoy the story. I cannot wait for Agosto story. I am loving this series. I wish someone make a movie about this series. It would be a great movie. Latrivia did you get the email I send to you if no let me know. Dmitry will still be my favorite alpha man but I have room for Anatoly and Agosto.

  9. Hey Girlfriend,

    Now you could just feel that accident was a set up, it also showed that Destiny was not the sharpest tool, in the tool drawer. When she thought she could handle Anatoly and not listen to Nicky, I thought well she’s dead. And after sleeping with the man why she didn’t stay in in Miami; how stupid! I think Destiny got off easy with Anatoly, I mean it could have been worst like even dropping her off in Russia some place never to be heard of again you know with His mind it could have been anything.
    Dmitry and Anatoly or pretty much one in the same except D. doesn’t like killing women (???) but he did not hesitate to kill Victoria. D. took quite a few things to the next level quickly without a second thought, saying all of this; what will he do in Missing Anya?
    The alpha males in this story Dmitry, Anatoly, Nicky, Gabe they all score a 10+. Who doesn’t like a Bad, Good Boy!! And hot as blazes too! Whoa!! (fanning..have mercy!) Ha Ha Ha.
    This was a great story, and I know you can only do so much at a time. I am asking, When will Nicky story be out? I look forward to any and all of your books.


  10. Hi, Mrs. Nelson
    I just want you to know that I love this series with the Medlov men. I’ve been telling all my friends and co-workers about all of your books. I have purchase all of them and I’m anxiously waiting on Nicola’s story

  11. Hi, Mrs. Nelson
    I just want you to know that I love this series with the Medlov men. I’ve been telling all my friends and co-workers about all of your books. I have purchase all of them and I’m anxiously waiting on Nicola’s story. Please continue the great work and you definitely have a fan for life.

    • Hi Pamela,

      Thanks so much for your support! I love that you’re passing the word on about the series. Everday, I write a little more on Nicola, and I imagine soon, we’ll begin the process of shaping him on the blogs. I’ll hope you’ll join in on that.

      Thanks again for your support and be safe this weekend.


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