Chapter Two: Everyone Has Bad Days

No matter how much money you have, you can never buy a good day.  There are too many unknowns.  The richest men and women in the world wake up and have to face the exact same dilemmas that we do in the world.  You cannot buy good weather, good health or even good friends.  Money only gets you halfway to the finish line, and for some it’s the thing that keeps them from it.   

Anatoly Medlov feels like his is on top of the world.  However, Destiny, proves to him, by way of her Audi , that he is not untouchable.  This is a recurring theme in the books.  Royal is not untouchable.  Dmitry is not untouchable, though harder to get to.  Unfortunately, even Anya will be susceptible to the uncertain. 

Chapter two is about showing how vulnerable we all are to loneliness, to loss, to anger, to pain.  Many of us have wondered on any given day, “is it over yet?” 

The good thing about bad days is there is always a lesson to learned from it.   Often, it tests our strength and our faith.  When Anatoly gets the call about his mother, he is not a boss, just a boy who has lost the most valuable person in his life. 

There are some important things that council recognizes, however.  They know that his strength will be tested and that a stronger man will be forged in the fire of misfortune. 

When you read Chapter Two, if you felt like there was a cloud over him, then you were dead on, or rather I was.  There isn’t a man alive who hasn’t felt the world on his shoulders.  For that matter, there is a woman who hasn’t felt the same.  The thing that makes us soldiers is how we handle that weight.  Do we collapse under it or make the world better for it? 

However, we see several things also in this chapter.  He won’t allow himself to cry.  He barely allows himself to feel.  And he reaches out to the one person that he knows will understand him. (1) when he goes to the shop.  (2) when he goes home.  We can all imagine that he did not want Renee to go out on “the date”.  It was more than just jealousy.  He had need. 

Have you ever had a bad day and the person who knew how to comfort you most showed up?  Just their presence, their smell, their voice, their smile made you remember that you had enough fortitude to make it past the thing that was gnawing at your soul.

The card Renee gave him, the dinner that she fed him, it was all a part of feeding his soul.  And we all know that that is the way to get to man’s heart.  She recognized him that he was malnourished.  And she stood by his side as his friend, but also as his pseudo-lover. 

How many of us have had a friend, who chose with no personal gain, to stand in the gap?  If you haven’t told that person thank you yet, shame on you.  Do it as soon as possible.  Renee was trying hard to be the foundation that he needed.  She was trying to provide comfort to a man that many would not touch with a ten-foot pole.   Maybe she had a little of her grandmother in her. 

Yes, he was beautiful, powerful, rich, sexy, and virile.  He was all the things that have us panting and dreaming, but let’s not forget that she treaded in very choppy waters.  Anatoly was also a cold-hearted killer, capable of the most unspeakable acts and guilty of them.  He was recognized as THE underboss.  To have someone who could still serve you up dinner, look you in your face and give it you straight is a tall order….

12 thoughts on “Chapter Two: Everyone Has Bad Days

  1. I love Anatoly’s book. I felt it had the right balance of Ana and the other characters. I do hope Ana and Renee say together. I felt that she helped to humanize him and make him more grounded. They complement each other.

    You rock Latrivia!!!!

    Can’t wait for Saving Anya and Agosto’s story!!!

    • Thats right, KB.

      He has one Interracial romance with Ivy Winters in Ivy’s Twisted Vine (2008). His new book will be out this year, although, I’m not sure if it will be first of fall or for Christmas.


  2. Hey Latrivia,

    I want to know if it will be a total of 12 installments of the Chronicles of Young Dmitry or is there not a set number? I am really enjoying reading everybody’s questions and comments. You and the other readers have my mind turning. I hope there will be a monthly installment of Dmitry’s story, because I know I cannot wait until December to wait on these books.


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