It’s Time to Talk: First Entry on Anatoly Medlov: Complete Reign

Do you know how hard it’s been for me to keep my silence?  I have been so busy running around preparing for the release of the book and all the logistics behind it, until I have not been able to chat on the blog, but now, it’s time.  While things are ramping up, and we have over 25 book club meetings either face-to-face or via conference call or Skype, the ladies of the blog are still a priority.  Many of you have sent me emails.  I have been traveling around, working 18-hour days and still being a wife and Mommy. But as I wrap up the first leg of the release, I plan to sit down and reply to you all.  I have printed them out and my assistant has been kind enough to put them all in a binder.  So, I have read them all and they have truly been enjoyable.  Thanks so much for all of them.   

First, I’d like to thank you all for your support.  Every book is like putting my soul out on a line and air-drying it for everyone to see.  Not because anything in the books are true, but because every imperfection is visible through the written word.  So, I have a love-hate relationship with writing.  While I enjoy writing stories and taking people to different places in their mind, I hate to deal with the consequences of that act. However, if I had to weigh the two, I’d have to say that writing is far more important. 

At this very moment, books are being shipped all over the world to more than 3,000 women and about 400 men who pre-ordered AMCR.  However, many of you have already read the e-book.  I wanted to make sure that readers had a chance to read the book instead of wait for the printed version. 

One of the biggest questions that I have been asked is, “What was your thought process behind Anatoly Medlov: Complete Reign.”  Answer.  Do you want to short or the long answer?  Now, I know that I just answered a question with a question, but it’s a serious question.

Short answer:  After exploring Dmitry Medlov, I wanted to explore the character of Anatoly Medlov more.  I wanted to imagine his short comings and what his life would be like entering into a world as massive and as small as the underworld of The Medlov family.

Long answer:  I could have written a story where Dmitry’s son was a seven-footer.  And he would have made a great character, but it would have been the same of the same.  However, what if you give a man who is by all accounts bigger than life a shorter son with gigantic short comings?  Anatoly Medlov is the realization that leaders, big and great, good or bad, who leave their legacies to their children, are susceptible to their decisions and often feel the need to continue their control.

Here are my first top twenty insights into Anatoly Medlov: Complete Reign

  1.  Dmitry is torn between two worlds.  His family life is what he sacrificed for, but only after he had spent most of his existence sacrificing for his Medlov Crime Family.  In a way, it was his child.  And while we watch our children grow and move on, we never actually let go.  When Dmitry went into the meeting with the council, he was angry because his demands of them had not been fully met. Sure, he was angry about them trying to conspire against his son, but it was all about territory (and with men that’s a big thing).
  2. Anatoly is a young man who still is unsure of himself.  He is trying to prove to everyone that he is able to handle this enormous responsibility of being boss, but it also weighs on his shoulders.  There is so much that he has been forced to sacrifice himself, and in his decision, he finds himself alone.  The desire for human contact that is not fearful drives him to the only person who sees him as just a guy. 
  3. Anatoly doesn’t look like his father, but he wants nothing more than to be him.  The only thing that links him to his father is his last name, his teachings, his blonde hair and his home country.  So, he’s anxious to develop an image that links him more closely to his father.  However, when Gabriel shows up, it makes Anatoly feel even more inferior.
  4. It’s just possible that America’s favorite bad boy is a good man.  For a long time, he’s been making hard-core decisions, but as he starts to come to grips with his position, he realizes that he needs friends…not just enemies.  And as in all of our lives, in order to have friends, one must learn to forgive…even if it is just once.
  5. There will always be father-son relationships that require more love than an iron-fist rule.
  6. Even in a brotherhood like the Medlov men, there must be trust, understanding and mentorship that are nurtured by kindness (hidden kindness, the intimate kind that only the people involved see).
  7. Sometimes, opposites attract.  Having a nurturing person around you when you are constantly amidst the wolves makes you love them, hence Renee.
  8. Honesty can yield love.
  9. Deceit can yield hate.
  10. Family is still the most important thing in the world, even more so than money.
  11. The most powerful thing a man has is his tongue.  The words of Dmitry. The words of Anatoly.  The words of Gabriel.  The words of the council.  The words of Renee.  The words of Destiny.  The words of Victoria. The words of Royal.  The words of Anya.  The words.  The words.  The words. 
  12. Everyone’s biological clock can confuse the simplest decisions.
  13. People are people, regardless of their position.
  14. Black women can be wives of great men too.
  15. Black women can be cops, can be the bad guy, can be the hero.
  16. Children make life easier to bear and greater to live.
  17. Marriage is still the most beautiful institution around.
  18. It’s lonely at the top.
  19. No one said that Renee would be with Anatoly forever.  That’s why they never married in this book.  And I can guarantee you that they won’t stay together, but it’ll be fun while it lasts.
  20. This is just a bookJ


With that said, I hope that we can have some awesome discussions on the book.  Later this spring, I plan to reveal the last book in the series and its blog.  I know that there were questions that were not answered, and I did it for a reason.  You see, I decided not to go with the first outline of Saving Anya.  The book will pick up in a year.  Fun right?  It’s going to be a lot more emotional, if possible and well, the rest will be revealed soon enough.

However, I’d love to hear your first impressions of the book.  The purpose of the blog is three-fold (1) entertainment for you always, (2) to share my point of view and insight on the book, (3) to receive your feedback.  So let’s feed it back.   
What did you think?

51 thoughts on “It’s Time to Talk: First Entry on Anatoly Medlov: Complete Reign

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  2. Hey Latrivia,

    What can I say other than, Wow? WOW! I kinda knew that Rene and Anatoly would not stay together, because I think that he’s trifling as hell, but damn. I hope he doesn’t do anything so bad that will turn her into an angry black woman. That would be just too much for me. I LOVED reading this book, and I enjoyed new characters as well as old. I cannot wait til the next installment.

    • Hi Andrea,

      How’s school going? Well, I know how you feel about Anatoly, but let’s see how you feel after the last book. Remember that our young man has quite a few qualities that make him loveable and you’re going to have to try really hard to hate him in the end:-) I can’t wait for the last installment either. I hope that we all pull away from this series exhausted from the twists and turns. ENJOYMENT! We’re going to shake it up even more before it’s all over.


  3. Hi Latrivia,

    Thanks for posting this and giving us bloggers your insight…It answered my main question. I think the reason that I had so many concerns is that I was going by what we discuss on a conference call way back when and thinking that you were going with the first outline of Anya’s story. So, I was really concerned about what will happen between this story and Anya’s. But like I said in a previous post…your full of surprises 🙂 I appreciate that fact. I rated this book as 5 stars. I loved it !! I put my insight on this book under a previous topic…so i will not was way to long and I was rambling 🙂 All in all, Dmitry was hotter than ever, fell in love with him even more in this one. Dmitry was a father figure to everyone in this book..he could be my daddy any day 🙂 Royal is back!!! Renee was sweet. I like Destiny. Victoria..well, she got was due in my opinion 🙂 It was nice to see Cory and sexy Agosto. Still trying to figure out why I like Gabe SO much…Can you answer this for me? 😉 Anyway, I had one main concern…and you answered it. Now I can rest assured 🙂 Thank you!

    I know you probably got a lot of feed back. I just want to say this..Know matter how great your writing is, you will not please don’t stress yourself over it!!! You probably know that already. You need to know that there is someone out there who appreciate you and the hard work you put into your writing …and that someone is me!! And i’m sure many others!!! So, enjoy the success of the new book and have a few your butt off! 🙂 Can’t wait until Agosto’s book or is the Chronicle first?? Either way, I’m reading them all 🙂

    Chat ya Later,
    Kelly Kel

    • Kelly Mitchell,   You know I’m going to use your entire entry to kick off one of our conversations. However, I have to say that I have truly enjoyed the ladies on this blog.  No, I can’t make everyone happy but I have enjoyed reading the feedback.  It makes me smile:-)    I know everyone has a hundred questions.  With only one more book left in the series, the question is what can’t happen!  My cheeks are hurting as I write this because I’m smiling.  How I have enjoyed everyone here. You guys are great.   Your support is the reason that this series has done so well, so pat yourselves on the back. You are one spirited group.    I hope that I can twist the last story so much until you all scream!!!!   Wow, there is so much to write. I’m so glad that we’ve gotten to the point where we can start to discuss it, chapter by chatper.   Hang in there, the story is going to get even crazier.  And yes,  The chronicles will come first and Agosto’s  story will be out later this year.  He’s a hard character to right considering that there is actually an Agosto in real life by a different name of course, but I hope to get his mannerisms down  to a tee and convey a story worthy of his great work.   Love ya girl,   Latrivia

  4. Hi Latrivia,
    I really enjoyed the was great. I am disappointed to hear that “Ana” and Rene wont stay together…say it’s not so. I enjoyed the chemistry between them. I think Rene fits right in with the dysfunctional Medlov’s.

    • Hi Duchess,

      How else can I keep you engaged, if I don’t share just a little with you. I can promise that the story is so complex until you won’t leave disappointed. Let’s just say that he has to grow into manhood and that will “disrupt” things for a while. However, as you can imagine, anything that can happen will happen for them. Think of little feet pitter pattering…


      • I am so excited with the hints into the final chapter of the Medlov series. I just have a few questions. Are the twins going to be involved in the family? Will Anya be aware of Ana and Dmitry’s involvement in organized crime? What happens to Corey and Sorillo…do they make an appearance in the final chapter? Are the council member’s going to seek revenge? Do you have any plans for a story on Dmitry and Royal’s bodyguards…

        And lastly do you have a tentative date for the release of “Saving Anya”?

      • Duchess,

        I love your energy.

        1. Twins (no)

        2. Yes, she will find out for the first time in Saving Anya.

        3. Corey and Sorello will have a little part in Saving Anya, but not much. We have other plans for them in The World in Reverse.

        4. Yes, they will seek revenge. Hence, Saving Anya. Fun. Fun. Fun.

        5. Yes, we’ll see Davyd’s part in Saving Anya and so much more of Vasily in Saving Anya.
        6. Saving Anya will be released no later than December of 2011.

        Hope this answers your questions:-)


  5. Truly enjoyable book. I re-read it 4x, and read my favorite parts even more. Funny, I knew Renee & Anatoly would not last when Dmitry said she was 2 seconds away from being a Medlov. I would really, really, like them to. However, how can it when Anatoly is young and is just beginning in being the “Boss” under his wings. He has never really had a serious relationship. But it should be a good read, I can’t wait to see what the results will be from “Ana” taking Renee in his office. :0) Gabriel ended up being a character I ended up caring about too, so I hope to read more about him in the next installment. Yes there were many questions, but hopefully we will get the answers in the last installment.

    All in all, I really enjoyed it. Thank you.

    • Hi Sonya,   I loved those parts too.  I wanted to show Anatoly’s first real brush with love.  You read it and you know that at that moment, he couldn’t be more determined with anything.   Do you remember your first love?  You thought it would go on forever.  Had to capture that feeling for him as well.

      I’m so glad that you enjoyed it. And don’t worry, later we’ll ask the question:  What questions do you have about Anatoly?  I think I might even let K. Mitchell lead the topic on that one.   I’m so glad that you liked it.


      • I don’t know if there are questions per se, just a lot of pondering. I came to really love Anatoly’s character, more so than Dmitry’s. Perhaps its the young cockiness. 🙂 I’m a romantic who loves a good bad boy. (Case in point, Donny was my favorit in NKOTB, and I had a major crush on Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue, but I digress)

        I feel that Anatoly could do more for the organization, things Dmitry could not do, and bring it to the new millenium. And we all know what happens when things “change.” But as a 20 something, he has to go through the trials and tribs in order to REALLY learn and clean up his edges sort of speak. Family comes first, and unfortunately that family is the M.C.O. You will have to hurt the ones you love, Dmitry went through it.

        You mentioned the emotions of first love, ouch. But for some, they can still have their first love, it just can’t happen at the time you want it. It may work later in your life. (Like the BBC show As Time Goes By with Judy Dench, reconnecting with her first love after 38 yrs, ok digressing.) Plus, if Renee didn’t have “back-up” to Anatoly’s determined “soliders” then they may be tied together forever in the form of “pitter patter” as you say. 🙂 So I’m speculating that one of the many trials “Ana” will have to learn is how to be a father, a psedu-husband, AND Boss without his father constant hand. Whew, I’m already feeling the weight, it’s getting hard to breath just thinking about it. LOL!! I have more that I thought about but I’ve taken up to much space as it is.


      • Sonya, Sonya, Sonya…   You hit the nail on the head.  There is all of that happening in Saving Anya.  I love when the readers have somewhat of an idea of the possible storyline.    Feel free to type as much as you want.  No one takes up space here.  The only way that we can connect is to truly share our own insight.  Take a page from K. Mitchell.  She gives great feedback and it’s always long, but we all love it.   We will see Anatoly grow more in Saving Anya.  Let’s not forget that he is going to actually restructure the council.  And guess who’s going to sit on the council.  That’s right.  Gabe.    This is going to be a real treat for us all.    By the way, I totally love the bad boy:-)   Latrivia

  6. Latrivia, you already know that I loved this book, and remain on pins and needles for the next installment of the chronicles. I feel like AMCR displays the human side of Anatoly, even with his initial animosity toward Gabriel and reluctance about Renee we get a sense of the person behind the young, brazen crime boss. The ride was well worth the wait, and I find myself rooting for “Ana”.

    One of the most touching scenes in the book is when Anatoly senses Gabriel’s feelings of inadequacy when surrounded by such an opulent lifestyle; instead of rubbing it in, he gives him a minute of encouragement to digest the surroundings and situation.
    I didn’t have as many questions as other readers; but I know the questions will be answered in the final book. For the purpose of discussion I will list two of my main questions:

    Will Anatoly become a baby daddy by way of Renee in saving Anya?? Should Royal trust her long lost relative?
    Such a cool read- I totally enjoyed it.

    RIP Vicki (LOL)

  7. Hey Latrivia,

    I love this book and I tell everyone I know about all of your work, because it’s good work. I like that it is not limited to one genre. Good books are good books-period. It’s true you won’t always please everyone, but you aint important if they aint talking about you. And baby girl they are talking about you. So tell the haters, “Thanks for the free publicity, it’s appreciated.”

    Now to the book… I told Rene on this very blog not to fall for Anatoly and his b.s. but does she listen? Nooo. He’s too young, money/power hungry, and trifling. I liked Anatoly, always have, but you can definitely see his father’s “busniess” side in him. Except he seems to enjoy it a lot more (Napoleon syndrome). In this book I did see that “Ana” and Rene are genuine friends and have a shared respect for one another, which is most important for any relationship. I knew that they were not going to make it long term as far as boyfriend/girlfriend, but I’m certain that they will always have a bond that is unexplainable to the outside, and is something explosive and special that only they will be able to understand (like Dmitry and Alexandria’s relationship). And that’s good enough for the likes of Anatoly Medlov.

    To me there is something very, off about Ms. Smith. I cannot put my hand on it, but in the few sentences that I read with her, I’m convinved that she has an angle. She better hope that it’s the right angle, cause she’s messing with fire. I have a question. I’m wondering what Anatoly is going to do about his maternal family. I know he’s a true “daddy’s boy”, but they are still technically his family also. Right?


  8. Hi Latrivia,

    I finished the book the same day I received it. All I can say is I loved it, loved it LOVED IT! Once again, you delivered.

    I was happy that Gabe did not turn out to be like Ivan. I was happy to see “Ana” and Renee get together. I am sorry to hear that they won’t stay together because I think she grounds him and he is the bad boy to her good girl, so it works. I do think, however, that after having loved her, she has set the standard of what he will expect from a solid relationship. But I also understand that his loving Renee makes him very vulnerable.

    Though he is Boss, he is walking in the shadow of his Dad; and Dmitry’s shoes are very big and very hard to fill. I do kind of hope that Renee does get pregnant because Ana seems committed to her in that way. Besides, Anatoly becoming a father will change the whole dynamic of his reign as Boss.

    I can only see Anatoly and Renee not being together if something tragic happens to Renee because, like Dmitry and Royal they are so intense together. And really, after having experienced a Medlov man, anything else would seem like a major downgrade, don’t you think?

    I am wondering the fate of Destiny and Gabe? Will we see them in the next Medlov installment? I also have some misgivings about Royal’s mom. Don’t know why. Just something I don’t trust.

    Latrivia, your character’s are amazingly complex yet have a simplicity to them that makes the reader engaged in the story and root for them, even though they may be the bad guy.

    Kudos to you for breaking the chain of the norm this series. Wish it were a TV series or something–it is that good!

    Happy Writing!


    • Hi Darla,

      There is so much to say! Let’s see if I can cover it all. Yes, Dmitry has set the bar for his son and Renee has set the bar for his son’s heart. So, we will see him trying to fill those shoes. And there is a hint of “don’t trust her” in Royal’s mother. So, we’ll see that play out as well.

      The goal of the Medlov Series is to take something so far fetched and make it something that the reader can easily relate to. So, I’m glad that I am accomplishing that for the readers. Thank you for that.

      Destiny will give a short cameo but Gabe will be back for plenty more action in the next book with Briggy in tow.

      While I love Renee, I can’t let her experience tragedy on the level that Royal did. Clearly, the Medlov men must learn from their mistakes. So, there will be obstacles, but we don’t see her die. I don’t want to give too much away, but I can promise that that won’t happen.

      I hope that I continue to draw you in. With the last installment, let’s hope that it’s the best of them all.


  9. Hey Latrivia,

    This Annette M from Philly my first time on the Anatoly blog, I just had one question since Anatoly did not get a happy ending in his book will we see him with someone in Saving Anya or would his happy ending come in the epilogue if there were one? Anatoly my favorite and I want to see him happy like papa.

    • Hi Annette,

      So good to have you join us. You will definitely see more of Anatoly in Saving Anya. And I don’t want to give too much away, but you will see a great deal more of his happy ending in the book. There will also be an epilogue that will detail the aftermath much later in the future. You’re on the right track. Anatoly is growing to be one my favorites as well. But we must go through his process into complete manhood, even though he now has complete reign. It will be a complex story where we will only learn to love him more.

      Please continue to share your thoughts with us.


  10. Hi Latrivia,

    As a romantic, I am heartbroken that Anatoly and Renee won’t make last…. maybe he can set her free and they will return to each other. For me she helps to make me more redeemable, easy to forgive. I can’t see him or her being with anyone else.. I have to say that each book gets better and I do love Dimitry and Royal, but there is something about Renee.. Maybe because she is not the perfect, glamourous beauty queen, but she has this beautiful strong spirit, this light that you can see drawing Ana to her.. That’s why you want him not to lose is place of peace, she’s his soul.

    You are an amazing writer!

    • Hi Donna,

      Thanks for the compliment. I can understand everyone’s concern for Anatoly. However, I can promise that you’ll understand their pseduo-break up and appreciate the relationship that they continue to maintain. I love Renee as well. She is his soul, as you perfectly put it. We will see in Saving Anya, how everyone is forced to also save themselves and each other through acts of kindness and dread (there could be no Medlov Series without dread). But as a hopeless romantic, you will love that story even more. This is Anatoly’s first love. And we will see his story progress in his sister’s.

      I hope you continue to enjoy. I promise to have tons more for you.


  11. Well, since I have permission from Ms. Nelson, I’ll just ponder -away. 🙂 As I read that Anatoly will be hand-picking the new council I though this may be his chance to change the one rule that made his dad give up (sort of)being boss, and that is to marry. But that is a Vor rule and not a M.C.O. rule, right? So he would have a tougher time getting that done.

    Then there was a part where Dmitry admits that Anatoly is more like his uncle than he cares to admit. That hurt to read, because we all associate Ivan as being so despicable, sociopath is used to describe him many times, and I (as well as others) don’t want to associate Ana as being a sociopath. Perhaps his quickness to kill is due to youth instead of a chemical imbalance. Crossing fingers its youth. I feel Anatoloy’s character is intelligent, clever, resourceful, and strategic with a lot of passion and love he is afraid to show. Without those qualitise he would not be able to have track down and find a father he has never met. Which I can’t wait to find out how he, a young Russian teen, was able to go to a foreign land, on his own, and find him! Perhaps help from other Vor, who knows. (well you do, of course. LOL) I’m sure the reunion had to be awkward at best.

    And Ms. Renee.. wow. I forgot about the boutique Ana gave her, so there is another factor that will keep them in contact with one another. Yes, unlike Royal she knows what’s up and tries her best to stay away or at least turn a blind eye to things. She said she can take all of that, but Ana with someone else, not so much. You know its love when you are willing to go through the shit with them. (Or insanity) Royal & Dmitry have killed for each other (in Sotchi) so I’m wondering what it is that Ana & Renee will do to prove their love. I can’t imagine Renee to harm a fly, but I’m sure she can hurl some good insults. Who knows, once you give birth you find yourself doing things you never thought you would do for a child.

    It was never said why Royal’s mother gave her and her sister up. So that is a clue to me that something is not right. Also, I’m sure Destiny is not through with Anatoly. I get the feeling she doesn’t know when to back away. Agosto told her not to approach him and the first thing she does is go down the Mother Russia to confront him. But maybe the twist is Renee will take care of her?

    And my favorite laugh in the book is Renee and Anatoly getting it on in the office unaware, at first, of Gabriel’s & Vasily’s presence. Gabriel: “Ummm, excuse me.”

    So the question I will be asking myself is what or whom exactly will they be saving Anya from? Does Dorian have some long lost child? Or does Ivan & Ari have some child they hid away in Georgia (the country) somewhere? Or is it from within? There has to be another leak somewhere, how else did the DEA know about the drugs if things were so air tight? And I suspect Agosto knows about Cory too.

    OK off to bed for me.

    • Sonya,

      Many factions of the Vory v Zakone work around the code. So we’ll see how they improvise without disrespecting their foundation. It’s going to be a hard job. To prove his love and to prove her love, Renee and Anatoly will have a sordid storyline of will versus will. They are both very strong characteres with strong morals and strong determination. Now, with the pitter patter of little feet, it’s going to make our young man grow up so much. He’s going to go through so much and see what his father has been dealing with for quite some time. We can’t help but love them both. They are going to have quite the time.

      As far as Agosto, he will have a trying time where he will find out all the things that have been hidden from him as well. Imagine how angry he will be to find out how blind he has been after all this time.

      Sleep well, but I’m sure by now, you’re up and at it again.


  12. Gabe on the council???? Yes!!!! I knew he wouldn’t be able to hide that Medlov DNA for long haha 🙂 Hope he and Anatoly form a brotherly bond. I’m happy, I like Gabe, even though, he isn’t with a sista..who cares, I love Briggy 🙂 The more Medlov’s the better!!! I know Anatoly is a hot commodity but Dmitry is the one that lingers on my mind mmm mmm..Tell me Latrivia, that I will get my fair share of Dmitry?! Of course, I will, right? 🙂 But if Anya is in any kind of trouble, I can imagine all the Medlov men losing their minds..whew!! Wouldn’t want to be on their bad side that’s for sure. Everyone adores little Anya. As for Anatoly and Renee, I will just wait to see how their story plays out. While the council can be changed, The Thieves Code cannot, right? So, I will just sit back on that one. One of the reason why i’m so engaged into this series is that I am a avid reader of romance and crime novels. My romantic side wants Anatoly and Renee to have a happy ending but my not so romantic side is saying if Renee doesn’t want to wait in the wings while Anatoly serve his time as Boss, she needs to get lost…haha. Renee is know better than Royal, more sisterly or not, they both fell for the Medlov charm and therefore have to pay the price. And really, Anatoly is just starting out in his reign and young, Dmitry was at the end of his reign..Will Renee really be able to endure the trails and tribulations (with child or not) of being Anatoly’s lover?! We are talking a lot of years here!! Eventually, us girls will want marriage or some form of commitment and peace with a happily ever after..example: In Dmitry’s Closet, Royal brought up marriage a few times in the short period of time that they were dating. Can’t see how Renee could be immune to the idea or any different over time. Dmitry paid his dues and was ready for that, Anatoly is just beginning…so we will see. Another thought, How many can actually become lovers or girlfriend/boyfriend with their best friends, break-up(good or bad reasons), remain friends without some kind of repercussion or resentment towards one another?! That’s why it is difficult for many to cross that line with getting “involved” with a best friend…the fear of losing that “friendship” if the “relationship” ends..Once that line is crossed, it’s almost impossible to go back to the way it was or pretend it never happened..but this is a book, anything can happen :)I know Renee can’t go to far, she is after all, the owner of the boutique now..unless when sh*t really really hits the roof, she takes off and run..haha Anyway, I hope Anatoly is a little more self-assured in the next book. Can’t wait until Anya’s story is revealed.

    Just checking in 🙂

    • Hi K. Mitchell,

      You know that it’s absolutely mandatory that you check in!!! Yes, Gabe is coming to the council. As with any story of power there is out with the old and in the new. So, we’ll see their struggles and there will be many for the two men who hope to continue the Medlov legacy. Yes, you will get your fair share of Dmitry. We see him in a completely different light in the last story. He is more focused on family and we see Anatoly take over complete his role in his father’s shoes. It’s going to be a crazy ride for both men. Let’s hope that we can see everyone where they are supposed to be. So, this blog and Saving Anya’s blog will be essential to molding our characters into what we want them to be. Renee won’t get far, though. How can she? The love will be amazing and the decisions will be realistic. I just can’t wait…wait, what am I saying. I’m going to be exhausted!!!


      • Glad to know I’ll get my fair share of my Dmitry 🙂 To me it seemed as if his primary focus was on the family in this book.

      • Glad to know I’ll get my fair share of my Dmitry 🙂 To me it seemed as if his primary focus was on the family in this book.

  13. MRS.L

    • Neshia,

      You give some very valid points. You sound like you come from the same school of thought as K. Mitchell. There is so much to say about it. Yes, they need compliments. They both are strong characters. It’s going to be interesting to see them grow. This blog will move over to Saving Anya as soon as the first chapter is complete and we can start the long walk, but don’t fret. It’s going to be so much fun to see them develop.

      The council is another story. No one likes to lose power, especially these men. So, we’ll see the consequence of any action that Anatoly takes.

      Hold on to your computers!


  14. First I have to say that Anatoly’s book is by far the best in the series so far (we will have to see if Saving Anya can top it!!). I am sad to hear that Renee and Ana won’t make it, but hopefully Latrivia is just teasing us :-).

    I like Renee for Ana. She makes him more of a man, he allows her to see his faults and she loves him for who he is, crime family and all. I do hope that they make it.

    On another note I am excited to read Nicola’s story. I read the excerpt you have posted and I am already hooked. I know have 2 books to look forward to in 2011, please don’t make me wait much longer.

    Kudo’s on a job well done Mrs. Nelson!!!!

    • Eva,

      There is going to be so much more meat to their story. Trust me, no one will be too disappointed. We see them grow as people and take on more responsiblity.

      This is going to be a very trying year. We have so much to do, but these blogs give me so much energy. I walk away feeling more motivated and so excited.

      Thanks so much,


  15. good afternoon
    just reread my post from yesterday wow!!! forgot to say how i like the way Anya is developing quetions.
    Will she be more like her mother?
    will she grow up to finally be the frist lady?
    what will you do about the twins????????

    • Neshia,

      How are you? Yes, Anya is very much like her mother but more like her father.
      She will grow up to be the most powerful woman in the family (even more powerful than her father)
      The twins are a special story. I’m praying for some insight on how to develop their story into something magical, but that will have to come much later.

      Hope I answered all your questions,


  16. Hello to all,

    I’m a new reader of Latrivia Nelson I absolutley love her books of passion, murder, and love. I really want to know when the next book comes out I’ve only found fall 2011 for Saving Anya. I’m desperate please help me find when the next book will be available.

    Thank you

    • Hi Quinetta,

      The Chronicles of Dmitry Medlov: Volume 3 will be out later this month. Then we have a long wait for The World in Reverse and Saving Anya, but they will both be out this year. Thank you so much for your support.

      Stay tuned.


  17. BUDEM! Mrs.Nelson you hit another one out of the ballpark again. You are breaking my heart into a million little pieces Ana & Renee won’t last I know it is naive of me to think they will last & all stories should have a happy ending but its Ana. I am glad Vasily will have something also he is like a big brother to Anatoly blocking Renee from seeing Ana &Destiny also when he observer how the house was decorated like Ana was going to propose funny. Oh!Royal’s mother what is she up to I know Dmitry has the whole northern hemisphere doing a background check on her but how chould he not find her when he looked for years for Royal, but the government get all this info on her in a few weeks.Could she be a undercover government agent or was in some shady ish around the time she had Royal and Chloe and was in witness protection or has to do with who is Royal’s Father?????great now I’m going off the deepend with story lines.How much longer till December?

  18. I love this book it is soooo great. After I read it, I had to re-read Dmitry’s closet and Royal Flush which I love also. I really like Gab in this story. I liked how he was struggling with his feelings for his family. He has read everyone’s file and heard all the rumors about the Medlov’s, then when he meets them he see’s they are truely a family(Briggy, Davyd, and Vasily also) with love for peace and happiness. So I can really feel his struggle to trust them or arrest them. We all have family members that we love and some we won’t them to move FAR away.

    I can see Anatoly and Renee breaking up in due time, I mean he is like 27 and is Boss. What 27 year old man can settle down so quickly with all that power. Even the 27 broke men don’t want to settle down. lol
    But since there will be little feet walking around, Renee can not ever get involved with another man. Actually even with out little feet, her dating life is over. But they love each other so it will work out in due time.

    I hope in the next book Renee and Royal become even closer. Royal needs to have that best friend in her life that knows what she has been through. Another women to confide in when needed. Someone who will keep it real and not fake it because of the persons wealth.

    Can’t wait for the Chronicles

    • I’m so glad that you like Gabe. We’ll have even bigger helpings of him in Saving Anya.

      Great point. We’re talking about a powerful, rich, beautiful, virile man here. He’s going to want to get out. So, we’ll see him struggle with that as well. It might make us more sympathetic to the NBA player plight, but I doubt it.

      You are so right. Renee and Royal will become closer in the next book. They will have to with the pitter patter of little feet. Who better to discuss the future of the boss’s first child than with the boss’s father.

      Can’t wait to finish the Chronicles!!


  19. Hi Ms. Nelson, 1st off, love the way you interact with your readers! Second, this book was worth the wait! I re-read it several times and it will probably be in pieces by the time Saving Anya comes out! I love how solid Royal and Dmitry still are and how Anya adds to the fullness and maturity of their marriage. The sex with Royal and Dmirty is still hot and I’m glad she’s completely over the PTSD so she can be a “whole” wife to her spouse to keep women like Victoria on the outside looking in. Glad you’re bringing Gabriel back, don’t know how I feel about him falling so quickly for Briggy though….Dmitry’s quote about the Medlov men sharing women was on point! My mom & I have a bet about what “saving” Anya really means…I say you will advance everyone in age & we will see her as a young woman, mom thinks she will still be a little girl…either way, someone’s messing with Dmirty’s precious…someone’s gotta die! LOL. Please keep up the good work & let me know where to go to read excerpts from Anya’s book. GOD Bless!

    • Shari,

      Say hello to your Mom for me.

      I did dabble with the idea of progressing her age in the last book, but I had to come back and settle in at her present age. I’m sorry.

      Yes, they do like the same women don’t they. It’s one of the curses of the Medlov men. They seem to recycle.

      However, I did want to show a somewhat healthy realtionship in the series and considering that Dmitry is the head of the family, it as only fitting that it be him.

      I’m working now on developing a blog for everyone to move along the story of Anya, but I won’t be able to probably put anything together before April, early May. Don’t worry though. We have plenty to discuss on this on.

      I love to interact with you guys. It’s so much fun.

      Yes, someone’s gotta die, to get back to Dmitry’s rage over his Anya. It’s going to be more than one someone though. Come on. This is our Dmitry that we’re talking about.



      • Hi again Ms. Nelson! Ok, mom said hello and thanks for the shout out! Lol. In our discussions about Saving Anya, we were both hoping that this latest incident won’t push Royal back into the boozing drug induced person she was in Royal Flush. I know Royal has matured a lot since then & hopefully she can handle this with what I call her “Sasha Fierce” personality. In order to immerse myself in her character I had to give her a “look” based on your physical descritptions I came up with Beyonce, if I’m off with that please let me know,who compares to her in the looks department. Anyway, we know Sasha Fierce is Bey’s alter ego & I figure that’s how I would describe Royal’s aggressive, shoot, cut & repeat as necessary side! I like that she has that side and still be a Queen, I know she will have had the twins when Anya’s situation occurs which will make her torn between staying home or helping with Anya, which Dmitry will demand that she do but when does she do what he says anyway? I guess the gist of what I’m trying to say is please keep her strong, let her be level headed but just as coniving as she was in RF when she drugged Davyd and killed Dorian.Oh, I’m trying to get a visual on Renee, right now she’s looking like Ashanti, short, curvy and cute. Until next time….

  20. Hi Lativia,

    I love all your books. I love Renee and Ana’s chemistry, and from all the posts I’m reading they break up. (so sad) Did she leave him? did he leave her? or did they both decide to call it quits for now? Will they still be living together in Memphis? Will he send her away to Prague to be with Royal. And lastly, please tell me another womem is not going to break them up? I can deal with them breaking up over the Vory but I will be so disappointed if he ends up with another women.

    Also, I love Vasily I like his character. Will he be on the new formed counsel or will he be like Dayvd and become Renee and the baby’s bodyguard?

    Thanks so much

  21. Hi Latrivia, I love all of your books!!! and you are an awesome writer.

    I love Renee and Ana together but what I’m reading from all the posts they break up (so sad). Did she leave him? did he leave her? was it a mutual decision they break up? Do they still live together in Memphis or will this break up send her to Royal in Prague? I can accept that they broke up over the Vory but I will be upset if they break up over another women. Please tell me he will not have another women at the end of this series? I will fall to pieces (not really)! I would be upset!LOL

    I like Vasily, will he be on the newly formed counsil? or will he be Renee and the baby’s bodyguard? Thanks

    • Belle,

      I love your name. Okay. Let’s see if I can answer all these questions for you. Yes, they do break up, but I don’t want you to get too wrapped up in all that. Saving Anya will tell the grand story of how their relationship continues to evolve. Their breakup won’t be over a woman, but it will be over the Vory. Anatoly is a young leader and so much is expected of him. If he ever wants to fully arrive at his father’s respect level, he’s going to have to do something things that far exceed what his father would have done. So, in short, he’s got too much work to do to play house. He just doesn’t realize that until after he’s gotten Renee into the “family way.” Typical of men, huh.

      It’s going to be a fun story. Trust me.


  22. Hi,

    I had to reply because I found it fun to see how others envision what Royal, Renee and the rest of the cast looks like! Beyonce never occured to me. My first thought of what Royal would look like was Zoe Saldana or a slightly tanned Lisa Bonet. Pershia White from Girlfriens came to mind briefly. For Rene I thought Jill Scott (neo-soul sista from the south). She has slimmed down recently too, so it seemed perfect to me to envision a short, curvy, Renee looking similar to her. I also briefly thought of Solange, as well. For Victoria, I used the image you have posted on your websites, it seemed to fit so well with the personality. Haven’t really had a clear image of what Destiny would look like.

    Ok I’m out. 🙂

  23. Hi,

    I invision Royal to look like Tatayna Ali from Fresh Prince of Bel Air. She’s chocolate brown, curvy, long dark hair, and pretty. I think the old Renee looks like a browner Jill Scott, and the new one still reminds me of Jill Scott but with her hair straighten. Dorian I pitured a fine football player. Anyone will do.

  24. Hello, definitely didn’t think about Zoe Saldana but I like it! Zoe is on the slim and slightly built side though and Royal was described as busty and curvey however I’d go with Zoe bc she’s still the total package. I also forgot to mention Sanaa Lathan as a possible. I feel you guys on the Jill Scott comparison for Renee bc I got that vibe also but I’m gonna stick with Ashanti on that one although Renee definitely has that earthy uncomplicated feel to her like a Jill or even Solange.I couldn’t peg Destiny either, maybe in the next book we can get a better feel for her.

  25. I’m still trying to get a picture of every character also their height except Dmitry he is 7 feet tall. Dmitry,Royal,Ana,Renee,Nico,Vasily etc. etc. etc. get back to you when have some ideal.

  26. Hi Ms. Nelson,
    This is my very first blog ever, so I am very excited about this. The chronicles about the Medlov family have been very intriguing so far. I just can’t wait to finish one and start another.
    I just finished “Anatoly Medlov”. I just absolutley love the way you tie in the rich scenery and history of different counties , the secret society of the Russian mafia, family issues and “self” struggles into a romance novel. I have’nt read anything this interesting in awhile. I just happened to be browsing through the IR romance titles and read about your books and that was it! Thanks!

  27. I think Regina King is the perfect Renee.
    It would be so neat if Royal’s mother and Davyd joined forces to help in Saving Anya, eventually becoming a couple. I’m also thinking that Victoria’s father is going to be out for blood because of his daughter and invokes an eye for an eye = daughter for a daughter. There are so many women that have common law marriages and I can see Renee in that genre.

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