ANATOLY MEDLOV: COMPLETE REIGN – Available January 31, 2011

The line has been pretty quiet on my end.  I apologize, but I’ve been working hard to get Anatoly Medlov: Complete Reign, the third book in the Medlov Crime Family Series ready to go out to the world.

On January 15th, we’ll begin taking pre-orders of the paperback on

It’s been a long road, and we took into consideration all the suggestions, comments and concerns of the last two books.  We also intertwined the Chronicles, so that as you read the short story series, you understand some of what is happening to everyone.

Plus, the Commercial Appeal did a great article on us, and my daughter even smiled.  Although Adam and Jordan did not.  Typical.

There won’t be any posts from me until January 15th when we launch the Anatoly Medlov website and new video after today.  I’ll try to post on all the blogs. I really want this to be great for you guys.  It will be like our own Christmas in January.  In early February, we’ll also have our first global conference call on the book, so everyone can chime in on their thoughts.  Good or bad, it doesn’t matter.  If you read this blog, you’re family and have the right to give your opinion.

Thank so much for all of your prayers and support.  I want more than anything for you all to love this book.

I’m so excited about the project, and I wish that I was on the blog talking, but I know that you all will kill me if I don’t have this out by the end of January.

Just in case you’ve forgotten, here’s the synopsis:

From the bestselling series, the Medlov Crime Family, comes the highly-anticipated story about America’s favorite bad boy…

Anatoly Medlov is the youngest crime boss in the Medlov Organized Crime Family’s history. Now, he has to prove himself to a council who thinks his legacy has not been well-earned, amidst a grueling investigation by Lt. Nicola Agosto of the Memphis Police Department and during a plot to destroy him by his ex-lover, Victoria. In his loneliness, the only one he can confide in is the shop girl, Renee, an old friend who knows more than anyone about his personal journey. However, his friendship soon turns to love for a woman he knows that he cannot have because of the feared code he is bound to with the Vory v Zakone.

When his estranged mother dies suddenly, Anatoly flies to Russia to pay his last respects and discovers a jolting secret. The late Ivan Medlov’s own brutal legacy still lives through his son, Gabrielle, and his New York crime family. Anatoly’s father and former Czar of the underworld, Dmitry, sees this as an opportunity to unite the two major families and blesses both men. However, Anatoly sees Gabrielle as a threat to his empire and competition for the affection of his father. Will cousins kill because of the sins of their fathers?

Gabrielle Medlov has always resented his existence. Now as an undercover DEA agent, he plans destroy the Medlov Crime Family once and for all. Only in order to get close enough to destroy the organization, he must also get close enough to love his estranged family. Will blood prove thicker than water or will one man’s revenge end the Family for good?

Follow the story of one young man who fights to be king in a room full of royalty and suffers the pain of his position in the romantic suspense guaranteed to make you want more.

Anatoly Medlov: Complete Reign

January 31, 2011

25 thoughts on “ANATOLY MEDLOV: COMPLETE REIGN – Available January 31, 2011

  1. I am absolutely salivating and chomping at the bit to get at Anatoly’s story. I know it’ll be an excellent read and cannot wait to have that conference call.

  2. PINS & NEEDLES, PINS & NEE-DLES!!! I can hardly stand the wait. Looking forward to it. I’ll have to re-read the series in the meantime. Oh, and The Ugly Girlfriend, great short story. You rock as a writer.

  3. Thank goodness, I was going to ask about pre-ordering but I didn’t want to be a pest. Can’t hardly wait 🙂 Tttthhhhaaaaannnnks:)

  4. I can’t wait to curl up with the Medlov family again. My Kindle is excited, I’m excited all is right with the world! LOL.

    I never smile in photos, all of my friends tease me, the call me Wednesday Adams, especially since I was born on a Wednesday.


  5. O.K TAKE YOUR TIME DON’T RUSH IT Girlfriend!!
    I’m waiting becuase I know the best is yet to come!!! O.k so I’m kidding myself I keep checking for new post and updates.SO PLEASE GIVE ME THE DATE AGAIN I THINK ITS JAN.31 TODAY!!! (LMBO)

  6. I don’t like smiling in photographs myself.
    It is a lovely photo of your family. OK!!! set alarm for pre-order on the 15th and when will the PDF be available.

  7. Yes, great question, when will the PDF be available and the Kindle version? Perhaps you should do a bundle, offer the series on paperback. I’d buy, as of right now I have Dmitry’s Closet on an Adobe reader at work (I know, they lost a lot of productivity out of me when I was reading that); and Royal Flush on Kindle.

    Also, you and your family look very photogenic. Me? Not so much, I have to hide behind my husband (6’5) and daughter who both are photgenic with dimples! The nerve of them.

  8. You have a beautiful family.
    I can’t wait to continue my read but please edit. It is such a distraction sometimes from what is a phenomonal read. Kudos to you and your writing skills. I am a fan.

    • Hi Tracy,

      We’re working on the edit problem now. I’ve been forwarded some really good people. Let’s hope that it becomes a thing of the past really fast!

      Thanks for your support,


  9. Latrivia you totally rock girl!! Love the picture of the family. After a long day working and living life your books are always what a girl needs! You have lots of male fans as well which is awesome!! Thanks for writing your magic. Looking forward to our boo Anatoly’s story!


    • Hi Janelle,

      Thanks so much. My family is the best. They are my center. I hope to continue to give you something to curl up to after a long day’s work. That’s what I write for. Yes, I have quite a few male fans. It’s amazing. I hope to get them on the blog. I’m going to send them a personal invitation to dive in. More fun for the lot of us.


  10. Looking forward to anatoly Medlov complete reign. I have enjoy reading your other books and looking forward to more of your books. All three were well written and I could not put the books down. GREAT JOB.

  11. I am not done with the book yet but BABY I just had to walk away from it just now. My heart is racing. Your a sly one Mrs. Nelson.

  12. Finished and loved it. A little disappointed in one thing that wasn’t addressed in the book but i’ll get over it 🙂 I think this might be the best book in the series so far…I plan to re-read it.

    Anatoly was hot, Dmitry hotter! I’m just a drooling fan of Dmitry..I melted with every freakin scene that he was in..Gosh, That Man! I really really like Gabe as well, he was a sexy/cool character. What happened with Destiny and Victoria was freaking O My, can’t wait to get my hands on the paperback!! Just popping in to give a quickie response to let you know that I enjoyed it a lot. Don’t want to say to much figuring that a lot of people may not have had a chance to read it yet. Can’t wait to write my review on amazon when the book make it there. Anyway, great job Latrivia!!!

    P.S. I can’t imagine that there is only one more book left in the series…I don’t know what I will do.. :/ Look forward to blogging more about the book at a later date when it’s officially released..until then, be blessed.

  13. Hello Latrivia and fellow bloggers 🙂

    I’m here..can’t hold my thoughts any longer. I read this book already 3 times from front to back. I am on the Medlov Crime Series like Kathy Bates is on her This will be a lengthy blog from me. First, I want to say that I give this book 5 stars. It’s the best in the series so far with only one left…hope not 😉

    When I finished reading this story, I was like WOW! And at the same time, I was like, hmmm, then what happenned..” So, my brain is literally doing back flips. There are sooo many unanswered questions and a couple things that bothered me.

    Anatoly was hot, Renee was cool. Anatoly and Renee, I question the whole idea. I’ve taken into consideration their age, where they both came from, fantasy, reality, and every book in the series and I can’t seem to see how there relationship is possible or better yet, a serious relationship with a happily ever after… My thoughts is this, Dmitry as Boss had to keep Royal in the dark on most things, and had to leave the Vory( he wanted to) to marry and have kids. Anatoly was SO into wanting to be like his father that I just don’t get how he could/would do a 360 and risk throwing it all away. In my mind, that’s what he is doing…for Love…which is believable. BUT, I question his character now…who exactly is he?! A Vor/Boss or a guy ready to settle down and live happily ever after? To stay TRUE to the code, he can’t have what was in the ending of this book. Dmirty told him that in so many words. Dmitry offered him a way out and he said No. So, i’m very very confused/bugged 🙂 Dmitry telling Renee that she’s 2 seconds from becoming a Medlov, to me, was his way of telling Anatoly that he would support his true decision no matter what… whether Boss with a lover or just Anatoly with wife/kids. So, Will the code be modified? Will Renee be his lover, possibly baby momma?(hehe, this really throws me off),or his wife? Will they last is the BIG question for me because reading the intro’s to the Chronicles and Agosto’s new book that is coming out, Anatoly remained Boss…so what will happen between this book and Anya’s book?! What will become of Anatoly? To me, Anatoly seem much different than his father in this book. Dmitry found love with Alexandria but he left her for his desires and knew that he could not take her with him. Will Anatoly do the same? Follow his fathers footsteps or adventure of into world of his own with Renee? Latrivia, you’re killing me! 🙂 In my opinion, to stay within the scope of the entire series, Anatoly must remain Boss or the whole bases of the entire series falls apart..Yes, I take my books this a fun way 🙂 But I think this should have been a book that ended with a “To Be Continued” unless Anya’s book will be 1000 pages I have those many wonderments and unanswered thoughts 🙂 I love you for doing this!

    Moving on, I think every freakin character was AWESOME!!!!!!! Dmitry was more sexier than ever! Favorite of them all, always 🙂 Royal is back to her adorable self..I don’t care what anyone has to say about Royal, she is my favorite female character in the whole series. Victoria got what was due. Destiny, I actually feel sorry for..I like her. But this may sound odd to many and even you Latrivia. Gabe’s story-line had stolen the show/spotlight for me in this book. I was so amused by his character. I really really really like Gabe! And maybe it’s because his character is more “human” than the rest..i dunno. His character raised some serious questions in my mind. Like, who was this mysterious leak that brought Gabe to investigate the Medlov’s and had him thinking they were involved in a big drug shipment? It’s like, someone intentionally wanted him to face his Medlov family.. makes me say hmmm. Being that Dmitry was/is always two steps ahead of the game, I wonder if he had already found out who Gabe really was after he gave Royal her gift. Dmitry thought that such act was so kind and above and beyond, he would enjoy the rest of the evening but would hire more investigators the next love Dmitry. I just have a feeling/thought Dmitry found out Gabe’s true identity before anyone else, kept it to himself because he admired Gabe and knew that he was harmless( he wanted to keep Gabe near he admired him so much), and wanted Anatoly to find it out for himself knowing that Anatoly wouldn’t know what to do about the matter and would seek out his advice. Dmitry instantly said ” let him fly” like his mind had been made up some time ago.. It seems as if Gabe and Anatoly(Anatoly still going) went through one big test. I truly love Gabe’s character and love the fact he found love with Briggy. I hope he reappear since he’s no longer in the the DEA…he’s just a ordinary guy with some Dmitry Medlov like qualities. 🙂 Ok, I think I feel better now..I vented/brainstormed enough. Great Great Job Latrivia..I freakin loved it!!!! Can’t wait for the various topics to arrive because I have so much more to say. hehe

    Kelly Kel

  14. can’t find the paperback on amazon, i thaught that the book was coming out today? please i really need to order it, please give me something.

  15. Hey Girlfriend,

    You did a great job on this story. I saw some of the things that kelly did and a lot more. But, what I have done is read it twice and then walked away to go back to reread again. I think after that I will be able to say what I really think. I do know that many questions that were not answered in this story will be in the next, that is why it is a series.

    Again you did a great job and I can’t wait to read what the other bloggers had to say.

    QUESTION? World In Reverse, when will that be released??


  16. The blog had me salivating to read the book, but then I was let down with Victoria’s and Gabriel’s story. They both were supposed to want to bring down the Medlovs but the little amount written of their tactics was a waste of sl. I also thought that Anatoly’s love relationship with Renee was out of character considering the way he had been depicted in previous books. I was also disappointed that Dmitry hasn’t really relinquished the power to his son. We know he’s a killing machine and it was time for us to see that Anatoly too could kill without remorse. I would have liked to have seen more interaction between Royal and her mother, perhaps that’ll happen in Anya’s story. Out of the 3 books in the series so far I’d have to rate this one the weakest.

  17. The first time Anatoly killed he did it out of necessity to save his sister and when he knew he was a killer and enjoyed it was when he killed Ivan. Anatoly can and does kill when he needs to he is not a sociopath/psycopath. Do you really think Dmitry would let go of total control of the family it was his life for most of his life when he need to he steps in to make sure the councel are moving in the direction he wants them to go. Victoria was a mad dog who had to be put down I’m surprise it took them this long. Gabriel found out what his father and others told him about his uncle Dmitry was not true he fell in love with with his family.

  18. I wise enough to know why a series is written. It doesn’t take away the fact that there is so many unanswered questions and the things that bothered me. It’s also not guaranteed that all my questions will be answered in the final installment. The next book is about Anya not Anatoly..and from what I gathered it will be a big time difference between this book and Anya’s story. And i’m curious as to what goes on in the middle or meantime. So, I will voice my concerns/thoughts here…it’s a blog. After reading the first two books, I didn’t have so many questions(if any)…this book left me “21 Questions” and somethings that just doesn’t sit right with me. But Latrivia is full of surprises( yes, you are!! :)) and i’m very much anticipating Anya’s story.

    Hope all is well Latrivia..know you’re busy!!
    Much Love…Catch ya later!

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