Submitting Information on Gossip006 to FBI & IC3 for Pirating & Theft of Intellecutal Property


It’s always one, right.  Well, this one really is a thorn in my side.  Gossip006, who is a frequent visitor and member of Astatalk, wants to go head up with me on my work.  She continuously posts my books on this site non-stop. So, as of tonight, I have submitted her information to the FBI and IC3.  I hope that she burns for this.  I’m so tired of people stealing.  If someone takes the time to write something, they don’t want it stolen.  If I find out who she is, I’m going to fully prosecute.  If that doesn’t work, I’ll send her information to someone I know can do something about it.

That’s right, Gossip006.  I just threatened you, and I wasn’t subtle. 

Happy Evening,


15 thoughts on “Submitting Information on Gossip006 to FBI & IC3 for Pirating & Theft of Intellecutal Property

  1. how dare you do that to sister girl , it is not right it is not respecting another person creativity , you need a spirit blow for doing that ,it is something that will turn you away from your evil ways , leave Latriva’s work alone for haven sake.

  2. Good for you, I am so glad that you are taking a stand. I absolutely hate a theif, there is no excuse for it. You should report her a** and call Pookie n them too. I’ve never written a book, but after writing a few term papers I can imagine the time spent researching, brainstorming, etc. It’s not nice when someone takes your hard work and do what they want with it. Sweep the floor with her, we got your back…

  3. Hey Latrivia,
    Good for you. If you can find out who this person is, then I say prosecute him or her to the fullest extent of the law and let this person be made an example of. Other authors should have your gumption to want to pursue these people who want to pirate their work and maybe people would stop if they knew they were being pursued to be prosecuted. A side note, I just finished DC and I loved it. You did a fantastic job. Kudos to you. :))

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