The Ugly Girlfriend by Latrivia S. Nelson is the first book in the Lonely Heart Series:

December has been a busy month.  We released The Ugly Girlfriend, we’re working on releasing The Chronicles of Young Dmitry Medlov: Volume 2, and we are in preparation for dropping Anatoly Medlov: Complete Reign in January.

Many readers have asked, so I wanted to take a minute and share with you exactly what The Ugly Girlfriend is:

LaToya Jenkins is the quintessential woman: smart, successful, grounded and determined.  She only has one problem socially – she’s overweight.  As the “big one” of her girlfriends, she often faces rejection from the men of their social circle because of her size and/or her dark skin.  And due to a painful past relationship, she gives up on love completely  until, she takes on Mitchell “Mitch” O’Keefe as a new client. 

The Irish born architect needs a professional cleaning service to help him literrally clean up his life after a nasty divorce, but he  winds up finding a true friend in LaToya, the owner of It’s An Honor Cleaning Service.   

While LaToya is handicapped emotionally by her baggage, Mitch thinks she’s the strongest woman he’s ever seen and breath of fresh air in his hectic life.  His only goal is to prove to her that his interest in her is more than lust sparked by curiosity.  

Read the story of two beautiful people in totally opposite ways who help each other see that beauty is not skin deep but soul deep in the first book of Latrivia S. Nelson’s Lonely Heart Series, The Ugly Girlfriend. 

Why Did I Write The Ugly Girlfriend?

So many people write to me and ask me to write something that is very realistic.  They love the Medlov Series because it is fantasy, but they wanted something that speaks to the relationships that happen for two normal people in day-to-day life. 

The Lonely Heart Series is a collection of books that will be released this year from me to you with the purpose of doing just that.  As you read the stories, you’ll be able to see yourself, see someone you know and definitely identify with their romance. 

Also, I look at all the beautiful women that I know and many of them share with me that they consider themselves the ugly one.  I can’t even understand how they can say this about themselves.  They are all talented, beautiful, funny and caring.  Yet, people look on the outside and make these horrid judgments about them.  I wanted each of my friends to know and women out there who read my books that beauty truly comes from within and the right man can see that in you and respect you.  As a matter of fact, I believe he’ll want to love you, because you love yourself. 

You can purchase the PDF for $3 on  I hope that you’ll check it out.  And I hope that you enjoy it.

13 thoughts on “The Ugly Girlfriend by Latrivia S. Nelson is the first book in the Lonely Heart Series:

  1. Hi Latrivia,
    Thank you, for writing this book. I’m one of those Ugly Girlfriends you’re talking about. My friends tell me that I’m pretty but I tend not to see that….I see that I’m not perfect(at least what I think is perfect…size 4-6, small breasted, small hips and perfect fitting cloths). I hate shopping with them a because they buy small, x-small and I have to buy the large just to fit my frame. That puts me in a bad mood and I get down. I feel like I should be starving myself to fit the societal image of what the perfect size (whatever that is) in order to fit in and be seen as a viable mate material. Sorry for being so depressing…

  2. Aw Latrivia, I just finished reading this and it was a nice departure from your other works. Just for the record though I believe girlfriend is the size of the average female today. I wish that I could find a Mitch.

  3. I love the story. Do you have any idea when the next book in the lonely heart series will be released? I need another book fix….

  4. Hiya Latrivia,

    Great story, great book!! I can imagine that this story personally touched the heart of many readers. But just on the flip side, I can reflect back on my teenage and early twenty days, My best friend has always been on the bigger side..I’m talking size 14-16 maybe a lil bigger and she always pulled more men than the rest of our swear!!! She’s beautiful, intelligent, and confident in herself..So a message to the plus size gurls out there…If you don’t love yourself for who you are…how can you expect someone else to love you?! This is a very true statement! Lift your head up and go get what you want!!!

    Cheers and Happy New Year!!!

  5. Love this story! I could really relate to this character and how she struggles with her body image. It is so sad but true that there is a racial divide when it comes to being “light skinned” or “dark skinned” within the black community. I just cheered when Latoya not only stood up for Mitch but also stood up for herself. That in itself was a beautiful moment.

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