Friends Don’t Let Friends…Anatoly and Renee

It’s time again for another update with our unexpected pairing of close friends, Renee and Anatoly.   Tonight’s discuss deals with the ugly truth of Anatoly’s job.  As the youngest boss of the Medlov Crime Family, so far, he is facing a very strange and often macabre existence.  Yet, he has some daily sunshine that comes in the form of his dear friend, Renee.  Only, she’s not like Royal.  First, she knows what he is.  Second, she knows where he came from.  And Third, she see’s straight through his multitude of bullstank ways. 

After returning home from Russia, where he found out that he in fact had a cousin by the name of Gabriel who would be spending a lot more time with him via his father and his father’s wishes to see a stronger union of the family, he vents on the patio with Renee.

This is where Renee tells him that he has a lot to give the world, that he doesn’t have to be what he is now and that he can always choose.  The question is, does can he really.  He opted to take on this position.  We are certain that most if not all of the men on the council would have been willing to be appointed, but he stepped up to the plate.  Is there really any stepping down from his responsibilities. 

Friends don’t let friends drive drunk, date wife beaters, wear black and brown or look into the mirror and lie to the themselves on a continual basis.  So, is she giving him good advice.

Excerpt from Anatoly Medlov: Complete Reign © Latrivia S. Nelson, 2010

Anatoly laughed aloud and looked over at Renee with an incredulous grin in his face.  “Renee,” he touched her shoulder.  “We’re all evil.  Every Medlov who ever breathed or will breathe is…even me.”  The smoke from his cigarette circled his face and his cold blue eyes. 

Renee swallowed hard and at him. “Some of you are more evil than others, Anatoly.  Plus, you have the potential to do some good in the world. You don’t have to use your power for evil.  There is a way.  There are so many ways.  But you have to have balance.”

“You know, when you look at me, when you talk to me, you make me almost forget that I don’t have a soul.”  He smirked.  His eyes flittered in the smoke of his cigarette.

“You do have a soul, Anatoly. And that’s what I’m worried about.  I don’t want you to lose it over a few dollars.”

 “You know I don’t deal in a few dollars.”

 “But is any amount enough to continue on like this?”

“What are you, my mother now?”

“No, I’m your friend. And I’m not as gullible as poor Royal was. So, I’m not going to just pretend and turn a deaf ear and blind eye when something I say might just resonate.”

“This is a choice.  My life is what I make of it.  And I choose this, Renee.  This is what I’ll be for the rest of my life, no matter how bad it is and no matter how long I live.  I would have expected you to know that by now.”

“Well, a girl can hope,” she said, rolling her eyes.  “Someone has to pray for you.”

There you go with that again.  Why is everyone worried about my soul?  My sister wrote me an entire letter about it.  Here,” he said pulling out the small paper.  “Read this shit.”

Sitting back on the bench, she carefully unfolded the letter and quietly read the delicate words written for the man who was as rigid as concrete beside her.  When she was done, she looked over at him and tilted her head. 

He felt uncomfortable under her gaze and finally shifted a little.  “What?”

“How did that make you feel when you read this?” she asked, passing him the letter back. 

She watched him carefully put the letter back into his pocket.  He looked away from her and thumped the cigarettes across the patio.  His dogs sat up as he did, looking at him, somehow sensing his mood.

“It infuriated me. She judges me, but she has no idea what I did and why I did what I did.  It was all for her.”  He clenched his wide jaw.  “Why is that women always want more, always want everything.  They want to leave you with nothing.  They want to break you down and have fall at their feet with your sacrifices before they accept you. And they only accept you then, after they’ve put you through hell.”

“That’s love, Anatoly.  Love makes you sacrifice everything.”

He barely blinked.  Looking at her lips as she said the word that curved around her full mouth, he shook his head and stood up.  “That’s not love, Renee.  That’s stupidity.  Anyone who loves you would never ask so much from you.”

“You’re just frustrated right now.  Gabriel.  Your mother.  It’s been a hard month for you.”

“Now you make excuses for me, when just a minute ago, you were worried about my soul?” he snapped.  “The only thing that comforts me is the fact that I know that my family and my family legacy will live on because I’m a strong enough man to not be sidetracked by idiotic notions of love and of women.”

Renee looked down at the ground away from his angry scowl. She wasn’t the least bit afraid of him, just disappointed.  In silence, she rubbed her hands over her skin and warmed it. 

End of Excerpt…

So, you see, they have a true relationship.  Neither one of them holds back punches, but is it that Anatoly does not see an out or is it that there is not one for a man like him. 

I’d like to know from you, if you were his friend, his companion, his sounding board, would you give him advice like this or would you uphold his way of life?

Xoxo and all that jazz,


17 thoughts on “Friends Don’t Let Friends…Anatoly and Renee

  1. Ha Ha Ha… Latrivia, why did I know this was going to be a issue/topic?! I had a gut feeling about this since the first couple of discussions on Anatoly’s blog. I actually had a scenario thought out(one of many)about Anatoly leaving the business and Gab taking over..but not for the sake of Renee but from the advice of his father..Funny. Anyway, It depends on what kinda friend you are..If Renee was a friend like me, I would tell you what I think is right one time. If you don’t listen, let the chips fall where they may. I would still be there to support you. I’m wondering if Anatoly is really miserable being Boss or is he just having a hard time adjusting to his new role. He was so sure of himself in the first two books..he almost appeared to be colder than Dmitry. Now my vivid imagination will run wild since you pose this question 🙂 But yes, I would give Anatoly advice about his choice in lifestyle and ask him is this something he really wanted to do but I wouldn’t pressure him about it. A true friend is a true friend..there for you know matter what…well almost know matter is limits to everything 🙂 I think I have much more to say on this topic but it’s 4:00am here. This popped up in my email and wanted to touch bases. I need sleep. I hope the above make back later. Is it January yet??? 🙂


    • Hi Ms. Kelly,

      I knew that you’d love the discussion and you hit a lot of great points. We will see Anatoly go through a great deal emotionally because now he’s flying more on his own without his father in certain areas. So, he’s feeling his way, but you are right. He is questioning if this is the right choice for him inwardly. If can handle all the deceit, he may survive, but if he cannot, then it will prove that his father was right. And we all know that we hate for the father to be right. You need to rest, Kelly, I need you guys. This is the last leg before the big shabang!

      This is a good point also, as a friend, do you stay and support him, even when you know that he’s bad?

  2. I’m so looking forward to January.

    I’m in agreement with Ms. Kelly M. You would give advice like Rene’s, especially if you see your friend is struggling or having some “issues” whether it be physically, financially, emotionally or spiritually. Friends/family can help you become a better person (intentionally or unintentionally). Perhaps Rene is helping “Ana” look for creative ways out or creative ways to do some good and feel emotionally or spiritually rewarded. Or maybe I’m just looking to hard into this? 🙂 In any case I’m loving the excerpts and discussions.

    • Hi Sonya,
      That is true. We see Anatoly hurting inside and as a friend, we want her to reach out. You have to have very thick skin to take his friendshipo. No, you’re not looking too hard into it. You’d think I’m insane if you saw my notes from him. I’m so glad that you liked the excerpts. We’re moving forward!

  3. OMG! OMG! I can’t wait for this book to come out!!! As for the question – Anatoly needs someone to be truthful with him, not soft soap it or lie to him just to make him feel good. He’s looking to Renee to be truthful with him and to keep him grounded. Which I believe she’ll do.


    • Wanda,

      She is his sounding board. He depends on her to keep him straight with his father gone and everyone afraid of him. She makes him look at himself and only a real woman could do that.

      Great points,


  4. I’m having a hard time buying this scenario ’cause if Renee actually believed what she was saying to Ana then she wouldn’t be living in the apartment or working at the store knowing it’s bought with Vory monies. Pot meet kettle.

    • Hi Catelyn,

      Pot meet Kettle indeed. However, we all work for a BP for like fortune 500, and we know they’re up to no good, yet we take their bonuses and work for them. You bring up some great points. I think that you bring up the faulty parts of their characters. The question is can you like his and her character anyway?

  5. Good evening Mrs.L
    First off love is honesty!!! So she should tell him what she thinks no matter how he takes it! Even living inside his home,driving his cars!! Of course of all thing she isn’t stupid.She has a better understanding then we give her credit for.I like how she has her eyes wide open looking him eye to eye.Anatoly wants to be just like his dad so he doesn’t want an out from the life of crime he welcomes it HOME!!!!

    • Hi Neshia,

      You’re right. She does drive his cars and lives in his home. It sound awfully familiar, huh? I know that many people are scared that this story might be a remix of the same old Dmitry and Royal story, but we’ll quickly see how different the two couples are as we follow the story. Renee does have her eyes wide open, you’re right about that. She knows what he’s up to. Of course, she can’t help but know now because of the Massacre of Memphis a few years before. However, I think he expects her as his friend to be honest. And she does just that.

      Thanks for the feedback and keep chiming in!


    • You’re very right, Neshia. She does look him in the eye and she knows him. And if you recall, he did tell his father that college was not an option for him. He wants to be where he is…at least some of the time.

  6. Hey Girlfriend,

    Yes, real friends should always be honest with each other. Because she does know who he is she speaks to him the way a true friend would telling him no matter what we all have choices bad or good we have them. Because he knows her and brings this to her she is his balance the part were he knows he has a soul. Also even though Anatoly complains about love and his sister’s letter, he kept it that tell you he does fell and know love. Deep down he knows that, it is another reason he always return to Renee.


  7. Latrivia, I can’t wait.I wish the book was out so I could enjoy it over the christmas break.
    Of course you should be upfront with your friends,as well as the man that you’re in love with. It is true that Renee is a straight shooter, and she says what she thinks. Now I might be jumping the gun here,but maybe renee is trying to get anatoly to have some good in him; so it frees her own mind of loving a man as shady as anatoly. Its possible that she’s afraid that she will end up like she thinks royal is dead.

    • Judy,

      You hit the nail on the head, but I don’t want to share too much on this. I don’t want to ruin things for you. I can say that she is that voice in his head that helps me make good choices.

      Always on it, Judy:-)


  8. Hey I just purchased Ugly Girlfriend it was awesome. I think you hit it right on the head, even though it was not that long of a story it gave me goosebumps because I guess I have always considered myself the ugly girlfriend because I am the heaviest of all my friends. It was an awesome read kudos. I was wondering when we could begin pre-ordering Complete Reign?

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