Everyone is Asking, Who is Alexandria?!

Happy Turkey Day to everyone out there.  If you’re like me, you’re still glued to the computer in between getting ready to eat more than your share and see the family. 

Before we jet off, let’s talk about The Chronicles of Young Dmitry Medlov: Volume 1.  Now, normally, I would create a completely new blog, but the stories are important to each other as you look at how father made it vs. son for both Dmitry and Anatoly and Ivan and Gabriel.  So, I have kept one blog so we don’t miss one thing.  Hope you don’t mind.

Now, everyone has been asking about one thing, Who is Alexandria?  

Well, ladies and gentlemen, she’s Anatoly’s mother.  That’s right.  Remember the little hiccup our favorite Dmitry had at the hotel?  Not yet. Not yet.   Obviously, he doesn’t know in Volume 1 that he’s about to be a father, because this is when Anatoly was conceived but if you look at the relationship he had with Alexandria, you can see some the same traits in Dmitry later (Dmitry’s Closet).   Remember Woodrow Conners?  He met his end very much in the same manner as someone else.  So, I guess Ivan isn’t the only one up to the same old thing. 

I have had several emails from you all and one amazing blog questions, so I figured that I’d throw that out there. 

Volume 2, which will be out in December, will introduce you to Ari.  We all remember her right.  Well, she’s going to début and you’ll see how the two little psychopaths fell in love. 

Now, as you look at the strained relationship in Anatoly’s book, you’ll actually be able to see the entire relationship full circle. 

For those who haven’t seen the YouTube video for The Chronicles of Young Dmitry Medlov, you can check it out on the new website www.latrivianelson.info.  Or on the Youtube page, www.youtube.com/latrivia2009.

Do you know what is interesting about this?  Ivan found sick twisted true love early.  Dmitry was forced to wait until he was nearly forty before Royal and everyone is wondering who is up for the pickings as the younger Medlov men go out to the partner patch. 

Gabriel will fall for someone in this story.  So will Anatoly.  It’s like Dmitry and Ivan all over again, but with a serious twist.

Have a great one.

Xoxo and all that jazz,

Latrivia S. Nelson

4 thoughts on “Everyone is Asking, Who is Alexandria?!

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  2. hi latrivia ,
    looking at Alexandria , to me she looks like a little runaway , who Demitry had a grip on due to his hoardish behavior, as his brother described him ,where no one else would own , only him .

  3. As for the way Alexandria looks she maybe an “around the way girl” does not mean she is not going to look good after all Dmitry “stepped” to her to persue a relationship Alexandria is 3 years older than Dmitry.

  4. trying to order the paperback, but don’t really know how to do it. Need help, if you can’t answer, when can i order the book on amazon?
    please need help

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