What Would Ivan Say?

Everyone knows Ivan Medlov. A few of you have even expressed interest in the bad boy. He has no problem committing murder; he’s been known to rape and mangle. And he has the worst attitude a man can have. The mother of his child would have to be insane or completely misguided. And we all know that his mother was both. He was always focused on making more money and determined to destroy everything that he came in contact with. The only woman he ever cared for, his brother killed. And he was such a jerk until the sight of him in Anya makes Royal lightheaded. Overall, he was the quintessential villain. Beautiful. Powerful. Deadly.

Now, we have to ask the question about Gabriel. What would Ivan say to having a cop for a son? The Medlov men are bad to the bone and hate the law. They live by a code that was established during the 16th century and polished more during the fall of the Soviet Union. They came from nothing and established an global network in less than a lifetime and they are not afraid at any point to roll up their sleeves and get their own hands dirty. It is just Ivan’s luck that his son would be DEA. The legacy that he left was to attest to a lifestyle that we would rather die than lead. And it’s just Dmitry’s luck that Gabriel’s interested in infiltrating the family during the time of his own son’s reign.

Young Ivan Medlov

When we look at Ivan, and for those who have read the first volume of The Chronicles of Young Dmitry Medlov, we know that Ivan has been a bad boy since he was a young teen. It will be interesting to expose the other side of Ivan in Anatoly’s book. Could it be that this cold psychopath had a softer side?

You just may be surprised.

3 thoughts on “What Would Ivan Say?

  1. His sociopathic nature and his inability to deal with his emotions leads me to believe Ivan would have killed or manipulated Gabriel-similarly to the way he used his wife and Dmitry. I think Ivan cared for both of them but, his nature wouldn’t allow it to flourish in a healthy manner.

    Ivan most likely cared for his son but, his nature would not allow him to express it in any resemblance of healthy father/son relations. He probably filled Gabriel’s head with lies about his Uncle which would lead Gabriel to become a Fed in the first place-Ivan would be proud only if the end results benefited him.

    In Dmitry’s Closet Ivan didn’t seem to have the same reverence for the Vory rules as Dmitry, so I’ll venture on the side of him using his son to bring down his brother, set up enemies, etc. Eventually, Ivan would’ve had to leave Gabriel alone or kill him when his paranoia set in.
    Could Ivan be proud of Gabriel- Could he love his son? I believe so, but I don’t think he could express it in a normal manner.

    Two questions this topic brings to mind:

    Is Ivan’s deceased wife the mother of Gabriel?

    Are sociopathic tendencies a nature or nurture phenomenon?


  2. Ivan would be happy to have a son as a DEA agent to use like he uses everyone else in his life. If not to make money to make strife so he can be entertained from the bloodshead and destruction. Example #1 when Dmitry told Ivan he was going to see Alexandra and Ivan knew full well she was engaged to another man,later on Ivan asked Dmitry did he kill Alexandra. Also Dmitry was not what Gabriel expected him to be when they talked at the hotel when Gabriel came for dinner after the funeral. Ivan must have talked to Gabriel and gave him some misinformation(or how Ivan sees Dmitry in that crazy mind of his)to him about his uncle. ALSO is Anatoly/Gabriel the same age AND…. is Ari Gabriel’s mother???????????

    • Jennifer, You knocked it out of the ballpark. I’m glad that you were able to draw connections between Ivan’s constant attacks on his brother.He has definitely filled his son full of drama. Now, he’s gone and the young man has to find things out for himself. Gabriel is actually just a shy younger than Anatoly. I’m about to givea great entry on just who Alexandria is for everyone who might want to know. I’m so glad that you broached the subject. You’ll meet Ari very soon, like in Volume 2 of the book. Happy, happy Turkey Day, Latrivia

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