The New Story from The Medlov Crime Family Series Now Available on

I’ve been promising this book for a few weeks now, but it’s finally live. Ladies and gentlemen, you may now purchase the 65-page short story that begins Dmitry Medlov’s journey to the top on my new website ( I hope that you enjoy the new site. It has been designed to keep you more in touch with all the wonderful things that we have been working on for your pleasure. Plus, I think it’s sort of sexy. Here’s my thought on all of this. I enjoy writing for you guys because you enjoy reading my work. So, as long as I can figure out a way to send you an amazing story, I will do my best to do just that!

What is the Volume 1 about?

Readers, who have already made themselves familiar with The Medlov Crime Family Series, will experience young Dmitry Medlov before his rise to the top. Released from prison at the age of 18, Dmitry Medlov has 24 hours to assassinate a Ukrainian drug lord and get both he and his brother on a plane to London. After being imprisoned for three years, however, many things have changed. Ivan isn’t a little boy anymore and he’s showing signs of being a sociopath. His ex-girlfriend is engaged and he’s a foot taller. Purchase this 65-page short story designed to begin to answer many questions about American’s favorite Russian crime boss. Only $3. PDF format. Emailed within 5-minutes right to your email.

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17 thoughts on “The New Story from The Medlov Crime Family Series Now Available on

  1. Latrivia, this was Fantastic!!!!!
    I just finished reading – it was amazing and my many thanks and congratulations. The story not only fills in some blanks, but wets the appetite for more. Even as a young man Dmitry was hot like fire!!

    (No Pressure: But this could definitely be the beginning of a prequel to Dmitry’s Closet)


  2. Hi Ebony,

    I’m so glad that you liked it. I have been waiting on bated breath to hear from you guys. There will be many more short stories to come. I hope that they all are exciting for you. I thought maybe since I can’t answer all questions in the larger stories, I could definitely give insight through these small ones.

    Thanks so very much for your support! You have made my Sunday.


  3. Ms. Nelson,

    I just purchased and read your short story and I’m in love with it. You have such a talented mind. I wish that this series was on television or in movie theaters. You are so very brilliant.



  4. Hey Latrivia,

    I just finished the short story of young Dmitry. I must say that it was kind of hard for me to remember that Dmitry in a very young in this story. Even in his youth, he sounds mouth watering sexy.

    I actually liked Ivan in this story. I thought that his relationships with his little friends was so cute.

    I cannot wait to read the next story. As usual I loved it, loved it, loved it. I only wished that it was in book format because I hate reading a lot of stuff on computers, but as you can see, I got through so alls well.

    Keep up the good work, and once again I cannot wait to hear something new from you.

  5. Just have to say O M G!!!!LOVE IT!LOVE IT! LOVE IT! MRS. Nelson you write a damn good story. Dmitry is the F***ing man. Give us more. I am suffering from Medlove Syndrome.

  6. Very, very good. I loved it. It filled in some missing blanks. Dmitry was as sexy then as he is now..mmm mmm mmm. Wise, Tall, Sexy, Confident, and can’t get any better than that. I really connected to the prologue in the short was kinda touching. Him staring out the window and reflecting while looking at his boys..I was like 🙂 As I read the story, I became more connected to Ivan. I actually like him and wish that he wasn’t so crazy to get himself killed. His character is absolutely hilarious to me.(#1)I have sick sense of humor 🙂 (#2) I think so because I work with psych patients and you have the crazy things they do and say down Like Ivan eating popcorn after killing laugh for He’s definitely a Psychopath..hehe. Anyway, great job Latrivia!!! You are awesome!!!!

    Kelly Kel

    P.S. There isn’t a price I wouldn’t pay to read your work!!! Enjoy your weekend 🙂

    • Ms. Kelly M!

      Happy Turkey Day,

      You are like the tenth person to say that they actually like Ivan now. I was hoping that I could take some of the chill out of his veins. It must have worked if you like him sort of. He has a sick sense of humor too. If you think that the popcorn is something, you’re going to freak when you see how he behaves in London. Buck wild! Thanks for your support. I always look forward to hearing from you.


  7. Hi Latrivia,
    Just finished reading Dimitry’s story and I loved it!! Can’t wait to read the other stories!! I’ll pay whatever price you ask for your stories. Keep up the good work!!


    • Wanda,

      Thanks so much for your support. I’m typing away!!! I’m going to take a vacation once these next four or five books come out. I’ll try to always keep them at the same price. $3 for blood and labor:-)

      Have a wonderful Turkey Day,


  8. Waiting for anything else that you have written. Love the Medlov Family stuff but I am looking forward to anything I can get

    • Theressa,

      I have been STRUGGLING to get these books finished. I had too much going on in a short couple of months. Now, I have manuscripts piled up on my desk. Well, I’m working to make sure to that they get online and in front of you guys. Every single time that I look at these posts it gives me motivation to continue.

      Thanks for keeping me on track,

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