Can Anatoly Medlov be Monogamous?

He’s worth millions.  He’s young, beautiful and ambitious.  A jetsetter and business, the question has become as I have developed the Anatoly Medlov character is can Anatoly be monogamous?  We all remember that he was completely devoted to serving his father in Dmitry’s Closet.  Often brooding over his tasks and critical of everyone, Anatoly was the silent type throughout the entire story, only seldom showing any true character.  By the time that we revisited him in Dmitry’s Royal Flush, he had grown into himself and started to accept his role as boss of the Medlov Crime Family.  He had many lovers, but we remember most Bridgette and Victoria.  These women were completely different.  One was quiet and loving, devoted and loving.  One was cold, calculating and devious.  However, he was most attracted to Victoria, probably because she was such a bad girl.  Can a man who has so much money, power and testosterone truly be in one relationship?

In his own story, Anatoly is facing serious issues.  He wants to impress his father, he wants to protect the dynasty, he wants to have peace in his life and he may even want love, but from the jump, he has women pining for his attention.

Destiny is still an enigma.  I know who she really is, but no matter what he role is, we know that Anatoly likes to break the rules.  Renee is the woman who knows the inner Anatoly.  We see that their relationship only grows stronger through the story.  And then Victoria resurfaces with the anger of a battlecat about their sudden breakup.  I wish that I could say that they will be the only ones, but he’s in his 20’s.  How many men do you know at that age who use a great deal of discernment?  More do not than do.

Can Anatoly find love or will he only find that he wants it?  Is this what Dmitry has been talking about the entire time – the opportunity cost of being a Vor? 

Here’s a thought.  If you could have a man like Anatoly as a lover or as a friend with benefits, which would you chose?

32 thoughts on “Can Anatoly Medlov be Monogamous?

  1. Hi,
    i will have Anatholy as a friend with benefits , because a man with this kind of power and capacity to have anyone , will install into my life roller-coaster emotions , and that isn’t a healthy position to be in , it will be toxic for the both of us , love should not be trampled upon , no matter how we look at love .

    • Rosalie,

      Our resident romantic. You’re right. Love should not be trampled on. And we’ve seen Anatoly do it over and over again. Dmitry was in love. Anatoly can’t even spend the night. However, what type of woman would it take to tame him?

      It’s going to get really toxic. As you can tell from the first chapter, it’s going to be a bumpy ride, but don’t be surprised if he understand what his father was talking about when he said that his life was with Royal. He may understand it enough to shy completely away from love or chase it. With him, you can never tell.

      Awesome point. It’s great have so many wonderful opinions. I think that you’re all right. It will be amazing to make it all work in one book. What a task!

  2. That depends, Anatoly as he is now would have to be a friend with benefits. In your 20’s you don’t really know what you want, you have an idea, but things change. His passion would be hot as a lover. An older, wiser Anatoly – HELL YES! And the passion he could give when he is older would be RED HOT.

  3. I would have to be just a friend “friend” to Anatoly. I’m too selfish to share a man and too loving to expose myself to a man that has commitment issues- Besides I’m hopelessly in love with Dmitry.
    I think Renee is going to break Anatoly’s heart, after that we’ll get to see the real Anatoly emerge.

    • Ebony,

      I love it.  Revenge for his broken heart.  I know that you’re in love with Dmitry.  So, am I.  Let me just say that, but I think that we’ll see this play out very strange. Anatoly wants to defy the odds and impress his father and run the family.  How in the hell can he? 

      I’m not giving answers.  I’m asking. 

      Revenge is going to be a big part of this book.  In fact, it reeks.

  4. I feel like he is still young and he just got into his position he may not be able to maintain a faithful relationship.Anatoly still has many things to learn and these things I feel that these lesson can only be taught by first hand knowledge. He still has no self control he is a young man with a lot of power he has a sexxy accent a lot of action is gonna be coming his way. Monogamy? I ain’t saying it can’t happen just unlikely.

    • Deramise,

      You bring up a good point. Let’s keep in mind that Dmitry was nearly 40 when he stepped off the throne. And he found a virgin. So, he was ready to relax after making millions himself. Anatoly is just getting started. Remember the Code. He can’t marry, but can he have a secret relationship?

      Whew, my mind is racing on this. I’m going to review the scenarios again. And then I’ll get back to you guys.

      We should make a checklist of our guy. See what he’s lacking and why he could or could not be faithful.

      Here’s one point. He hasn’t done it yet.

  5. Hey Girlfriend,
    Been gone for a moment, back a and loving how things are going. And which would I want? Friend with benefits, for real! Anatoly desires more than one women alright, but that is before he really falls hard for Renee and then the gloves are off. He will fall hard despite the other women in his life. Which will be in the pass.
    But between or before their will be smoke with a whole lot of fire. Can. wait.


    • Hey Kaye!

      Now, I could see a woman who only wants a piece when she wants it picking Anatoly for her midnight snack. If she’s smart and focused, she might be able to control him.

      But when do you fall? Can you really just have great sex with a guy? Now, I’m not saying that you can’t,but I should rephrase the quesiton. Can you really just have mind-blowing, heart pounding, blood boiling sex with a guy and only want to be his friend?

      If you can, tell me about it. I want to put it in my next book. I’ll even name the title after you.

      Anatoly should meet his match. I’m wondering if he meets her this time around.

      Haha. I won’t tell.


  6. I have missed participating in these discussions. This is a good question. After reading Dmitry’s Royal Flush and Chapter one of Anatoly’s book, I have come to the conclusion that the great Anatoly Medlov is first cousin to a dawg. His intentions may be honest and wholesome, but his actions will no doubt be something that only a whore will think about doing. Look at how his “relationship” with Victoria was supposed to play out. If Renee has an ounce of sense she will maintain her FRIENDSHIP with Anatoly. A man in his 20’s with his amount of extreme wealth, power and sex appeal will only equal empty tissue boxes, lonely days and nights of listening to Mary J. Blige, an extra 15 lbs, and a vow to get even with him. Save yourself the heartache and just remain his best friends. There is no limit to the amount of attention and gifts a man like this will shower onto the best friend who knows all of his secrets.

    • It sounds like you have the key to holding Anatoly in your arms. Hold him long enough to hug him then release him. It’s going to be hard for any woman to do.

      Victoria was a special case. She did try to sleep with Dmitry. You have to wonder if that was in Anatoly’s head the entire time.

      I do have to share with you guys that Anatoly thinks back to that situation in his book. Goody. Goody.

      However, there was Briggy. He did her horribly. Don’t worry. We revisit her too. A man’s crap always comes home to roost. Or at least, I’d like to hope so. And that’s a jab right at my ex-boyfriend’s ribs. I hope he’s somewhere in a high-rise in Manhattan getting the crap kicked out of him by transgender dominatrix (he’s such a womanizer! it would serve him right).

      Now, back to the other thing. Ah yes. Can a woman hold her own to his will? Good question. I think you’re right. You’re smart to stay away at first, because once you have that first taste, you’re done for.

  7. Hey!

    Personally, I would rather have him as just a good friend, without benefits. Sure, he is powerful and attractive, but he has a lot of baggage. His life is already complicated before you even factor in the women, and I don’t know of any woman who would actually like to share a man with other women on a serious level. Even if it is just for “fun”, there is a fine line that usually leads to someone getting hurt. It’s also about maturity, not necessarily about age. I think he has the potential to be in a monogamous relationship, but if he continues to sleep around, he may not realize and value what he has with Renee until it is too late. You can’t change someone who isn’t ready for change.

    Keep up the great work!

    • Chaz,

      One of the things we will explore in this book is how open Renee and Anatoly are with each other. It’s a great deal different from the relationship with Royal and Dmitry at first. So, could he? Yes? Will he? Maybe?

      I am playing each scenario over on paper, so my hands hurt, and one sounds more probable than others.

      You know who comes to mind. TIGER. Rrrrr. Poor thing. His purr got him in trouble. I won’t fault him alone, because the women that threw themselves at him were just as liable, but in a real-life context, have we seen men be faithful.

      Do you think that Prince Harry will be faithful to his beautiful little future queen? Do we excuse the rich and famous men in our lives from being faithful as long as they put on a good show?

      My head hurts. This discussion is the bomb!

  8. Hi Latrivia 🙂

    Millions, Young, Beautiful, and Ambitious. To me that says it all. Why would/should he just settle for one, when there are so many. I can’t see Anatoly waking up anytime soon and saying , ” Hey, I want only one woman” Lol. He still can’t come to grips with Dmitry’s decision to be only with Royal. So, I don’t think he’s even close to being ready to “settle” down. However, with all the qualities that Anatoly possess, it doesn’t mean that he can’t have true loving feelings for a particular woman. If I was Renee, I would remain his friends without benefits…OK.. maybe one or two love but I’m stingy like that. And Renee seems like the down-the-earth type and no nonsense. I can’t see her putting herself in that position to having her heart broken even if she wanted too. But who knows..women do crazy things for love sometimes. On the other hand, If I had to chose between lover or friends with benefits, it would be neither. Because the Medlov qualities would make just about any gurl fall head over heels and girfriend would be in jail for whooping some girls ass…hehe.

    Until next time,

    • Ms. Kelly M!

      Yes, you are right. The Medlov men do have qualities that will have you up late at night writing poetry and carving your turkey knife.

      Anatoly is up for the battle of his young heart. We see that there are several women after him,but the real question is who would he chase?

      The reason I asked if he could be faithful is because I’ve yet to see it in a man at his age. Now, keep in mind that I don’t know more than two handfuls of rich young men, but the one’s that I do know LOVE GIRLS!!

      One of our readers spoke to it earlier. Can he maintain and truly gain respect with a woman? Plus, you just brought up a good point. He hasn’t even come to grips with Royal yet, so how can he want the same?

      As for the woman, I think it would be easy to stay faithful to Anatoly unless he had a cousin….

  9. Hi Latrivia,

    Good question, Anatoly is a very complex character, and as you stated he is young and wealthy and good looking. I guess it depends on what that woman is looking for in life, and would she be able to live with her decision. For some reason I can’t see a man having any difficulty with either decision. I think that we women no matter what we may tell ourselves initialy at the start, our emotions always get the better of us. Once physical contact is made we usually fall hard after. Personally I’d try to stay away from him, it just seems as if things would end badly. Please don’t break my heart and have him mistreat Renee.

    • Negrita,

      It seems that Renee is Anatoly’s last hope to save face. Personal contact always leads to the penalty box, so goes in hockey, so goes in life.

      But would a story be good with the two of them not having a physical encounter? I don’t know. What’s going to be awesome is that you’ll see Anatoly both in and out of his element. In previous novels, he’s always been in, but to see him not in complete control in this book may save him. Let’s hope.

      I’ll try not to break your heart with this one, but it may get dinged up just a bit:-) Wow, you guys make it hard to keep a secret!


  10. Anatoly is young and still has a lot of living to do. He is like a typical 20 year old but at the same time he is not. I think coming into his own as the boss of the Medlov Crime Family is going to take up a lot of his time and energy because he has to fight for every ounce of respect he gets. The outsiders coming into the picture puts him in an even more precarious position. He’ll make time for the occasional fling but nothing serious because he’s doesn’t want the distraction, end up like his dad or appear weak in the eyes of the family. He’ll however need someone to keep him grounded and I think Renee would be the perfect person for the job….even if it’s just as friends.

    • Won’t it be interesting to figure out if he can come to the same conclusion. Men at that age want to have their cake and eat it too. The more pressure that they have, the more they falter!!!

      Thanks for your reply. I agree at 20 something, men don’t really see things for what they really are:-)

  11. it was funnie to hear your show tonight. one question that I want to ask you were all your readers can listen is what happened to the relationship you had with your own russian you keep saying that you have had no such relationship but there are many of us who know otherwise. do you care to speak about this or is it two removed. your memory is amazing but your secrets continue to come out on paper.

  12. Anatoly is young,very wealthy,and gorgeous. Why should he be with one woman?His life is not very conducive to a good relationship, besides his head turns to easy to any woman in his eyesight.Dmitry was nearly 40 when Royal came in his life and once he saw her no other woman exsited. Renee would not settle for lover or friend with benefits she knows she deserves more, besides she has Anatoly card.When she told him she was going on a date just by his tone she knew he was jealous and he tried to put a guilt trip on her and she ignored him because she knows him they are friends. He is just Ana not “Boss Anatoly Medlove”she does not fear him like the others fear him.

  13. hi,
    i have a feeling that Rene will be the woman who have Anatholy in the palm of her hands, while the other women will be stretching forth their hands to be held by Anatholy,but it will take a lot out of him ,via , his cousin , Victoria , Destiny , and even other outside forces , for Rene’s grip to be felt by Anatholy.

  14. Hello Girlfriend,
    To answer your question; can you have really mind-blowing, heart-pounding, blood-boiling sex with this guy and still just want to be friends? Yes! This female would have to be an equal to Anatoly in every way. She needs to be smart, strong, controlling, quick in action, and a cold hearted bitch. Step on anyone an anything that got in her way to climb whatever ladder that she is climbing. She is an Nubain Queen, tall in stature and curves in all in the right places (P.H.A.T.) Ha ha ha. In charge in the boardroom as well as in the bedroom here they will be fighting; Who is to be in charge there! Steaming Hott.

    I think that everyone has great idea’s and points on what a twenty something male would act like. Now Anatoly is not an average twenty something male. He has been through many things starting with his first kill of the man who wanted his younger sister even at her really young age. He has seen his father and others with many women and a great amount of death. He himself has had many women and more than enough kill’s of his own. He has also seen love not just Dmitry and Royal, but the love of his mother and Ana. Real love changes things. Your heart loves who it loves no matter what, and I believe that is what will draw Anatoly to Renee. It will draw a good girl like Renee to Anatoly because she already knows what he does for a living, knows he is an whore and this has not stop her heart from loving who it loves. Real love is like a drug once you get a taste of the real thing you can’t help but crave more. Anatoly like his father is jealous of the people he loves. And no matter who or what he goes through he loves Renee and she needs to be a daily part if his life. Ahh but when he gets that first taste of Renee and him in the bedroom with the mind-blowing hot bedroom sex it will be on. Hence a monogamous relationship for a twenty something male name Anatoly Medlov.


      • I would answer yes. In Dmitry’s Closet, it was her and Corey who tried to tell Royal that Dmitry was more than just a business owner and that he may have ties to the mafia. Given the war scene played out in downtown Memphis that was all over the news and Royal’s “death” I’m sure Renee knows what Anatoly does on some level. She is a smart girl. 😉 I’m so excited to read how her relationship with “Ana” will play out.

      • Sonya,

        She’s definitely a smart girl. I think this is what Anatoly likes about her. She’s not Royal (not that Royal was bad). In fact, she’s so strong until Anatolywill use for a source of his own strength, but not regarding the Vory, just with his own personal feelings and how he deals with his family.

        Her Ana has her back!

        Have a happy turkey day,

        Latrivia S. Nelson

    • Kaye,

      You’re so right. She would have to be his equal. She would have to be EVERYTHING that you said to really make him bow down, but who could do that but Victoria? I’m just kidding. I won’t do that him. Kaye, what are you doing? You and K. Mitchell should be writing books. Really, there are so many factors that will create an atmosphere for a real relationship and so many factors that will tear it down in this story until you’re going to go insane. I can’t wait for you to read it!


  15. Hey Girl fried, Thank you for thinking I am capable of such a feat, but I just love to read.
    I await the book, I know it going to be great.


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