Back in the Swing of Things: Latrivia Returns to the Internet

Ladies, I apologize for my long absence from you. Many of you wondered if I had driven off into the sunset and forgotten my pen and pad.  The answer is no.  The gift that keeps giving, wounds from Iraq (OIF), have revisited our little military family. Adam is currently preparing for another series of serious surgeries to repair his spine from a bomb blast a few years ago. So, as I have spent many hours being the dutiful wife (which I consider an honor), I have been typing away and counting my blessings in the early and late hours of the day. Now, as we finalize the surgeries, I’m back in the swing of things. Adam and I have come to grips with what has to be done and I can focus on writing again. It truly is a way for me to vent my frustrations and pull myself out of my daily reality (which isn’t bad at all but it is reality).

So, what’s been happening with Anatoly, Nicola and Dmitry, you might ask. SO MUCH. The keyboard has been burning up with new ideas. I’ve been reading all of your wonderful comments and plan to reply if I can. If I don’t reply however to old comments, rest assured that I plan to reply to the new ones that you post. Also, I’m writing The Chronicles of Young Dmitry Medlov. These will be short stories over the next year to give us all the background on our favorite character and his life pre-Royal. I don’t know if I’ll put these on Amazon, but I’ll be selling them as PDFs here on my site for $3. Please let me know if you think that is a reasonable rate for short stories.

One other little gem that I’ve written is The Ugly Girlfriend. It’s a short story about love in Phoenix between Mitchell and LaToya. I hope that you all enjoy it. This week, we also have some radio shows coming up. Send me your emails at and I’ll be sure to read them. You’ll also notice that The Medlov Series will have its own talk show too to answer the many questions and talk about the series. To learn more, go to for times, call in number and other info.

Gabe’s storyline is coming together. In the next few entries, we’ll talk about rivaling family members and how it can impact the entire family. As you know, Anatoly and Gabe are not the best of friends. Their differences will be what rocks this book. There will also be some other special treats. One question that has been asked a hundred time is, will Renee find out about Royal? The answer is yes. I can tell you that their reunion will be explosive. Well, that’s it for tonight but I look forward to you letting me know your thoughts about the radio show, the short stories, The Ugly Girlfriend and the small fee for good literature.

XoXo and all that jazz,


9 thoughts on “Back in the Swing of Things: Latrivia Returns to the Internet

  1. Hey Latrivia
    I’ll be praying for your family during this difficult period, I hope Adam makes a fast and complete recovery.
    I’m completely psyched about the stories progressing and the short stories to come. I’ll be checking for you on blog Radio.
    We missed you,

  2. Hey Latrivia,

    I’m praying for you and your family. I have had some trial myself the last few weeks and have been dealing with family issues also, but you know what they say, “if it doesn’t kill us…” I am looking forward to reading your new material and will continue to support you and work.

  3. Hi Latrivia!
    First of all – My prayers go out to you and your family at this difficult time. I pray that your husband makes a speedy recovery! As a recently retired Navy Corpsman, and still working with Navy medical, I see our wounded warriors every day. It’s saddens me.
    I’m a new member to your site and love your work from the moment I read your first book! 🙂 Now I’m hooked on The Medlov Family and can’t wait to read the rest of the series!!
    May God Bless you and keep you to continue your wonderful writing!

    • Thanks Wanda,

      I appreciate your very kind words and prayers. I read your comment to Adam and he told me to tell you thank you for your prayers and your service.

      Things like this make me want to keep writing. Thanks for the inspiration.


  4. I love helping our troops and I know he’ll have the BEST surgeon to take care of him. Keep your head up and God will do the rest! 🙂

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