Anatoly Medlov: Complete Reign (Chapter Three)

I can’t give you everything. It would spoil the book, but I will help on the discussion.  Pardon me everyone, if I don’t respond the previous posts.  They were all great, and I used them to write, but I finally got the bug back and wanted to use it to get more work done on Anatoly.  In the meantime,  I hope that you will enjoy chapter three.  Please forgive the typos.  Anatoly Medlov: Complete Reign has been completely draining.  I actually had to write a short story that had nothing to do with this book just to direct my creativity.  Enough whining from me.  I love this stuff and I love you guys.  Read, enjoy, discuss. 

Chapter Three

Kapotnya (Moscow)

Anatoly looked out the window of Land Rover as it escorted him down the MDK beltline.  It was dreary Wednesday afternoon, and the smoke of the Moscow Oil Refinery billowed up between spurts of hot fire into the atmosphere and darkened the horizon. 

He and his men were headed to the Kapotnya district.  It was a place that he had not visited in many years, but though it was one of the poorest and most crime infested areas in all of Moscow, it was his home. 

Running his hands over the console, he let his window down and smelled the air.  As thick, strong contaminants filled the back of the SUV, he closed his eyes and thought of his last drive down this stretch of highway away from this place as just a boy many years ago.  Behind heavy dark shades and a black eye, he mourned the world that his mother begged him to leave, but he had done so obediently for her sake.

He had left hastily it with tears in his eyes with a pocket of cash, a garbage bag of clothes and his passport. 

She had given him all the money that they had in savings and begged him to go to the USA to find his father.  “Find Dmitry,” she urged in his box of a bedroom with a waded hand of rubles that were stained with smut from hiding them in the fireplace as she stood in a work smock and her blonde hair pulled back in a wispy ponytail.  Lips twisted and eyes full of pain, she packed his things quickly and kissed him on his cheek before she sent him away.

He remembered that fateful night out in the courtyard of their impoverished apartment complex when he shot a man dead by the swing set.  He was only 18 then and full of rage.  His mother had worried that he would be sent to prison or worse.  And while he did not fear his future, she did.  Little did she know that he had been in a gang since he was ten years old.  To go to prision would simply put him on a quicker path to the Vory and gain him more respect, but she told him that he would face a fate worse than being a Vor if he stayed.  “You must go,” he remembered her saying. “And you must never, ever come back, Anatoly – not even when I die.”

She had always feared for her eldest son – a blonde, stout, quiet young man with eyes full of rage and a heart full of malice.  His first murder had been one of necessity.  The forty-year-old man he had slain had eyes set on his sister, a girl barely twelve years old.  When he saw the man rubbing his sister’s hair on the swing and offering her a piece of candy to go up to his apartment for a while, he pulled his gun and shot him in his head.  It had been a quick, respectful death – more than the man had deserved.  He never got a chance to tell his mother that part – that the man had been a letch.  Instead, like always, he kept his secrets.  Besides, they all thought that he had gone mad.  And maybe they were right, but that man would never have his sister.

Since he had come to the states, however, only one other murder had been a necessity.  It was a shame that that one had to be his uncle.  He looked down at his hands as he thought of the day that he put a bullet through Ivan’s back in his father’s mansion and watched his giant body fall forward.  That day, he knew that he was a murderer, because before he had never enjoyed murder, but after that day, he had. 

 “Boss, do you really want to go inside of place?  There is a group there now.  They cleared the hallways just in case,” Vasily informed him, looking back at his young boss sitting in the back in a daze.

“Why wouldn’t I want to go up there?” Anatoly asked. “I came all this way, didn’t I.”  His blue eyes were ice cold. 

Vasily didn’t respond.  He simply looked over at the driver and nodded.  Anatoly eyed them both for a moment, then adverted his stare back out the window.  He rode the rest of the way with a clear mind and thought of nothing.



The residence of the small, impoverished community gathered curiously as the convoy of luxury vehicles pulled in front of Anatoly’s old apartment building.  Quickly, men began to file out and stand on both sides of the cars before Anatoly’s door was opened.  The grand show made him mildly embarrassed.  He paused as he looked out of the truck, then proceeded to step out and look around.  Amazingly, nothing had changed.  He wasn’t sure how he felt about that.

Vasily stood by him looking around like a secret service agent on duty for the President.  Again, one more thing to further embarrass Anatoly as he and his entourage made their way through the crowds to the tall, bricked building that housed his mother’s belongings.  Someone called out his name from afar, but he didn’t bother to look up.  He was certain that many people from around this place remembered him.  Many, before he left, had told him how he would never amount to anything.  Look at me now, he thought.  And they did look.  Only even in their wonderment, they were now afraid.  Word traveled fast, and the word was that the Boss had come to Kapotnya to pay respects to a woman who he had abandoned in her final hours.  If his callousness had not been evident before, it was now.  He didn’t even care for family.  A true Vor.  Only true to the code. 

The thought sent chills through his body.  If they only knew that she would not have him, that she was so proud of what he had become until she didn’t want him to ever look back at where he had come from, maybe then they wouldn’t judge him so harshly.  Then words from his father filled his head.  Without Dmitry being there to physically say it, he heard him.  “You don’t owe these peons an explanation.  Pay your respects and move on.

He did just that.  Lifting his head, he moved up the concrete steps with his men to the fourth floor with the speed of a lion.  It wasn’t that he was afraid to be in a very vulnerable position of staircases and sure doom if caught in an ambush, it was simply that he wanted this over with…done and finished.

With halogen lights blinking and the smell of old urine in trash-filled corners, with people opening their doors and looking out of their peepholes, he passed quickly through the now guarded hallway to his mother’s apartment.  The door was already open and his men stood inside and out with guns, protecting him from everything except his fear of what awaited him on the other side of the door.

Quietly, he walked inside of the dingy, dark apartment and ordered the men to leave.  He stood in the box of a living room as they cleared the apartment and left.  He didn’t turn to see the door close, but he heard it, heard his men barking for the residents to stay out of the hallways, not to come any farther.  He smirked, then turned his attention to his old home.

In the silence of the darkness, he heard the raggedy ceiling fan making its constant evolutions only inches above him.  The cool, stale air eased the sweat on his brow.  He slipped his hands in his pockets and surveyed the room.  Not much had changed, except he pictures on small wooden tables.  He kneeled down and looked.  Could it be?  His little sister had grown all the way up.  She was beautiful, even more so than when she was a young child.  Reaching out, he ran his hand very gently over the frame and debated whether he should take it.

 “I was 15 on that picture,” a girl’s voice said from the far corner, a smile nearly colored her broken accent.

Anatoly looked up from the picture at the wall.  He knew that voice.  Standing back up, he was slow to turn around.  He heard her feet walking over the old, stained shag carpet.  Suddenly, he was no longer a boss, just a boy standing face-to-face with is little sister in his mother’s house.

“It’s been long time, Anastasiya,” he said, taking his hand out of his pockets, preparing to hug her, if she would just move closer to him. 

 His eyes committed her every feature to memory.  Long, bone-straight, blonde hair.  Pale skin only interrupted by rosy, high cheeks.  Full pink lips curved into a heart shape.  Bright, big blue eyes.  Skinny frame.  Petite.  She had grown into a simple woman.  She wore a long denim skirt and a simple white cotton shirt.  With no makeup, you could see dark circles under her angelic eyes.  “You’re still as beautiful as I remember,” he confessed.  He bowed his head in respect. 

“I’m surprised that you remember anything,” she said frowning.  Leaning against the doorway, she held tight to the Bible in her hand.  “The rest of the family is already at the church.  No one wanted to wait for you.”

Anatoly looked up surprised.  “Why are you so angry with me?”  He was dumb founded by her reaction to his presence.  He could feel her rage from across the room. 

“It’s not me who is angry with you, Anatoly.  It is God,” she said in a matter-of-fact tone. 

“For not being there for Mat‘?” 

She shook her head in disgust.  “No.  For doing the devil’s work each and every day.  But I’m praying for you, brat.  I’m praying that God will help you, heal you.  Right now, you think that you’re really big man, because you have so many lost boys to follow you and die for you and kill for you.  But soon, you will see the error in your ways.  I only hope that after you do, you will fall on your knees and beg Him for His divine mercy.” 

Anatoly was speechless.  Something humbled him.  He didn’t shout at her, tell her that his road started trying to save her.  Instead, he simply smiled.  “I’m glad to know that you are safe and well, syestra,” he said, trying to mask his pain with sarcasm.  “Since the family has already gone without me, I suspect that I should head over to the church for my mother’s funeral.”

 “Yes,” she said, walking closer to him.  “This is for you.”  She passed him the brown, leather-bound Bible. 

 He took it in his hands, brushing hers as he did.  They looked at each other for a moment, eye-to-eye. 

 “It is the same one that helped me find my way.  I hope that it helps you find yours in time,” she said pulling away.

“Can I offer you a ride?” he asked, unsure of what to say.

“No.  I said my goodbyes to Mat‘ at hospital,” she smiled.  “I don’t plan to go to funeral.  I took care of her alone until her death.  What is left at the church is only memories, and I do not care to remember her in casket.”  Touching his face gently with her cold, boney fingers, she gave a crooked smile and turned to walk to the door.

“But I have so many questions,” Anatoly whispered.  He looked down at the floor and tried to bare the pain of feeling the separation from her with every step that she took.

“There are no answers here for you, brat.  It’s best that you pay your final respects and move on.”  With that and without looking back, she opened the front door and left. 


The church was smaller than he remembered.  This had been a place that he had visited many Sundays as a young boy, and yet he felt like a stranger inside of it now.  Begrudgingly reminiscing over his childhood and his saint of a mother, he sat in the front pew with his estranged sisters and brothers as the priest talked. 

He was too strong and too proud to dare let a tear drop from his tired eyes, but his heart was heavy.  And it was suddenly apparent to him how mortal he was and how unloved he was by so many that he genuinely care for. 

Looking forward with his eyes focused on the casket, he would not lay eyes on his family, who stared at him in between their sobs like he was a leper.  He knew from his brief moments with Anastaysia what they thought of him. Scumb.  Dirt.  Thug.  He wondered now if their animosity stemmed from their lack luster lives that consisted of mundane existences that his mother had inadvertently saved him from with her insistence of him leaving the country. 

In his mind, on the trip to Moscow, he imagined that they might at least be a little proud of him or at least happy that he had survived.  Unfortunately, his imagination had not yielded realistic results. 

His little brother, Immanuil, sat furthest from him stealing glances that didn’t exactly mirror that family’s consensus of utter hatred. Anatoly could tell that he so wanted to reach out to him.  His mossy green eyes sparkled when he saw him as he entered the sanctuary, but his middle brother held him back with a firm grip and admonishing words that he hissed in the little boy’s ear.   

Arseny, his middle brother, was a constant reminder of why he hated this place.  They barely spoke to each other, even after many years of separation, and in fact, he still did not call when their mother passed. Arseny was a prick like that.  A devoted Catholic.  A straight-laced, pussy with good grades and a bad physique who hid his shortcomings with sharp wit and a community-college degree that he held with the esteem of a Harvard cum laude graduate.  They were complete opposites of each other in every way, and they both hated each other for it.

In the back of the church, the doors flung open, bringing with it the light of day.  Attention turned from the lonely casket and the drawn up ceremony at the front to the parade of men in the back.  Anatoly clenched his jaw and turned to see Davyd, his father’s head bodyguard enter with his men and then a long, processional of Russian mafia elite, including his father, who carried his little sister, Anya, in his arms and his wife, Royal, on his arm.  Dressed in designer black and looking more regal than anyone else besides Anatoly in the entire church, they made their presence known. The whispers quickly turned into a low rumble by the small crowd as the pseudo-royalty proceeded to the very front with such audacity, it was perceived as pure entitlement. 

 Anatoly could feel the scowl on his brother’s face, even without turning around, but how he enjoyed it.  Even the priest stopped talking and watched on baffled.   The seven-foot tall, blonde notorious boss of Moscow slipped into the pew behind his son with his family and members of council in tow and sat down, while his twenty-man crew disbursed around the church.

Leaning forward and ignoring the attention, his father put his hand on Anatoly’s shoulder.  “Sorry that we are so late.  Forgive my interruption there was delay with my jet,” he said gracefully.  He looked down the pew at his son’s brother and gave him a how-dare-you-look-at-me scowl and then turned his attention back to his son.

“It is no interruption, papa,” Anatoly said, patting his father’s hand.  “I am happy that you are here.”  He turned and looked at the man in his face. He wanted his father to know his sincerity.

“What did you expect?  We support our own, especially during bereavement.”  Dmitry did not say it, but he knew that something had gone awfully wrong in his absence, and he intended to rectify any misperception that he would allow any disrespect of his son or the Vory v Zakone. 

“Hi, Anatoly,” his little sister Anya waved, unable to hold her peace.  “Can I sit up there with you?”

Anatoly smiled.  He was relieved in ways words would simply not describe.  “Da, come here,” he said, reaching for her.  Picking the small three-year-old up, he pulled her across the pew and put her on his lap.  She rustled around in her black lace dress and put her brother’s arms around her.  Resting her head on his chest, she ran her small fingers up and down his arm and kicked her legs happily.

“Be good, Anya,” Royal warned barely above a whisper.  “Remember what we talked about in the car.  This is your brother’s time…not yours.”  Dmitry’s beautiful young wife’s Southern American English accent drew even more attention. It wasn’t enough that she was a breathtaking black woman dressed to the heals with an air of entitlement that rivaled Putin’s but she also flickered with every turn due to the many diamonds that her husband had adorned her with.

“I will, Mommy,” Anya answered obediently.  She bent to her brother’s ear and whispered.  “Mommy brought you a present to make you feel better.”

“Did she?” Anatoly humored her.  “Well, we’ll get it after, eh?”

Anya nodded her head and turned her attention to priest.

Suddenly, Anatoly did not feel alone anymore.  His real family had finally arrived and in undeniable style. 


 At the burial site, as Anatoly came to grips with final thoughts of his mother, he wiped his tears and looked up from the lowering casket to see his father with his eyes planted on an individual across the small crowd.  Because of Dmitry’s height, he could see over the people directly to one man of comparable height across from them.  Their eyes were deadlocked on one another with menacing stares – a conversation taking place without words.  He looked around to see Dmitry’s men making their way to the man, slowly and undetected by the others.  A sense of sudden urgency overwhelmed him, a sense of anger filled him. 

Was he not even allowed to grieve, to just be a regular person at his own mother’s funeral.  Was there ever a day that he could just be?  The answer was obviously no.  There was nothing normal about a Vory, especially a boss. 

As the priest told them to go in peace, Anatoly’s thoughts went to the gun in its holster under his suit jacket.  He motioned for his men to follow his father and was mildly angry that he had not spotted him on his own.

The crowd disbursed quickly, and his family moved quickly from his presence and disappeared with the crowds to the cars lined up along the cemetery road.  Anatoly did not get a chance to say goodbye. It would have been frivolous anyway.  Instead, he followed his father, who bolted across the burial site to the man and grabbed the man by his arm as he turned to walk away.

Who are you,” Dmitry demanded in a low deep growl.

The man looked up with a mischievous smile.  He didn’t have to look to far up, he was almost Dmitry’s height, almost his size.  He pulled away carefully and cleared his voice.

“Gabriel,” he said in an American English accent.

The man’s men gathered around, along with Dmitry’s men and Anatoly’s men.  They were making a spectacle.  Royal, Dmitry’s wife, grabbed her young daughter and was escorted by her bodyguard, Davyd back to her car.  She knew a problem when she saw one after many years of being married into such a complicated family.

Dmitry looked back as he limo pulled off with his wife.  Clever Royal.  He smiled, relieved that his wife knew his place and relieved that in her absence, his cuffs were off.

“Gabriel who?” he said, pointing for the man to walk as they talked.  Their small entourage followed behind them.

“Medlov,” the man answered.  “Gabriel Medlov.”  A smile colored his lips.  With a twinkle in his eye, he turned on the Medlov charm.

“Impossible,” Anatoly scoffed, looking up at the man. 

“Hardly,” Gabriel answered Anatoly.  His voice was a deep, hollow baritone that carried in the wind.  He stopped and turned towards the two confronting men.  “My father was Ivan Medlov…your brother, I believe,” he looked at Dmitry, “And your uncle,” he said, looking at Anatoly.

Dmitry stopped and looked the young man in the eyes.  They were mossy green with sparkles of deep blue hidden under long, dark lashes.  His hair was wavy, short black.  His skin was pale, only colored by the redness of irritation.  He had striking features like his father – prominent cheek bones, a wide chiseled jaw, a perfectly slender nose, thick, naturally arched black eyebrows and perfectly white, sparkling teeth clenched under full lips that narrowed at the bottom.  A hint of freckles colored his face, most shockingly, he had his father smirk.

Dmitry believed Gabriel.  He believed that he was looking at his nephew, at his brother’s son, even without proof, but he went through the formalities.  It would be just like some police agency to send a look-alike to infiltrate his organization. 

He stepped back a bit and looked at the man, sized him up.  The boy was about six feet, seven inches tall.  He had a wide, bulky frame that he hid under a black, tailored suit.  And he had the Medlov stance – confident, cocky, unmoved.

“Why haven’t I heard of you before?” Dmitry asked.

“My father didn’t think that it was smart to tell you about me,” he said, looking at Anatoly.  “Wow, the apple truly did fall far from the tree that time, didn’t it?”  He looked at the short, stocky blonde boss, Anatoly and suddenly felt a bit of superiority.  He was barely six-feet tall. To call him a Medlov was almost blasphemous.   

Anatoly grinned.  “I’ll have your head for dinner if you say one more fucking word. Opening his coat pocket, he flashed a shiny blade.  “Your papa ever show you how one of these works?  You put in to the neck and slice.”

“Easy boys,” Dmitry said amused.   He turned to Gabriel.  “Why are you here?”

“I heard that the family had a loss.  I’d never really laid eyes on you.  I couldn’t help it.  I had to come.  I was already here on business.”

“What business are you in?” Dmitry asked.

“Are you serious?” Gabriel asked.

“Boy, do not think that I will cut you this much slack,” he said, putting his thumb and index finger together.  “Now answer me,” his voice was firm. “What is your business here?”

Dmitry’s men prepared to pull their guns.  Anatoly’s men had already pulled theirs.

Gabriel looked around and decided to defuse the situation.  There was no sense of dying on the first meeting.  He looked at his men and lowered his hand, ordering them to put away their weapons.

“Down, boys.”  He turned and looked at his uncle.  “Primarily, identify.  But I’m dabbling now in guns and…” he laughed.  “Meth.”  He hunched his shoulders.  It was known that the Medlov’s did not deal in drugs or human trafficking. 

“Bad cocktail,” Dmitry said shaking his head.  “Where are you based?”

“New York.”

 “Fucking Liar.  If you were there, I would have heard about it,” Anatoly said appalled.

Gabriel looked at Anatoly and raised his brow.  The guy had a real chip on his shoulder.  “I’ve been there for quite a while, but we don’t run our operations like the old Vor – no disrespect or anything.  All of my men have college degrees and professions outside of their professions, if you know what I mean.  No one is doing it the old way. We’ve found a new cover, and it works better.  It keeps the…cops off of us and our product.”

Dmitry didn’t blink.  A million thoughts processed instantly.  A college degree?  He’s always wanted Anatoly to go to college.  He was glad that someone had been able to do both.  Relaxing his tense shoulders, he looked over at his son and smiled.  “Do you have dinner plans tonight, Anatoly?”

Da,” Anatoly said staring Gabriel in the eyes. 

“Cancel them.  You’re going to have dinner with your cousin tonight.”

“What about me?  I’ve got plans,” Gabriel said interrupting.  He had his father’s wit. 

“No, you don’t,” Dmitry said, turning back around to Gabriel.  “And if you don’t check tonight by seven with my men, you don’t leave this country alive.”

Gabriel swallowed hard but wiped the smirk from his face.  “Oh, I’ll check out.  Call New York.  They refer to me to college boy.  They’ll tell you my whole story.”  He slipped his fists in his pockets. “So where’s dinner, unc?”

Dmitry’s eye flinched.  “My hotel.  Seven.”

“Where’s that?” he asked pulling out his Blackberry.

If you’re running shit like you say that you are, you’ll find it on your own and be there on time. If not, I’ll find you and I’ll be there,” Dmitry said, turning to walk away with his men.

“Nice meeting you,” Gabriel said as the men left.  He could help but grin to himself.  He slipped his hands in his pockets and turned to his men.

26 thoughts on “Anatoly Medlov: Complete Reign (Chapter Three)

    • Good Morning Deramise, It will be ready to pre-order in December hopefully, but don’t quote me on that. I want so bad for this book to be done. It’s killing me to sleep. I want to type all day!!!! I’m so glad that you love it.

      Thanks so much! Latrivia

  1. Latriviaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love love love it!!!!!!!!!! It’s enough teasing me girlfriend..I can’t take I want this book You’re doing such a great job but as much as I can’t wait for this book to come out, I don’t think you should give away to much more. What I just read is excellent!!!
    Much love and blessings to you and yours!!!

    Your die hard fan Kelly 🙂

    • Hi Kelly, It’s great to hear from you. I wanted to give you guys a little info on the background just so you can see. I can’t give you anymore, but I wanted you all to have something. All of the blog member comments really fuel me. I’ve been writing like crazy!!!!! I hope that you guys did enjoy. Let’s just hope my fingers keep typing and get this done ASAP!!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you again, Latrivia

  2. Fantastic!
    I get the sense that Anatoly’s relatives would have been pissed at him even if he wasn’t Vor. I’m so happy that Anatoly recognizes that he has a family and they truly care for him. Can’t wait to see how the story develops.

  3. I want to know a little more on the story of Anatoly’s mother and Dmitry. Was she someone Dmitry grewup with/from the same neighborhood/church? Dmitry went to see her right before he left for America and when Anatoly killed that lecher his mother sent him off to america to find Dmitry. Just the fact that his mother told Anatoly and he knew about his father from a young age speaks a great deal or am I thinking too much???????
    OMG!!!! To see them rolling up in the church like that would be a sight to see.

    • Hi Jennifer,

      Some of these questions won’t be answered in Anatoly’s book, but they will be answered in Dmitry’s short stories. This will give readers a true look back at what made Dmitry what he is.

      Great point and definitely not too much!


  4. I can’t wait until this book comes out. I am so addicted to Anatoly and his story. I really hope Anatoly and Renee hook up. I want to see Anatoly happy.

  5. Hi,
    as a first timer , i will like to state , that i fell in love with the Medlov family , as dysfunctional as they are i love them all , what i will like to see is the reaction of Demity in the labor room , when Royal is ready to have their baby .i will also like to know if there will be a fiction with Anya and her love for her Papa and this new born , if it is a boy well i know that it will cause it .( the fiction )because i believe that Demitry will be a smothering father to that child.

  6. Hi Latrivia ,

    Has anyone approach you about making a T V series or movie on the Medlov family? personally i will love to see a T V series ,like a life time movie on the family , i wish to God that happens , i will support any movement for such , just pick the same models to represent in the movie.

    • Hi Rosalie,

      We are currently fleshing out Anatoly to start pitching the entire series after his book is released! Wish us well:-) I hope that we can all watch it on TV soon or even at the movies. What a sight to see!


  7. Hi Mrs. Nelson.

    Thank you so much for this. I needed my Anatoly fix bad. It seems that the relationship with his siblings has broken down over time and that saddens me. Now I will attempt to keep and open mind & heart regarding Gabriel, I have to understand that it probably isn’t easy being Ivans son, but so far the vibe I’m getting isn’t a good one. This is all the more reason why I think Anatoly needs a strong woman to have his back. There are to many wolves surrounding him.

    XOXO, and keep up the great work.
    I LOVE THIS BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!

    • We will really see the wolves come out this time. We will see a stronger Anatoly. This is where all his childish ways (if he had any) will be forced away and we will watch him grow into a true man. I hope to make you proud. Gabe will intrigue everyone. He’s the ultimate wild card.


  8. i hope i would not have to feel sorry for Anatholy, that is why i believe that Rene will be his strength , and shield ,from Victoria and Gabe , i want to see Anatholy give Rene the same kind of attention his father gave Royal.

  9. Hmmm.. I guess I am the only one who sees Anatoly and Renee as just friends. I don’t see a happily ever after ( in a romantic sense) between them. Maybe I’ll be surprised. But Renee doesn’t seem like the right fit for Anatoly in my opinion. I’m thinking more on the lines of…. Destiny, perhaps 🙂

    Just checking in. January is getting closer. Can’t wait to find it all out!!!

    I also think that it would be nice to have a short scene with Dmitry and Royal going through the labor pains together since we didn’t see it with Anya. It would be funny to see Royal cursing Dmitry out during labor for making her go through the labor pains again and seeing Dmitry humor her. :):)

    Hiya Latrivia,

    Hope all is well!!


    • Hi Kelly,

      Looks like you’re going to get a great deal of what you ask for:-) There is a scene where she gives birth and its amazing. I think that you guys are going to love it. It’s so fully charged with energy!!!

      Renee is a special story. You’ll see what I mean. There is love in the air but with whom:-) And considering that it’s Anatoly, for how long:-)

      Gosh, I have to hold on to it until January.

      Poor Me!


  10. Gabe , Victoria or Destiny, Anatholy and Rene,oh hell even Victoria and Davdy, why should i care , but leave Anatholy and Rene together, they have known each other too long .

    • Rosalie,

      You sound like you love the combination. Why do you? Is it because Renee’s so sweet or is it because she’s such a real sista?

      I’d love to read more about why you want them to be together so desperately.



  11. to rosalie,

    im with you on that….i feel anatoly and renee make a great couple. he is the bad boy who doesn’t care about nothing.but then you have renee who is sweet and charming and also street smart. she brings something out in anatoly. when he is around her he doesn’t have to be tuff, he can be himself. like his father….i hope they stay together and have a family……i feel they had something going on way back in the first book about royal……i can’t wait

    • I hope that I responded to this, but I think I read it and talked to myself, which is typical for me. You are right, Shae, in that they have so many qualities that are similiar to that of his father and Royal. It’s going to be strange to watch this one play out, however, because Renee is all sister girl.

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