Vying for His Father’s Love: Anatoly at Odds with Gabriel

(Excerpt from Anatoly Medlov: Complete Reign (c) 2010 RiverHouse Publishing, LLC)

Anatoly watched from a far as his father approached Gabriel.  They looked more like Medlov men than he as they stood face-to-face.  They both were unmistakable giants in stature, muscular in size, and most of all beautiful.  Their features appeared to be carved from the most stunning stone, every careful definition of their faces perfect and startling.  These were the type of men that people wrote about, that people marveled over and worshipped.  Anatoly hated that.  It was hard enough to live up to his father, now he had this bastard here vying for his attention, begging to outdo him.  He stood up from the window seal and cleared his throat.

In Anatoly’s story, one of the biggest components is the struggle for our main character to accept who he is and to grow into who he will be.  However, the wild card is the newest cousin, Gabriel. 

Do you ever remember vying for a parent’s love?  Whether it was a battle between siblings, cousins or an outside figure, competing for the affection of your parent is a painful and relentless process.  We remember that Anatoly only found his father as an adult.  So, we question how much love a father can actually have for a son in such a short time.  We will revisit this same question after the book comes out in the first weeks.  After reading, I want to know your thoughts about this.

There is also another sibling in the mix.  Anya.  However, the relationship is so different.  In many families, the age gap prevents rivalry.  Often we see the older sibling and younger sibling feel that they are not competition.  And with Dmitry and Anya, there is a special bond:

(Excerpt from Anatoly Medlov: Complete Reign (c) 2010 RiverHouse Publishing, LLC)

At the top of the stairs appeared the little girl from the funeral.  With caramel smooth skin that was only interrupted at her rosy cheeks, she appeared to be a living doll.  She stood barely three feet tall, a slender 50 lbs with liquid, long black hair and startling blue, hypnotizing eyes.  Clinching a teddy bear in silence, she watched the men as they talked with a clever grin on her face as if she knew exactly what was going on.  Gabriel peered over at her, unable to take his eyes off the beauty. 

“Daddy, can I come and sit with you?” she asked.  Her clear voice carried across the room like a song, stilling the quiet chaos that ran feverishly through the men’s pensive stares. 

Dmitry stopped his conversation in mid-sentence.  Eyes lighting up with every step that she took toward him, he extended his arms, received her with a homecoming hug, and pulled her into his embrace.  Gabriel watched in amusement. Such a small child commanded such reverse between the two men.  He looked over at his cousin and realized that even he had switched his focus.  While just a moment ago, he was adamantly opposed to him being in the room, he had all but forgotten him long enough to admire the young girl.  And his uncle was completely entranced.  It was evident without saying so that she was his reason for retirement.  The love was unmistakable.

Is it possible that Anya existence only fuses father and son further?  Does it bond them?  Does it give them something more in common? 

Anatoly and Anya do have a commonality that no one else in the world has…Dmitry.  At least for now, as we know, Royal is incubating a new Medlov…possibly the upcoming boss, possibly something far less sinister. 

However, we see Royal, in this book, take on a more controlling demeanor.  We also see how all the tragedy in her life is shaping her.  The bond of the Medlov family is almost complete:

 (Excerpt from Anatoly Medlov: Complete Reign (c) 2010 RiverHouse Publishing, LLC)

Their philosophical moment was over, however, when the black woman walked into the room, whom Gabriel assumed was this family’s Helen.  She strode in with her eyes locked on him like he was a leper or a snake.  With eyebrows spike and hands slipped into the pockets of her pants, she made her way over to Dmitry and stood behind his chair.  Placing her hands lovingly on the back of the chair as if to protect her small family, she broke her silence.

“I was wondering where you had run off to,” she said to her daughter. 

“Daddy’s having a meeting,” Anya informed her mother.  Looking over at Gabriel, she smiled.  “Who is he, daddy?” she asked in a near whisper. 

Gabriel thought that it was clever that the young girl had not asked the question when she had first come into the room.  Rather, she waited until her question would carry the most wait, garner the most attention, before she posed it.  Already methodical. 

“This is Gabriel,” Dmitry explained.  He would not clarify his presence any further, at least until he had irrefutable proof via DNA that the man was anything more to him. 

“Like the angel,” Royal said with a crooked smile.  He eyes gazed over him for a moment, summing the man up.  “Are you an arch angel, Gabriel?” she mocked.  “Have you a message from God?”

Gabriel could tell that he didn’t like her, but he knew that she was his key to get into this family.  The men couldn’t love the daughter as they did without loving the mother. 

“I guess that it is ironic that a man like myself would be given the name,” he agreed. “A Medlov could hardly ever be a messenger of God.”

“So you believe in nature versus nurture, do you?” Dmitry joked.  He raised Anya carefully off his knee and guided her to her mother.  “Love, let us finish this, da.  I’ll be in for dinner in a moment.”

“Alright, baby,” Royal said, taking her daughter’s hand.  Walking past Anatoly, she rubbed his back.   It was obvious she only approved of her stepson.  There was a bond there that was undeniable as well.  Her caring gaze turned from her pseudo-son to Gabriel and immediately turned to fire.  Gabriel knew that if he were not completely careful, this woman would be his end.

But the bond is not only about the traditional family.  Let’s not forget Davyd:

(Excerpt from Anatoly Medlov: Complete Reign (c) 2010 RiverHouse Publishing, LLC)

 An older man was standing in the corner looking at them the entire time, listening to their conversation and watching Gabriel’s every move.  He was stocky with a head of blondish gray hair tapered carefully around his pale face and startling blue eyes.  In a pair of black slacks and a black shirt, he brandished two very powerful weapons in holsters under his massive arms.  As Royal approached the stairs, he turned his attention and followed her and the child back into the other rooms of the suite.  Gabriel automatically assumed the man must have been their bodyguard as he could feel emanating across the room another aura of protection. 

Once Dmitry was sure that his wife was gone, he focused his attention back to the young men.  He had been calm the entire time, choosing his words carefully and keeping the conversation light for the most part.  Gabriel found it odd that he was so gentle.  He had expected a brooding man full of threats and words laced with violence, instead he had greeted by a man who had been all but forgiving of his father and respectful of everyone around him.

One thing that we must all remember is that the Medlov family is complex. And what is sweet in one taste can turn sour very quickly.  Gabriel doesn’t understand this, but he will soon find out.  This is going to be a mind game for both young men.  With Ivan out of the picture, the control is in Dmitry’s hands.  And we know that’s a very dangerous place to be.

20 thoughts on “Vying for His Father’s Love: Anatoly at Odds with Gabriel

  1. Wow is all I can say. I find myself reading every blog and waiting just to hear what is going to happen next. I could see this as a great movie. Wow please keep the books going.


  2. I have mixed emotions about this topic because I know what it is like to Daddy’s girl who received hell from others because of the attention and love that my dad showed me. However I understand the uncertainty that Anatoly is feeling even though he is Dmitry’s blood son. When people are insecure about their importance in some-one’s life there is a level of anxiety that id off the chart. Anatoly is competing with a father’s idea of success at a time when his father’s love is not absolutely confirmed. So his hate for Gabriel is understandable.

    But what Anatoly is missing is the loyalty that is unquestionable with Royal and Anya.

    • Valerie,   How true!  I’m a double daddy’s girl, Grandpa and Dad.  So, I understand exactly where that special love comes from.  It’s like Christmas.  And my daughter feels the same about my husband.    And I think that Anatoly is experiencing alot all at once.  We’ll see all the raw emotion as it boils over in him.  However, we get to see how families work through these things.   Gabriel is going to be a wild card.  We know what he really is, but the question is, does he?    Great post,


  3. Oops sorry about the errors…

    And my last comment was suppose to read..

    But what Anatoly is overlooking is the loyalty that he has that is unquestionable with Royal and Anya.

  4. Hi Latrivia,

    Hmmm…I kinda disagree with Valerie’s statement that ” Dmitry’s love for Anatoly is not absolutely confirmed.” I find that not true at all…Dmitry nearly had a heart attack when the bomb went off and seen Anatoly on the floor of the restaurant in Dmitry’s Closet.I believe that if Dmitry thought for one second that Gabe or anyone else was out to hurt his son or cause him any kind of wrong doing..he would deal with that person properly. Anatoly has personal issues that he needs to work out and I have know doubt in my mind in the end, he will not question or feel insecure about his fathers love and loyalty to him again. 🙂

    ***Just my opinion Val :):)***


    I’m kinda taking a liking of Gabriel..lol…don’t know why but I am…getting funny feelings and thangs..lol..wonder if that will change in January :):) Until next time girlfriend ..

    Kelly, Kelly M >>>>> Me 🙂

    • Ms. K. M.,   You have such a wonderful mind.  I do recall that scene and you are so right about his love for his son in that book.  I think that we will see that there are different types of love.  It will be curios to see the various types of love.  See, this is why I love this blog.  To me, you are both right.  And your view points are both in line with the story.  It makes me pleased to see how you both can see both sides.  I’ve got to post a new entry soon about this.    Keep’em coming.


  5. One more thing,

    In DRF, Dmitry told Anatoly that the only reason he’s going back to the Vory is because he loves him and no other reason than that..that says a lot in my opinion. Anatoly and Dmitry had known each other I think for 3 years up until the time Dmitry and Royal first got together?. So, in three years and up until now, it is know doubt in my mind that real true love developed between Dmitry and Anatoly. Most parents love their kids unconditionally the moment they set eyes on them..at birth or in some case after seeking that parent/child out many years later. However, I understand Anatoly’s frustrations and have faith that he’ll get over them 🙂


    • K.M.,   You will be pleased and suprised at how the plot plays out. And you are right, he only went back for his son.  Let’s not forget the conversation in DC during Thanksgiving.  He wanted him to go to college, because he wanted more for him than what the Vory could provide.   Great point,


  6. I think that what Anatoly is going through is not much different from what most young adults goes through. This young man wants his father’s love and approval. No matter what age you get, you always want that from your parent, especially if its a good parent. I think the battle that Anatoly is having within himself is a testament to Dmitry’s parenting and the love that his family feels for him. I’ll be the first to admit that his line of “work” is less than acceptable, but the man has MANY more redeeming qualities. Most people who reunite with a parent after a gap would harbor some form of anger and resentment towards that parent, wheather the parent knew about them or not, but Anatoly doesn’t. I can see (in my mind) Anatoly looking at Dmitry with total admiration.

  7. I don’t doubt the love between Anatoly and Dmitry but there comes a time in all our lives when you hope that your parents are proud of the person you are verses the person they wish you were. Anatoly’s struggle with this is interesting because Dmitry is much more than a father to him. Several times Dmitry praised Anatoly for his ability to thrive within the thieves’ code, but what about other things. Choice in woman, manners, plans for the future, etc. Anatoly could be confusing his father’s reluctance to come back to Memphis with a rejection of his lifestyle.
    Perhaps Anatoly’s reaction is not necessarily about Gabe, but Dmitry’s reaction/approval of Gabe. I’m sure Dmitry as the older sibling to Ivan felt guilt about the way Ivan turned out-unfortunately he could be cultivating a relationship with Gabe out of some miss guided attempt to rectify what went wrong with Ivan. Anatoly and Royal hated Ivan from the start, it was Dmitry who kept waiting on redemption that would never come. If Gabriel is not trust worthy, Dmitry would have to be the one to handle it and bring closure.

    Just Rambling,

  8. I love this series, can’t get enough, just want to know when will there be more the mini chronicles coming out? and what will Anya book be about?

  9. Hi Latrivia! I don’t know if you considered it but it would be nice to see an older couple getting it on as well as the young ones. I’m talking about Davyd and Royal’s mother. Perhaps in Saving Anya we can see these 2 hooking up – her real grandmother and adopted grandfather.

  10. Where have you been my whole reading life. I love Anatoly and Dmitri book. I live in Memphis so I love the references to local sites. I detest violence but you have made it sexy. I love Anatoly’s love for Renee, and his indifference to other non family members. Please do not stop.

    • Hi D. Woods,

      It’s good to have a home town reader. When I first started out, my readership consisted of heavy concentration on the east and west coast and Miami. Now, we have readers in each of the 50 states and may in other countries. However, there is nothing like havin someone from Memphis say that they read the books. I hope that I can continue to give you something to read that makes you laugh, cry and most of all enjoy!


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