Dmitry’s Imbalanced Love Affair – Anatoly vs. Anya

One of our faithful blog members suggested that we take a closer look at the differences in the relationship between Dmitry and Anatoly and Dmitry and Anya.  What a marvelous suggestion!  I pulled out both manuscripts last night and looked at the story very carefully, then I looked back at my notes from both books to see how I developed their relationships.

The love between father and son is a complex thing.  How many of us watch the relationships between our sons and our husbands or sons and their fathers or even our dads and our brothers?  In nearly every relationship whether it’s one between my husband and my son or my son and my father or my son and my grandfather, there is both a sweet love and a hard love.  Men don’t show love to other men in the same way that they show it to their little girls.

In Dmitry’s Royal Flush and Dmitry’s Closet, you notice that there is a true relationship between Dmitry and Anatoly.  They spent time together, confided in each other and as much as possible, helped each other through difficult times.  However, you always wonder how much closer they could have been if they had known and met each other earlier in their lives.

By Anatoly’s book, the newness of their relationship is gone.  You see that Anatoly has grown into his manhood and been dramatically shaped by his father.  But  we see that Dmitry has been torn since the beginning with Anatoly.  In Dmitry’s Closet, he suggested that his son go to college.  In DRF, he took a hard look at his son’s involvement with the Vory and the consequences of such affiliations.  Now, we will see the full weight of his decision in Anatoly’s book. 

“Dmitry ran his hand over his wife’s bare stomach and kissed her navel that poked slightly out above her bulge.  Trailing the dark line from her belly button down midway of her lower abdomen with his fingers, he curiously stared at the young being developing safely in her womb. 

      In his mind, Dmitry hoped for a boy.  It was one of his sincerest hopes to have a young man that he could raise from birth through adulthood, instead of only having a chance to influence his seed after adulthood, like he had done with Anatoly.  Plus, he already had a perfect little girl.  His Anya was asleep now in an adjoining room, dreaming of unicorns and lollipops.”

While I can’t tell you if the little bundle of joy is a boy or a girl, I will ask your opinion.  What would you like for Royal to have?  And how do you feel about the love that Dmitry shows Anatoly versus Anya.  Is he love imbalanced?  He admitted in book two that he would never allow Anya to head his organization.  Does that speak to his character?  Do you think that he’ll allow his second son (if it were a boy) to take on Anatoly’s role? 

Tell me what you think.

Xoxo and all that jazz,

Latrivia S. Nelson

12 thoughts on “Dmitry’s Imbalanced Love Affair – Anatoly vs. Anya

  1. To make it fun Royal should have twins one boy and one girl..

    In regards to Dmitry and Anatoly’s relationship – I think Dmitry knows that Anatoly is his own man and that he can’t tell him how to live his life the only thing he can do at this point is to voice his opinion…

    In regards to Dmitry and Anya – She is daddy’s little girl no way would he let her run his organization. I think Dmitry would never let a woman run his organization…

    If he had a second son I think Dmitry would allow him to take over the organization if he really wanted too. But I think Dmitry’s wants a different life for all of his children. In my opinion he seems like a father who would support his children no matter what they do…

  2. I think that Dmitry is a good father to both of his children. I think back to what my mother said when I called her attention to how differently she treated me and my sisters from my brother. She said, “Mothers know how to love their sons and raise their daughters, and Fathers know how to love their daughters and raise their sons.” As I grew more and more and had a child of my own, I the merit in her statement.

    Dmitry knows what Anatoly, and any other son will need to be strong men and he knows everything that they’ll need to survive in life. As Royal know what Anya needs to be a gentle young lady. The only thing Dmitry knows about women is that they are perfect angels that need the protection of men. To be honest, I think that Dmitry would not let Anya be apart of his business only because she’s a woman and she’s his pampered little princess. But I think that he’d be too proud for a second son to follow him into the family business.

    I think that Royal should have another little girl, but if she has a little boy, I don’t think that there will be much difference in Dmitry’s relationship with his second son. I think that their son would probably be a “Mama’s boy” and he would be right there showing his son “hard” love as he does Anatoly.

    • Andrea,

      After reading your FB, I see that this subject is close to home these days. Congrats! Hard love is something that Dmitry is very used to. You’re right. But it will be something to watch his softer side because of Royal’s connection to the children. I think you’ll also see her warm up to Anatoly more. She takes on that role of “mother” even though they are’t far in age. It’s going to be something to see how both Anatoly and Royal grow because of Dmitry.

      Great point,


  3. After rereading the first two books I see that Dmitri wants Anatoly to get an education, and maybe lead a different life than what he had. But I wonder if the reason Anatoly said no could be in part because he feels it’s too late for him and he must stay on the path that he is already on. I am interested to know what made him the way he is, and what prompted him to seek his dad. I think Dmitri should have a son like he wants. He should have that opportunity raise a boy from infancy into manhood. The question is will he hide the “life style” for this baby.I can’t help but think about the Godfather. The Don did not want Michael in the “Family” yet Sonny and Fredo were in it; circumstances arose and Michael became enmeshed in it.
    I see that it was already stipulated that Anatoly will feel some jealousy towards his cousin Gabriel because he managedt to be in the life and go to college and Dmitri admires this. But will that same green eyed monster rear it ugly head if Royal give birth to a baby boy???

    • Deramise,

      Oh, you bring about so many good points and raise some serious questions. In this book, as the story develops, you will see that Anatoly and Dmitry have several conversations about just that. After the birth of the baby, you also see a small confrontation in which Anatoly asks his father some of the same questions. “Is this one too good to be what we are? Is there truly a double standard even between me and my own blood?”

      Also, you will clearly see the jealous tension between Gabriel and Anatoly. Everything between the two is imbalanced. This plays towards their mounting war.

      And people wonder why I do this? You guys make me love it!

  4. Hi Latrivia,

    Has to be a boy!!! 🙂 Growing up in a two parent household with 2 sisters and a brother, I know that a father loves his son in a different manner than his daughter. But it all balances out evenly. A father wants his son to grow up to be MAN and his daughter a was daddy’s girl 🙂 I am know angel :):) But of course Dmitry would not allow Anya to head his organization, she’s his little princess. I don’t think he would even allow Royal to do so if she could. Dmitry is old school and old school men has old school values-which is a good thing to me. I can picture Dmitry’s view as ” no women allowed” in such an organization. I like Dmitry’s and Anatoly’s relationship. I sense the bond between them. From what I read, they have a indescribable love between them that only a father and son could understand. If Royal has a son, I think Dmitry would allow for him to head the organization but would steer him to do so in a different manner.. Like for instance, the vibe I got from Dmitry when Gabriel told him he went to college and managed to run his “business” on the side.. I felt like the inside of Dmitry’s head went “DING” a light switch came on and a view that that’s what he wanted Anatoly to do. Dmitry did want Anatoly to go to college but respected his decision as a man. I don’t think it would be any different with his second son. To me, Dmitry was proud to be a Vor…it just grew old on him. Dmitry told Anatoly that he was proud of him so why would it be a different view for his second son if he took on the family business. But this is Dmitry we are talking about, Royal is a different story..I can picture her not having it with any of her kids!!! However, Anatoly is Boss me it would only be right if it was Anatoly’s son running the next generation of business…If that story was to ever arrive :):):):):) Enough rambling for me, i could go all day with many views..Thanks for wrecking my brain Latrivia 🙂 Until next time..

    • Hi Kelly M!

      ” I like Dmitry’s and Anatoly’s relationship. I sense the bond between them. From what I read, they have a indescribable love between them that only a father and son could understand.”

      So true. In this book, we focus on their relationship and how their love is tested. While it is a romance of sorts between Anatoly and one of the characters, there is so much more to this story about the love of family, specifically father and son.

      Way to hit it on the head.


  5. Hi Latrivia,

    This is such a great topic! I think Dmitry should have another son because of his wish to actually raise his children, especially this child, in a better manner- the right way. Because of this, I can definitely see some animosity between Anatoly and Dmitry, and even the new baby (if the baby is a boy). Anatoly was never raised by his father, so he was lacking that type of fatherly/ son relationship throughout his childhood. He only met Dmitry when he was practically an adult and taking care of himself. I can understand both sides- Anatoly’s desire to be loved and accepted by his father, and Dmitry’s desire to raise a son from birth without all the danger. This would make Anatoly jealous and feel that he is being replaced (especially if you compound the situation with Gabrielle). If Royal and Dmitry should have another daughter, I don’t believe Anatoly would feel threatened (from Giselle’s response- it would be interesting if they had twins).I cannot see Royal permitting any of her children to lead the same lifestyle as that of Dmitry and Anatoly, and perhaps with a second son, not even Dmitry. Most parents want their children to lead a better lifestyle than they had. He once told Anatoly that if he were to do it all over again, he would only have had his shops- his legitimate businesses. Maybe as Anatoly becomes wiser he will bestow the same love that he has for his little sister towards his new brother, protecting them both at all costs.
    Keep up the fantastic work!

    • Chas,

      How right you are! The amazing thing is how our children defy us as they are replicas of us in so many ways. The story of Anya will be very different. You’ll see a complete family and how their design has impacted their ability to guide their children. It’s going to be one of the deepest of the books.


  6. Anya is Dmitry and Anatoly solace their little princess. I think the relationship between Anatoly and Anya is big brother/little sister and something like father/daughter, Anatoly is also old enough to be Anya’s father. Dmitry will never let his daughter head his organization, he said he would never allow his daughter to break the law. Also when Anatoly said he was going to use Victoria to launder the money Dmitry said “We(Vor)don’t allow women into the inner workings of the brotherhood.Not even Royal.It’s sacrilegious.The men won’t like it….You’ll get yourself and her killed.( but I think it will take an army to take on the Medlov Clan)”THE CODE IS THE CODE”

  7. Good evening! Mrs.L

    • Hi Neshia,

      You will be absolutely surprised at what’s lurking in Royal’s tummy.  It’s going to be so exciting.  But don’t worry. There will be plenty more where this or these will come from.  Trust me.  I’m so glad that you like the site.  We’re still working to make sure that everything is on there, but I hope that it’s more useful than ever.

      Thanks for your support and I promise you that you’ll love the new book. Latrivia

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