Meet Gabriel Medlov: The Prodigal Son Returns

There is a man lurking around the Medlov Camp and his name is Gabriel. Son of Ivan Medlov, this mysterious character pops out of the pages as “the missing link.” I can’t tell you his entire story, but I will say that Cory (Dmitry’s Closet) has nothing on the son of our favorite sociopath. He has his wit, his charm, his looks and his drive. I don’t know if you’d call Gabriel the bad guy in this book.

This is clearly going to be one of those stories where you can sympathize with everyone…even Victoria, but everyone will have their favorites. Let me give you a brief excerpt:

Dmitry stopped and looked at the young man in his eyes. They were mossy green with sparkles of deep blue hidden under long, dark lashes. His short hair was wavy and black as midnight. His skin was pale, only colored by the redness of irritating anger. He had striking features like his father – prominent cheek bones, a wide chiseled jaw, a perfectly slender nose, thick, naturally arched black eyebrows and perfectly white, sparkling teeth clenched under full lips that narrowed at the bottom. A hint of freckles colored his face, and most shockingly, he had his father’s signature smirk.

Did I mention this guys is as tall as his father?  Smart. Beautiful. Cunning and Angry!!!  Juicy, juicy, juicy.

Then there’s this:

Gabriel looked at Anatoly and raised his brow.  The guy had a real chip on his shoulder.  “I’ve been there for quite a while, but we don’t run our operations like the old Vor – no disrespect or anything.  All of my men have college degrees and professions outside of their professions, if you know what I mean.  No one is doing it the old way. We’ve found a new cover, and it works better.  It keeps the…cops off of us and our product.”

 Dmitry didn’t blink.  A million thoughts processed instantly.  A college degree?  He’s always wanted Anatoly to go to college.  He was glad that someone had been able to do both.  Relaxing his tense shoulders, he looked over at his son and smiled.  “Do you have dinner plans tonight, Anatoly?”

Getting interested? You can read the synopsis to find out that our Gabriel works for the DEA, but there is so much that the synopsis doesn’t tell you. There has to be a love interest for this giant man who looks like his father and is smart as his uncle. But who? Oh, I already have someone in mind and most of you will love me for it.

We’re going to talk this subject to death!

XoXo and all that jazz, Latrivia

10 thoughts on “Meet Gabriel Medlov: The Prodigal Son Returns

  1. You are badddd!!! When I think of Gabriel I think of that one italian mafia guy who was a real cop but also was a real gangster. This is going to be good.

  2. I think it’s Renee too. Oh man! this is going to be really good, can’t wait for the shisa to hit the fan. when Anatoly realize he’s in love w/Renee and there’s another man sniffing behind her and it’s his cousin oh boy! lol

  3. I can picture Gabriel and Victoria getting together. And Victoria tries to help Gabriel seek revenge against the Medlov’s. But in the end Gabriel kills Victoria instead of going against the family…lol..Am I making up my own story or mind runs wild..thanks to Latrivia :):)

  4. I think at first Gabriel will be out to destroy the Family but like in the rough draft “he has to get close enough to love them” and he will fall in love with them. I think he will see he was better off not having Ivan around to raise him.

  5. I’m having trouble here and need some clarification on Gabriel. Ivan was younger than Dmitry. Anatoly is 25 or younger, so how old is Gabriel? If Gabe went to college than he’s at least 21 so when did Ivan have him and how old was he? Dmitry had Anatoly before he left Russia. I also picture Gabe being the mysterious date that Renee had. He purposely sought her out trying to get input on Anatoly.
    Renee is going out with him ’cause she remembered Ivan and she’s trying to get input on him to help Anatoly.

    • Hi Catelyn,

      Gabe is younger than Anatoly, but not by much and he was conceived in London after their exodus. There will be more on his story in Volume 2 of the Chronicles of Young Dmitry Medlov. Great question. And you’re very right on a few things. I can’t wait for it to come out. Heeheehee.

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