Anatoly Medlov: Complete Reign

Anatoly Medlov is the youngest crime boss in the Medlov Organized Crime Family’s history.  Now, he has to prove himself to a council, who thinks his legacy has not been well-earned, amidst a grueling investigation by Lt. Nicola Agosto of the Memphis Police Department and during a plot to destroy him by his ex-lover, Victoria.  In his loneliness, the only one he can confide in is the shop girl, Renee, an old friend who knows more than anyone about his personal journey but would never tell a soul.  His friendship soon turns to love for a woman he knows that he cannot have.  Can he?

When his estranged mother dies suddenly, Anatoly flies to Russia to pay his last respects and discovers a jolting secret.  The late Ivan Medlov’s own brutal legacy still lives through his son, Gabrielle, and his young, New York Crime Family, built on his sweat and hard work.  Anatoly’s father, Dmitry, sees it as an opportunity to unite two major families and blesses both men to carry on.  However, Anatoly sees Gabrielle as a threat to his empire and competition for the affection of his father.  Will cousins kill because of brothers? 

Gabrielle Medlov has always resented his existence.  Now as an undercover DEA agent working for the other side, he plans destroy the Medlov Crime Family and the life that his father left him for.  Only in order to get close enough to destroy the Medlov’s, he must also get close enough to love them.  Will blood prove thicker than water or will one man’s revenge end the Family for good?

Follow the story of one young man who fights to be king in a room full of royalty and suffers the pain of his position in the romantic suspense guaranteed to make you want more. 

Anatoly Medlov: Complete Reign

Available January 2011

34 thoughts on “Anatoly Medlov: Complete Reign

  1. Latrivia loved the birmingham salute in the first chapter im already hooked cant wait to add to my shelf

  2. WOW! I’m already making plans to read this one. This is definitely one of the best book series that I have ever read. I don’t know how you continue to do it.

      • Will we find out what happened to Sorello & Chris? Will there be a battle between Royal & Victoria in the last chapter?

      • Hi Duchess,

        Yes, you’ll find out more at Sorello and Cory. I don’t want to give too much away, but I will say that Sorrello will have to face his sins.


  3. Oh yeah, now we are talking. Loved the word ex-lover when it comes to Victoria. Anatoly is too smart for her deviousness. He needs a strong caring lover (I got your back kind of woman). Looking forward in the upcoming series to reunite with Nicola. I loved the DRF storyline and read the entire book in one day. Loved when Royal told Dmitry that” he sounded insane” and he replyed that “she have no idea” he was truly peeved that she might be with another man and he was in a rage (I loved Dimitry’s reaction). I too can’t wait until the next addtion. Latrivia you are awesome!

    • Hi Renee,

      I will try hard to not disappoint in this one. You ladies are truly awesome yourselves and I hope that this book will make you very happy. We’re going for a longer, more action-driven, more complex and even sexier third edition.

      As far as Royal and Dmitry, I felt the same. I wanted people to see that he isn’t all smiles. Imagine a man seven feet tall, 300+ lbs who’s upset with you.

      I’ll pass!


  4. Ms. Nelson, I think that i am now one of your biggest fans. I am like everyone else. I cannot wait for this book to come out. And I love the new video trailer. You are one of the best writers of our time.

  5. Wow! Anatoly falls for Renee, I like that can’t wait to read how they come together.

    Now how will he drop the bomb? How will he tell Renee that her best friend is still alive. Thats going to be one heck of a scene.

  6. Cant wait to read the third installment! At first, when I saw that the book is coming out Jaunary, I was like, “NOOooooooo! Too Far!”

    But then I figured that Anatoly Medlov: Complete Reign will be a nice book for me to read after a crazy Fall semster in school anyway.

    Cant wait to find out “why” Anatoly and Victoria break up. I really thought that sneaky girl was the one.

  7. I did not realize until a second ago chapter 1 is right here. Looks like I know why they broke up, or should I say why “Anatoly” left her…
    Goodness, that must hurt-for her.

    Love how the book starts up!

  8. Wow… Anatoly’s story is going to be good. And I am so gald you brought Renee back. I always thought that there was potential for Renee and Anatoly.

    I can’t wait for the next update…

  9. I am so hooked on your books it is ridiculous. I read the whole in one night. I loved how Dmitry don’t play when it came to Royal. I know they say a man like that is dangerous but i think every woman wants a man to be jealous over her. I know I do. I was a little afraid that you were gonna make Dmitry go soft but boy was I surprise when he pulled Dorian’s card quick fast! I can not wait to see how Renee reacts to finding out that Royal is indeed alive. Mrs. Nelson I have always loved interracial romance and suspense and here you go rolling it all into one, I LOVE IT!!!!
    Oh and I love that Anatoly listens to rap music I got a good laugh at that. I do have one question and may be we can start a discussion on this. I know its kind of deep but I am curious. Does Anatoly ever harbor any resentment towards Dmitry over the fact that he is choosing Royal over the life and in some ways over him? Like does he feel that maybe is more of a father to the younger ones than he was to him??? I see that Anatoly has “feelings”

    • D,

      We will start a discussion on that. Yes, there is a constant pull between father and son and Dmitry’s decision to leave it all for Royal. We’ll see it revisited even more in his own book. Great idea. Don’t worry, Dmitry even worries about it. I love the suggestions for blog posts. I’ll start working on rolling that one out. I’m curious to see what you think and what all the ladies think!


  10. The life Dmitry lived until he met Royal was a life not of his own chosing. His mother died in his arms when he was 10 years old and Russia is cold in the winter he did what he had to do to take care of himself and baby brother Ivan. He became a theif and by the time he was 15 he went past simply surviving and he was just enjoying it. I guess from that he was living very comfortable from what he stole and he even said when he came to America he was not poor but not as rich as he dreamed of becoming. So I think I can understand where Dmitry is coming from when he left the Vory v Zarcone when he met Royal.


    • Exactly, Jennifer! Dmitry has gone through so much. He is still human. He desires love as much as the physical comforts of a great life. He found the love that he needed in Royal, and Royal found the same in him. It’s not too far-fetched when you think about it. People find love every day.

  11. I seriously thaught that Anatoly book was going to come out January 2011? please let me know if something, been waiting for ever.
    Thank you

  12. Man i waited 4 months for a short read whats up with that i guess last book will have to be twice as long to tie alot of ends

  13. I was never into cloning…but you make a girl want to see that happen! If there were ever a person that I would like to see come alive…it would be anatoly!….hot, sexy, dangerous!!!! My kind of man!

  14. i purchased my first book in hardcover about a year ago very impressed. The Grunt was not a normal pick for me. Friends teased and asked why this book I shrugged but the constant smile on m face at the airport had them stealing the book between breaks.. Let no man steal your joy just finished reading the kindle addition of the Medlov Crime Series unprecedent. exccellant talent We must remember fiction allows one unbelievable stretch the interracial content is wonderful and aloows women of color to stretch. beyond preconcieved notions ideas structures and bull crap (smile)

    • Thanks so much, Gadshel. I am so glad that you enjoy the books. It’s all about taking you from this moment and transporting you somewhere fun and somewhere different. I enjoy writing for you guys. I enjoy entertaining you. It gives me something different to strive for on a creative level, and you ladies push me to want to be a better writer. Please keep in touch!


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